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    Was It Rahul Gandhi Bachao Rally?

    Rahul Gandhi has tremendous capabilities to make a fool out of himself. He does it time and again and that too quite effortlessly. Not to stay far behind, his sycophants also exhibit incredible interest in helping Rahul make a joke of himself every time. The last of any such parade is the so called mega ‘Kissan Rally’ that was organized, hang on, not to help the farmers but to help Rahul wipe away his sins that he most probably would have committed during his two month long vacation in Thailand. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and welcome the clueless prince back home. Be assured, we are not far from that much needed comedy in our political discourse any more. We are blessed again, you see.

    Let’s get serious; as serious as how Rahul Gandhi appeared during his highly uninspiring blabbering atop that stage yesterday. The most important fact in Rahul’s home coming is not this farce that passed off as a gigantic concern of the Congress party for the farmers. Because, they never were. Associating Congress with concerns for the poor and the farmers would be as churlish as associating Ram Gopal Verma with movie making. In fact, all that remains important, as far as Congress party is concerned, is the re-projection of a failed entity all over again. You know, miracles do happen and it might just click for, both Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, on the millionth chance that is thrown at the prince. You never know, do you? The prince may appear pathetically predictable and till date he might have squandered a million minus one chance quite badly, but he might flourish at the millionth one. You never know. Hope is all that the sycophants can cherish for the moment but if you ask me, I would like to go with a famous saying in Cricket. “Form is temporary; Class is permanent”. Knowing how classy the prince is, he is all but expected to turn this mega effort into asses within no time in his usual style.

    The mega rally started with transporting people from Jaipur and other places by trains, busses, trucks, cars, bullock carts and every other way possible. So largely, a massive paid audience was brought in to sooth Rahul’s eyesight. If media channels were to be believed, at least 70% of those gathered at Ramlila ground, didn't have an iota of clue on why they were there. For them, the day end promise of Rs 100/- and a packet of Chicken Biryani was far important than what Rahul would narrate. Even the so called “Congress Karyakartas” who were travelling along with the paid audience were at sea when asked of the reason of travel. One among the shameless lot even went on to say that, he would detail out the reason once he reaches the ground. Equally clueless were the dignitaries present on the stage. I don’t know the utility but an ever uninspiring Manmohan Singh sitting there and looking like Don Quixote is the last thing I can appreciate to loiter around, if I want to pretend seriousness. Why he was there was as enigmatic for me as it was for the paid audience on their presence. Closely following an uninspiring Dr. Singh is the sycophant-in-chief, Digvijay Singh. If someone can afford to have such a characterless entity mingling around, it speaks a lot on the exact nature of this gathering. Dipender Hooda is another of the crooks that Congress should have avoided to have on the stage, if they were serious about farmer’s cause. The guy who brazenly allowed Robert Vadra to hoodwink a lot of farmers and snatch their land for his own gain is there to talk about farmers? I thought Sharad Pawar talking against corruption was the best of the spectacles in shamelessness category but not anymore.

    These box of dignitaries in fact started bad mouthing an hour before the watershed moment to ready the stage for RG’s arrival. No thought was given whatsoever. One by one, the sycophants displayed some unimaginable ludicrousness in their pursuit of sycophancy epitome. All this warm washing started even before Rahul Gandhi could get up from his bed and hit the loo. For more than an hour, this shriller abuse of commonsense continued to welcome the runaway prince with style. Finally the prince and the mother arrived and the sycophants fell over each other to show their obedience. Only thing left to be seen on national media is the sycophants lick cleaning the feet of the prince and the queen. Perhaps a certain Manishankar Aiyar was badly missed. And what Rahul Gandhi did when he finally went before the microphone? Absolute hara-kiri of the event. In his trademark style, the prince even sounded unusually dumb to his previous standards. The same antiques with no knowledge of the ground realities continued till the point when, even the paid crowd agreed; a packet of Biriyani and Rs 100/- is not worth the torture. This is precisely what happens when you throw in a party animal and hail him as a great leader. Forget about the gathering, in fact the useless prince wasn’t sure on what he was doing and why he was doing so. No cover up of NDTV would work this time since Rahul Gandhi delivered some high potent spin-doctor proof bile. For straight 25 minutes, the prince, with his sheer brilliance, held commonsense and IQ to ransom. A straight 25 minutes torture with words flowing only in the direction of stupidity continued, with sycophants clapping hysterically at intermittent interval as if it was the reborn of a Napoleon Bonaparte.

    There you go. Though the picture couldn’t quite conclude if Digvijay Singh was frantically trying to restrain the leaving public once Sonia Gandhi started speaking or he was serving a punishment dictated by the high-command, it certainly says one thing:  the rally was a mega failure. As mega as the sycophants expected it to be in the opposite direction. But there is a reason for public distaste of this family. For ages, it is this family which has taken the farmers for a ride. If anything in terms of ethics was left, it was promptly usurped by the son-in-law of this family. The same family which let lose this faggot of an individual to loot the farmers is now shedding gallons of crocodile tears. Who is going to believe? Not even when you are paid to listen to their dualities. But usurping the land of the farmers and coming up with farm houses dates back to the times of Sanjay Gandhi. Hectares of land were forcefully snatched from the farmers to help all those crony capitalists by Sanjay Gandhi while Indira Gandhi nodded her approval in silence. The same industrialists for whom the prince accused BJP of taking side are in fact the hyenas that Indira Gandhi patronized. Who was paying for Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi’s foreign study expense? Is Rahul Gandhi gutsy enough (which I am sure he isn’t) to admit the funding pattern when he was getting kicked out from one university to another? Talking big and talking absurd lies deep within this family but the difference is, people have turned much wiser than the combined IQ summery of the entire Gandhi family. People can now see through abject lies. That is perhaps why people started leaving when Sonia Gandhi started weeping. Because people saw the crocodile tears without any hallucination.

    I am sure this is the beginning. Beginning of the end of this farce which for 60 years Congress is playing with the help of a borrowed surname and a family which is yet to produce a fully qualified graduate. Nearest destruction is the Bihar election when the Prince will take to the stage and destroy Congress further for the good of the nation. With all their faults, I still want to say thank you to these sycophants because they are still propelling a disastrous causality and making their own future as oblivious as that of the cricketing future of Sreesanth. Good for India any way and we all must congratulate the sycophants in achieving this tremendous goal much earlier than we all expected. 

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    1. What an observation! One of the wisely written articles to expose these crooks. By looking at their shining faces, it seems that they are seeing this natural calamity on farmers as an opportunity for their lost credibility but they are wrong. People are not so fool now.