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    We Know What You Did Last Winter

    India is full with dangerous people. Here dangerous not necessarily points at those who cause physical harm to others. At least they can be identified either by their actions or police records. For me these nuisance makers are far less dangerous than the group which roams around our neighborhood in a goat skin but actually are wolves in reality. You find them everywhere. From our political discourse to our media and the so called intellectual brigade tucked somewhere in between, these evil souls are present in plenty. Sometime noticeable while most of the time not.

    One such dangerous person is Arvind Kejriwal. I first called him a dubious personality when he was part of IAC. His alter motives were clear even then. On the plank of corruption (or is it anti-corruption?) this selfsame person rose from the stage of Anna to become a political player overnight. Looking back at what AK did and didn’t, I am sure, none had ever tried any better to justify the proverb – “Politics is the last avenue for scoundrels”. The political life of AK, though not more than a couple of years old, is full of hara-kiri and lies. In fact, this lesser mortal author had written in lengths about each of those hara-kiri and lies in this very blog. At one point I thought it to be enough and even contemplated to not give this joke of a person the undue blog space and my time anymore. That is perhaps why I haven’t posted anything on this man for last one year. I would have continued to ignore this false crusader, had there not been the prospect of a juicy Delhi election round the corners. To make matters even more interesting, the masterstroke of BJP in pushing Ms. Kiran Bedi up the ranks to be the CM designate of the party, caught our media, the intellectual secularists and AK himself by surprise. A lot of people, including me, were caught off guard with this surprising announcement. Though thoroughly shaken, the usual suspect in AK had to rise to the occasion to create a scene, thereby appearing normal. So out comes the invitation for a public debate with him. Though the challenge is laughable, our clueless commie media picked the thread and started airing stories as if Ms. Bedi did a big crime in declining this generous offer of street fight. So it is time to see if Ms. Bedi is correct in dismissing the usual shoot-and-scoot modus operandi of AK.

    Before we go to the legitimacy of AK’s challenge, we must compare these two individuals. The most glaring difference that comes to our notice is the manner in which AK has gone about his professional life. I simply can’t see a single instance where AK has brought anything to completion. For a major part of 20 years, he seems to have hopped from one thing to other. The very nature also reflected in last two years as well. He first hopped from IAC to AAP citing the lesser effective model of ‘Dharna’. He then hopped back to his ‘Dharna’ days once he assumed the CM’s chair for reasons best known to him. Suddenly he hopped from his CM’s position to pursue bigger dreams of becoming the PM of this nation. Now since that dream was shattered in Varanasi, the hopping man is back in Delhi circle with all his docile philosophies. Someone correctly said – AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are in a hurry to become but not to perform. They were in a hurry to become the CM. Then they were at equally hurry to become the PM. And finally they are in exemplary hurry to become the CM again. Not only AK’s political escapade, his professional engagements are also marred with immaturity, callousness and running away from responsibilities attitude. AK in all likelihood appears as someone with no consistency and stability in whatever he does. He just loves hopping from one thing to other while in between engaging himself with various NGOs in money minting process. Comparing AK’s dismal record as an individual, an administrator and a responsible public figure with that of Kiran Bedi would be like comparing Chalk and Chees. Another interesting fact that emerges in this one-to-one mapping is the work region. For the life of me, I can’t imagine a bureaucrat of India not getting transferred from his posting location for once. It appears more suspicious when one sees; AK has spent his entire professional life in Delhi itself. Can this be called a one of case? Possibly yes but then, knowing AK, I doubt if it is as clear as we think it to be. One look on this comparison chart and we are sure there is no comparison at all. The differences are so striking that they debate on behalf of Ms. Bedi, thereby eliminating any requirement of a public debate.
    Quite rightly Ms. Bedi snubbed off AK’s misadventure towards creating another street smartness. I find Ms. Bedi’s response quite justified since in our flavor of democracy, political debates are confound to the boundary of our legislative assembly. If we are not too fascinated with the Americans, which otherwise AK looks like he is, then there is no legitimacy in having debates running up to the Election Day. In anyway, had AK been so serious about having debates for public benefit, he should have stayed there as Delhi CM and debated on all prospective issues, rather than running away from it. When the time and situation was with him for fruitful debates, the debater in AK vanished from the scene and now that there is nothing to be achieved apart from some shrilling noise from a debate, AK is more than ready for one. What does this reflect of a man? I am not sure about others but I see an escapist in AK here. The debates that matter were never in the radar of AK but he runs around funny for things that at best can be described as nonsense. As of Ms. Bedi goes, she is perfectly within her rights to ward off any untoward engagement with someone who proudly proclaimed himself as an anarchist. It only requires a fool to question the reply of Ms. Bedi. Quite judiciously she emphasized on delivery than useless talks. But for the Kejriwals of the world, a word as serious as delivery seldom appeals since they are far away from ‘delivery’ in their entire life. Hence the preferred choice of noise over delivery from AK is entirely on the expected lines.

    But AK is not alone in AAP. There are other superheroes in the party who believe their theatrics are revolutions of new kind. One of such superhero is Ashutosh. But before we move ahead – it bewilders me a great lot, every time I see these AAP leaders. Though their presence is strictly limited to one small state called Delhi and in there also they struggle to have the government of their own. But, come to talk on agenda, policies and politics, they behave as if they are a national level party. This very absurd looking Tweet from the superhero reflects that very sentiment. Somehow the entire AAP gang finds everything existing in India, including our democracy and democratic frameworks, grossly to their disliking. That is perhaps why AK decided to take the path of anarchy. That is perhaps why it is only expected of stalwarts like Ashutosh to invite an entire nation to join them in something, would you believe, would change politics in India forever. That is perhaps why Ashutosh feels, their nonsense can be qualified as the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. That is perhaps why the entire AAP gang feels their way to immortality is anarchism. That said I must congratulate these AAP goons for having exceptional self-confidence. Post the 49 days mess AK has this audacious sixth sense, not only to feel but also to proclaim how people of Delhi have already forgiven him and his party for the earlier mistake. It is a different matter that, it was this very sixth sense which told AK and that too within 2 days that Narendra Modi was going to lose it big in Banaras but it is the voice of that powerful sixth sense nonetheless.   
    When the ‘B’ team is cornered, team ‘A’ has to come to its rescue. They did that promptly in the form of a so called unconditional support last year. Continuing with that tradition, the spokespersons of Congress let themselves lose all over the place. Twitter is just one of the places and Sanjay Jha happens to be one of those stellar spokespersons. In a two part tweet this amazing of a human being made as many things clear. First – not accommodating the intimidation of someone is chickening out and Second – in the fight between BJP and AAP there is one “Begani Shaadi Main Abdullah Deewana” called Ajay Maken. Let’s go over one by one. During the run up to 2014 general elections, NaMo invited Manmohan Singh for a public debate on Coal scam among other things. This very Jha that time incarnated himself to a constitutional expert and was seen throwing tantrums at one and all. And what was his rationality defying logic back then? Modi has no business challenging the PM since we are not living in an American kind of democracy. Back then, Manmohan Singh not talking at all, let alone public debates, was termed as legendry leadership qualities but when Kiran Bedi does the same thing, it becomes chickening out. And keep it in mind, Modi’s challenge came after a lot of top leaders in Congress, like that zero loss man, were critical about Gujarat development model, unlike the current challenge that came from AK quite unprovoked. Not only MMS, a public debate challenge was also thrown at Rahul Gandhi to counter his campaign absurdities as well. Not sure what Sanjay Jha would term that act but the prince vanished from the campaign scene for one complete week post that challenge.

    Now the more interesting part is Ajay Maken’s desperation in his attempts to be heard. Now how ridiculous it may be but AK invited all CM designate candidates to come for a debate. Has Congress decided on their CM candidate in Delhi yet? The last time I heard, there wasn’t any. So what made Mr. Maken to accept the challenge is beyond me. From all the people why it is Maken who took it on himself? Post Shiela Madam’s unceremonious exit there are many who are greasing their palms and drooling at the same time. But one has to be a shameless like Ajay Maken to drool publicly and behave out of his minds. This is like that unwanted guest in a party who tries to be overtly friendly with everyone else, so as to appear as part of the crowd. In all probability, Congress would reduce itself to zero but the reality is yet to hit someone like Ajay Maken. He still thinks his party’s importance in Delhi or for that matter national politics is significant. But somehow Sanjay Jha doesn’t see the shamelessness in here but fires his war cry salvo with his ‘Bring It On’ jibe. By the way, how many seats Congress won last time in Delhi to so call ‘bring it on’ and that too against whom? I am told Sanjay Jha has gone for a hiding post this question.   

    Hope February 10th will answer many of the questions and also will satisfy the desperate appetite of Arvind Kejriwal for so called public debates. And to Ajay Maken, I can only advice – “Say Cheese!!!!”


    1. I'm sure while refusing debate with AK, KB remebered George Carlin's quote “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    2. if this same AK would have been in BJP, he would have been a holy cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Nandan SubramanianJan 30, 2015, 8:18:00 PM

      Yeah she believes only in delivery... Sakshi maharaj of BJP told every hindu woman to give birth to at least 4-5 kids to save hinduism and she will forsee the delivery of those kids!