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    100 Days Of Modi & The Left Liberal Frauds

    The much awaited Narendra Modi government finally completed 100 days in office. For me, the said period is a mix bag, more tilted towards good than bad. As a citizen and supporter of NaMo, I had my concerns on the governance and policy that the present NDA government dished out in these 100 days and I have promptly posted my apprehensions in a blog post not long back. You can read it here if you haven’t already. But I was not the only one who had some interest in dissecting Modi’s performance of first 100 days. There were other morons as well. Leading from the front was our liberal and sold out media. Knowing our media and their filthy habit of running around Modi for that one sound bite so that some kind of communal spin can be given to malign him, it was more than expected of them to carry out panel discussions to debate on how Modi performed as the PM of this country. Was it debate or another platform for the commies to display their utter hatred for NaMo and Hindus all over again, you may argue?But that is fine. Hate for Hindus is all that one can expect from these commies and I give that little joy to them.

    Prudent of all the TV channels and their primetime anchors, the person that caught my eyes yesterday was none other than the great Arnav Goswami.Ohh, yes, even the dozen panelists that were howling one over other during the debate didn’t catch my attention any less. Barring Naresh Gujral, the spokie from SAD, rest all were noted Modi haters at some point in their lives. Not that they have changed much since the debacle their beloved party got on May 16th but few louts like Vinod Mehta seems to have toned down their language a bit. From Shankarshan Thakur to the Joker-E-Hind Ashutosh from AAP, it was quite a collection of pathological Modi haters. I couldn’t get an ounce from the debate or the agenda of hosting such a debate at the first place but what I understood is that, the Modi haters are yet to come in terms with the fact that they are sore losers for quite some time.

    I have said this many times – the Fiberals, who hate Modi like anything are now burning within seeing their favorite punching bag has gone on to become the PM of this nation. With nothing left for these Rudalis to weep around, the congregation of these Modi and Hindu haters are only vindicating a famous Hindi proverb – “KhiskayeeBilliKhambaNoche”. The communal overtone in the pursuit to still brand Modi as a minority oppressor was more than evident from this panel of frauds. Though Arnav appeared rational after a long time, the Congress apologists in the panel more than made up for it.

    It started with Aarti Jayrath and her screwed up idea of foreign policy. Standing true to her credibility of, not only a Congress apologist but also a Pakistani sympathizer, she skirted the recent cancellation of bilateral talks with Pakistan as a blunder committed by Modi government.While logic defies any such conclusion, she carried on with her self-imagined deduction and so as her blabbering. How shameful it becomes on a part of an Indian who advocates cajoling a rogue nation like Pakistan in the name of secularism? How one can advocate continued friendship with a failed state and that too after repeated back stabbing is beyond me. Or maybe, the left liberal frauds like Aarti Jayrath are too used to our impotent response to each of the atrocious vehemence of Pakistan during UPA rule. Or maybe, loathsomeness knows nothing about national pride when it comes to safeguarding personal and political interest. But Aarti is a darling of Congress seculars like the traitor Dileep Padgaonkar and pretty much enjoys the crumbs thrown at her by the dynasty. Nothing may sound commonsensical but Aarti has to pay back her masters for all the doles that are been dished out to her for decades. So she goes on lambasting Modi government for the right decision of snapping all friendly gestures. What Aarti was expecting from a sane government, that puts nation before everything else? To keep on bending backwards so that the Muslims back home could be kept happy for votebank; even if that means disrespecting our own self-esteem? An envoy would go out of his way to talk to asserted traitors of India called the separatists but we as a nation would remain shameless and keep on waving Olive branches. Is this what this moron Aarti Jayrath wished our government to do? I can’t believe people can become so audaciously foolish while debating. Why Aarti, why? For easy money?

    Next inline was a loser masquerading as the Congress spokesperson. When in power his own party used to siphon off at least 10000 crore in every 100 days but ask this reprobate about the 100 days of NDA government, he promptly starts crying for the Gujarat riot victims. According to him, since Modi assumed the chair of the PM, many Gujarat riot accused got their bail, which in a way shows how communal Narendra Modi is. Who appoints such worthless characters as their spokesperson? Or is this what happens when you install a failed joker as your vice-president? Whatever it may be but, please someone slap this lout and educate him that, it is not Modi who granted the bail but it was our courts that took the decision. Or does this moron suggest that even the judiciary could be arm-twisted to your benefit? Is this what UPA government was doing to safeguard all its scam tainted ministers and the dynasty, starting with the queen to the Damad-E-Hind with Pappu tucked somewhere in between the family chain? Every time this scumbag was given an opportunity to come to the debate he started weeping for the minorities as if there is no tomorrow while throwing the names of Mayaben Kodnani and Babu Bokharia at least twice in each of his statements.

    Ditto was the case with another clown whom I refer fondly as ‘Vaand’. Yes, he is a clone of Sanjay Jha albeit with a pathetic spoken English. He is none other than ‘The Ashutosh’. According to him, ‘The Modi’ as the priminister has left all the minorities living in fear and anxiety.By the way, though this loathsome creature took a general term as minority, he actually was doing his iRudali act for the Muslims. After all, the Batla House was a fake encounter against innocent Muslims according to his boss and a grade-A moron called Arvind Bhagoda Kejriwal. But before we analyze this scumbag in detail, I was curious to know, how these selfsame jokers assume the responsibility to speak on behalf of the entire minority lot? Has anyone entrusted them with the responsibility or these faggots bark for the heck of it? Has the entire minority lot confined in Ashutosh to let know their anxiety personally? If not then blanket statements like ‘Minorities living in fear’ not only sounds comical but also whole lot fabricated. Hope the jerks like Ashutosh ponder on the last election for some kind of reference. In Goa there is a BJP government and Christians make the majority of the population. Same is the case in Punjab where Sikhs are still the majority. Or the Christians and Sikhs don’t count as minority for the great Ashutosh? Even if he wants to shed crocodile tears for the Muslims only, he should at least look at UP and the voting pattern there. Nobody can win 71 seats in UP without a considerable Muslim chunk voting for the party. It is even more interesting when we have ultra-secular regional parties like SP & BSP in the fray. But as I said, logic doesn’t apply in case of hatred. Modi has to be branded as communal at any cost. Sensibility and fruitful articulation may go to hell. Like a Jugalbandi, Aarti Jayrath also has to pitch in then and there and educate all of us how economic growth is irrelevant without social harmony. So in nutshell, the morons have concluded that there is no social harmony because of Modi where as there are no evidence to prove that. But then, the same morons have long certified Modi as a hate monger criminal in their Kangaroo courts without any shred of evidence so who cares for any evidence now?

    Though the brand ambassador of many liquor brands Vinod Mehta has his hatred for Modi quite intact, he was intelligent enough to realize that there isn’t much left with him or his moronic ilk to criticize Modi any more. People have given their verdict which in a way was a tight slap on every Fiberal fraud’s cheeks and Vinod Mehta doesn’t want to eat crow any more. But commonsense is not so common with everyone, especially with Aarti Jayrath types. Perhaps that is why she openly debated on why exactly one should keep on flogging the communal horse, even though there is nothing left there to discuss.

    Hope the rogues get the cue from Vinod Mehta and realize that their days of easy money and Hindu hatred have long gone. If they carry on with their nefarious agendas that they still are continuing with, 2019 may very well reduce their beloved party to zero. But then, as I said – commonsense is not that common.


    1. Amarish HiralikarSep 4, 2014, 5:47:00 PM

      I still don’t understand – What journalism
      actually means? Conducting TV debates on prime time is Journalism ? I watch it
      as I stay updated of the non-important breaking news…. But can a debate be

    2. Amarish HiralikarSep 4, 2014, 6:23:00 PM

      For me – A small observer of Indian Politics for last 4
      months –

      1. Modi internationally

      a.) Bhutan & Nepal – he entrusted them to give support in development specially power
      & tourism to these 2 small countries to keep neighbours happy, Also gave
      10000 Nepali rupees to Nepal, congratulated and advocated them in parliament
      during their making of constitution.

      b.) BRICS - he created the idea of a BRICS BANK into a reality.

      c.) Congratulated Germany for world cup win in a hop stop.

      d.) Gave Pakistan a jolt by refusing to continue the bald stereotype talks for borders.

      e.) Australian PM said internationally – India has a lot of opportunity to give to the world.

      f. ) Govt stopped importing crude oil from Saudi (to curb outflow of $) & import from Iran (buy in local currency) to reduce petrol prices thrice in once month.

      g. ) In between, Home ministry acted on Kerala workers in Israel to bring them back
      safely – no one even injured.

      h. ) Called off talks at UN for securing farmers rights for food

      i. )In Japan –

      i. He brought 35 billion $ for next 5 years,
      ii. He laid red carpet for investments,
      iii. Touched feet of oldest living associate of Subhash Chandra Bose by bowing down in a hall filled with capacity,
      iv. Spent time with children playing flute & then bonging drums,

      2. Modi Internally,

      a.) The Gogi govt mishandling the violence – report was given to the PMO by home
      ministry every 3 hrs, can you believe it, every 3 hours.
      b.) The very pro-minority Akhilesh Yadav made good arrangements for Modi teachers day
      speech for students,
      c.) Every general central govt employee says they work more than 9 hours of duty to serve people & bring in the change of perception,
      d.) Venkaiha Naidu is steadily ensuring govt operates punctually,
      e.) Harsh Vardhan has done his part as Health minister to be guarded on Ebola throughout,
      f.) Law minister getting cudos every now n then for the reforms in Judiciary appointment changes,

      What more you expect in these 100 days? Can you please let me know
      Finally, Sensex rose to 27000 from 22000 in 4 months, is 22.7% rise. These are market sentiments, are these also created by NDA? YES, certainly yes… 100 days in govt, they did something right to have these numbers? Isnt it?

    3. How to stop these all english channels? there is no alternative. Which english channel to listen to? I am really fed up of all these english & hindi media for being anti hindu but cant do any thing? who will start a channel favouring hindu society?

    4. politically.incorrectSep 5, 2014, 5:58:00 PM

      Yaar BC, Please Please please one more scathing piece on this colon creeper called Sanjay jhat, just read his latest tweets about NaMos teachers day address, i am sure anybody's blood will boil. Please put this ass licker into his rightful place.

    5. IamnotpseudosecularSep 5, 2014, 6:24:00 PM

      Well Said BC. Goa Assembly Election results was a very good pointer where in Christians being a significant chunk decided to support BJP after being fed up with Congress.
      The trend continued across the nation in the Lok Sabha Elections. Else BJP would not have gained majority.

      The people of this Country (Majority/Minority) have started moving from their past and if Modiji delivers (which I believe will happen) our future will change for the Good and these Intellectuals will find it very difficult post the same.

      Ganesh R

    6. g8 post (Has the entire minority lot confined in Ashutosh: correction confided) i hv full faith in the Modi govt. that they will weed out pseudosecularism & lift the veil of delusions from the eyes of desis

    7. it should be published in MSM so that msg can reach more ppl anyway thanks for a nice article as always