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    Boycotting The PM – A New Low In Congress

    It was quite a break. In fact, I myself once wondered, how in the name of Neptune I could ignore my blog for one full month. But that is how life and you yourself throw surprises at your own. Came back from Japan on 3rd August and then had the drive of my life from Pune to Leh and back on my Safari, starting from 9th. So I kind of got disconnected from my blog and my regular readers and to some extent from the outside world even. Not to mention, in the process of my self-imposed sabbatical I missed many juicy encounters of our political scene. But not anymore; well not at least for some time now.
    After the historic May 16th mandate I said – this is not just the result of a general election. It is more of a message for all those pseudo secular frauds to do some deep rooted introspection. May 16th was a mirror thrown straight at the faces of many morons to learn from their mistakes of decades and hopefully abstain from repeating them in future for their own personal and political good. But there are few people who are simply incapable of learning. Their mental composition doesn’t allow them to note the filthy mistakes they carryout time-and-again.

    You call someone bad 5-10 times a day, the person will appear bad but if you call him bad half a million times every day for 10 long years, it is you who actually will look bad at the end of the day. Since the days of Godhra riots, people in all pseudo secular outfits and their cronies in media did one thing generously and honestly and that too every day for many numbers of times. And that is – announcing how bad NarendraModi is for something as wretched and sabotaged word called humanity. The jerks would take it on their own to defame one single person, every day of their life by conjuring scandalous lies in various hues and forms. The morons even got their pet NGOs like TeestaSetelvad employed for the specific job of manhandling Modi by any means; even if that requires parroting witnesses of Gujarat riot with all fabricated misdemeanors. But then, nobody can stop an idea whose time has come. During 2011 in one of my blogs I had proclaimed that NarendraModi is an idea whose time has come and the opponents rather being jittery and lie oriented must find avenues of authenticity to stop this one man before he engulfs lot of political careers to oblivion. Writing on the wall was clear. But somehow the left liberal frauds decided to look the otherway and kept on convincing themselves that NaMo is a phenomenon that is not quite at the threatening level as it may appear. As they say rest is history. May 16th shook many of these opportunist chameleons out of their feet, so much so that many are still struggling to realize what had hit them. Many in fact have ended up doing the unbelievable to just safeguard their political career from getting ruined. Classic of them is the ‘Langot’ sharing that is going between Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. The secular morons did everything but never learned why they ended up at such a precarious situation at the first place.

    They peddled avalanche of lies and believed the masses would buy their snake oil and would agree to support their mischievous lie factory mechanism. But little did they know that the voters are much smarter than they appear. The thugs are duly thrashed and thrown to the corner to keep on licking their wounds. But alas – the stubborn and savage message from the voters seems to have not been delivered properly to these guttersnipes. Had it been delivered properly the scumbags would have learnt the fact that the time for their lies and divisive politics is over. Or maybe, the jokers simply don’t want to learn.

    By the time we reach the end of this year there are few states which are going to the poll. If the general elections are any kind of pointer then it is no rocket science to realize that the secular morons are losing the upcoming elections in a humiliating manner. Along with massive corruption and incompetent delivery of governance, chief-ministers like Pritivraj Chavan and BhupinderSingh Hooda are highly unpopular figures among the crowds. The voters now seem to have lost each bit of their faith in the style of functioning of these two chaps. While governance and development holds the key for any kind of electoral success these two clueless entities are busy dishing out minority appeasing policies left-right-and-center in the election season. This is why I said – there are few people who are incapable of learning. The very same minority appeasement reduced them from 200 odd to meager 44 but ask the buffoons on their proposed path of revival, they would still cling to their appeasement policies like never before.And a big part of the minority appeasement is the art of hating Hindus and NarendraModi in particular. I am sure; the clowns haven’t realized how adversely the voters have taken their pathological hate for Hindus and NaMo. Because had they then they would have comprehended that their very act of pleading with Obama administration to keep on denying US Visa to one of our elected CM could have lost them at least 80 seats, if not more.

    Now since the man they hate most has gone on to become the PM after annihilating a lot of traitors like them, the frauds are running around like headless chickens devote of any substantial and credible idea of counter attack.Hence the morons find their age old tactic of boycotting as the last avenue to avenge their frustration. How I pity these rogues that they don’t understand the days of drama and emotional posturing is long gone.To hide their own lack of competence and popularity, they find conspiracy theories in the act of booing by the audience whenever they shared the stage with a popular and delivering NarendraModi. It happened with Ashok Chavan and it also happened with Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Both these incompetent entities got booed by the audience when they went ahead to deliver their mundane and uninspiring speech.And who should be blamed for their own incompetence? Yes, NaMo because he only have stage managed BJP workers in the crowd to boo whenever any Congress CM comes forward for his/her speech. How funny it is, no? It is yet again another example where the jerks refuse to learn. During the election campaign, the same crooks refused to acknowledge the uprising in NaMo’s popularity vis-à-vis the crowd that he pulled each time to his rallies by terming the number as stage managed. They never realized that the crowd was not stage managed but they camesou motto there with hope and aspiration. Ditto is the case with this booing saga. They don’t realize that people are genuinely angry at them for ruining their state and their lives and are displaying their dissatisfaction in whichever manner available at their disposal. It has got nothing to do with sharing the same dais with NaMo or BJP workers masquerading as average audience at the gathering.

    As expected from an average clueless person, the Congress think tank is over exposing their inability to think through logically and holistically there by directing their Chief-ministers to not share the dais with NaMo any further. How absurd one can get beyond this? Someone correctly said – one bloody need to look within for reasoning than finding faults and conspiracy in everything else.Boycotting a PM and that too openly celebrating such shameful decisions could easily be the new low in our political discourse and that within Congress also.During a bitter election phase NaMo never disagreed to share the stage with Manmohan Singh. Omar Abdullah never objected a same stage with NaMo, nor he ever been booed by the audience. And if the scoundrels at Congress believe that NaMo is fabricating such insult for Congress CMs, looking at the upcoming state elections then how Omar is spared? Why nobody was seen booing when Omar graced the stage? Omar may be equally incompetent but at least he showed some symptoms that he want to improve the situation in the state unlike Chavan or Hooda who were busy defending the loot and thugs like Vadra in expense of public sentiment and interest. This is the reason why people resorted to public humiliation of these morons so that some bruised egos could be settled. But ask the jokers like Keshavan and he would draw a new definition in shamelessness and advocate how boycotting an elected Priminister is still a sane act.

    Ditto goes with another rear licker of Chinese-Gandhi dynasty called Kumar Ketkar. Every day he convinces me that he belongs to either a zoo or a museum, not a TV studio. While on a panel discussion on the very topic yesterday on Times-Now, the selfsame moron displayed his anger and lack of coherence. Perhaps this is precisely what happens when one doesn’t get free money even after lick cleaning few posteriors. According to the rogue, Modi lacks grace and humility as oppose to few of his masters like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. How funny. A person who single handedly managed to get absolute majority lacks grace but those who are struggling to keep their own seats in tact are full with grace and accomplishment? A person who has become the PM of the nation from being a Tea-Vendor at one point of time lacks conviction and humility but a third grade journalist of an unknown daily claims to have all the judgmental skills to judge the qualities of a massively popular PM. Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off never came to me easier than yesterday. But then, why Times-Now and Arnav are routinely inviting this scumbag Kumar Ketkar for every damn thing? Haven’t they realized how disgraceful and deplorable a creature this doormat of Congress is? A person who doesn’t have a spine of his own to toe the line of truth should never be welcomed in discussions that involves no lesser than the PM of this nation. Kumar Ketkar’s job is to lick clean the toilet bowls of Sonia Gandhi every morning and he should be left to do his job without any disturbances.

    But that said, I am happy that the Congressi swindlers are not learning from their past mistakes. Continuous hounding of NaMo has reduced them to a size where they can’t even claim for the post of LoP and if they continue on the current path they are travelling they would be reduced to 0 in 2019. In true sense, the morons are working towards a ‘Congress Muqt Bharat’ and we must thank and congratulate them in their endeavor.


    1. Nice to see your blog, after 4 long weeks. Just wondering what went wrong.

      "Classic of them is the ‘Langot’ sharing that is going between Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar." Excellent one.

      It's really surprising to see some people blindly supporting the Congress party without even considering the kind of unimaginable mega scams that the UPA could manage in 10 years. All those who have absolutely no concerns about the loot, the misgovernence and the mess that the UPA has created, started expecting wonders from the newly elected government from day 1. All those are proving themselves to be hatemongers. Otherwise, why would they just hate one person, that too for no good reason?
      Any way, let them continue with their hatred and let their beloved leaders continue with their so called 'sick'ularism. Hopefully, the new NDA government performs well for the people of the nation without any appeasement for any particular community and we could get to see similar kind of results (as we have seen during December 2013) after the assembly elections that are going to be held in the next few months.

    2. welcome back sir!!.. was waiting for your blog desperately.. dil ko sukoon milta hai when someone hammers idiots who are befooling with countrymen for decades!!

    3. welcome back.

    4. Hello sir , I am commenting on your blog for the very first time .. Trust me when I say this .. I have been following all your blogs for a while now .. Ur blog reflects what the majority of Indians and especially Hindus think about the so called pseudosecular psychos .. Thanks for giving us a voice ... Plz expose all the sycophants n especially the modi baiters n Hindu haters .. May your tribe increase ..Jai hind

    5. hi, i have been out of country for 2 months now but still having a read n tread at our contry news as well.....and i still feel that ... NAMO is a person of guts.... why not compare his may 16 to august 16 workings - including budget - with 10 years ofUPA. I would say.... personally i am hapy.... on a personal level, salaried.. with home loan.... see what i have .... 50K increased interedt limit... 50k increased 80C... 50k increased tax slab.... total 150k benefit..from a 45 day government budget ....what more u want... and still jaitely said, if he had budget, he would have increased it further..... people might say it was a carrt by the new govt.... but trust me... i felt happy at the end of the day....was this something UPA could not have done with MMS/pranab mukherji & chidamdaram as 3 most senior financial experts on UPA side.....
      many in UPA feel NAMO's 15th aug speech as not giving any vision,.....i have a simple statement... i never bothered about what MMS spoke (or did he really spoke) at 15th aug n 26th jan in last 10 yrs... i woke up at 4 am , spent money to buy internet and watched the live speech on you tube... was that not sufficient.... toilet for girls in schools ...e-education, e-medicine, come make in india slogan, ask the boys in house what they do rather than questioning girls, adarsha gaav, what all schemes on PMs name, whay not on elected MPs name... were not these any good reflectors.... that too in speech xtempore? result of it... TCS signed 200 cr on CSR for girls toilets, few banks adopted small villages for sanitation all this within a week...of the speech.. who cared about what MMS ever did say? tv panelist feel its his oratory than actual plan.. but I feel the nation needs a oratory to infuse confidence in them lost due to last 10 yrs... to make it defect free effect free bharat...
      n still UPA is all the same.. funny but gud that they are that way.. i am proud they are not having mirrors....to see how the feel themselves...

    6. Welcome back, You are right, some people are incapable of learning. While you were away Rahul Gandhi reached a new low in dumbness by saying 'people who go to temples are the people who molests women in buses'.

      Actually the booing is due to lack of common sense in CMs. They should have let Modi speak first. BJP leaders are aware of this technique. When audience come to hear someone speak, they will not patiently listen to any boring speech by others. Congress leaders are not used to this. They are used to paid crowds and people who come to see the Gandhis. Nobody is particularly impatient to hear them , so audience never boo. They just sleep.

    7. Well have been reading your blogs for quite a while now. Expect a little more responsibility in your writing. Not that am against anything that you have written, but just for the sake of records the CM of Maharashtra is " Prithviraj Chavan " and not " Ashok Chavan "

    8. as per your illusion the so called pseudo secular parties, if they had been on one platform, then modi would have been history, be smart in replying me, 32% only only only

    9. IamnotpseudosecularAug 27, 2014, 7:13:00 PM

      I completely agree and apart from this there is a Trust factor on Modiji due to which Banks and companies like TCS have started there initiatives

    10. IamnotpseudosecularAug 27, 2014, 7:14:00 PM

      Apart from that what is shameful here is for 67 years we have not identified our priorities.

    11. Hmmm .. Moronosque argument .. But I have equally moronosque reply .. If 80 % of Hindus stand united against 20 % minorities .. U will get your well deserved karmasque answer .. Don't test our patience md ziqiriya ... U n all your madrasa ilk are welcome to challenge my logic ... But retards like you will never see reason ... Get well soon ..Jai hind

    12. if...then...could have...should have..that is all left for you guys now. Keep licking your wounds and dont learn from failures.