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    The 5 Star Activists

    India is a nation full of patriots. And this is there for thousands of years. But in contrast, India could easily be among the top five countries that were ruled by outsiders for the longest period of time. In case of India, the jarring facts even become more enigmatic seeing the geography and size of our country. Historians over the years have burnt their midnight oil to conclude, how India being such a vast country with diversified culture but united by nationhood could so easily be conquered time and again by the foreigners. And the frightening reason is the abundant presence of traitors at every stage of history that helped the foreign forces to reign in their atrocity on this peace loving nation. There were traitors during Shivaji’s time and there are traitors now. Only difference is the way we are looking at these traitors today. History was never kind to these turncoats and quite rightly has named and shamed them in public but today, we seem to be too lenient to these quislings. We in fact don’t name and shame them anymore. We don’t call them traitors even. We now call them activists; or rather activists with nationalistic ideologies. Perhaps because we are rewriting our history since the time of clueless Nehru.  

    When Narendra Modi, in one of his addresses to our judiciary, warned the gathering to avoid getting influenced by these defectors and termed them as 5 star activists, there was an instant outrage everywhere. And there were the usual suspects who went ballistic in condemning the PM for his generalization. I agree with the fact that the PM missed the truth by some margin. These loathsome people are not just influencing; they in fact are criminals and belong behind the bars. By terming these scoundrels as 5 star activist, Modi tried to sound little lenient but this post won’t be that compassionate in exposing these anti nationals.

    Let’s start with the iconic debate that stretched for one long hour in Times Now yesterday. All the while, for an entire hour, Arnav Goswami batted for these traitors. His singular question for anyone defending the PM was to name a single instance where the judiciary was seen being influenced by these thugs turned activists. I expected Arnav to be little more mature than he appears. Is it really required any proof to prove that these Limousine liberals, who spend their evening with free scotch from the beneficiaries, are destroying the day-to-day functioning of many things by their fraudulent means and activities? How one can be so naïve to ignore the fact that these activists who enjoy their foreign holidays on free money, who enjoy shopping at the upscale malls in New York, who prefer to stay in five star hotels, who get their accounts poured in with illicit foreign money, are in a mission to defame India at every place?

    Take the example of a moron called Priya Pillai. She was offloaded from flying to London at Delhi airport. And why she was offloaded? The woman was traveling to the far land to talk against the nation at an international forum so that her bank account can maintain a healthy balance sheet. She in fact was a habitual offender. I for one have complained against this woman at our Indian embassy in Tokyo after hearing her during a climate change debate in O’Saki convention center. She was almost in the verge of declaring India as an international disgrace when it comes to climate preservation. Her words back then were nothing different from what we hear from rabid mongrels like Shayed Ali Shah Ghilani, albeit, she was vomiting her nonsense in English and a large contingent of foreign nationals were laughing their ass off at such public humiliation of a nation. What kind of activist wants his/her nation to be defamed in public forums so that easy money can keep on flowing? How Priya Pillai is different from an average anti national thug that wants India to be barefaced everywhere? Why we should tolerate such scoundrels like Priya Pillai? But look at the irony. We had hoard of liberal frauds that started wolf whistling for this moron and not only that, they also assisted her filing a case in Delhi high court. Debates in anti-national channels like NDTV went on for days and each day they tried to pull out a different patriotic avatar of this filthy anti India woman. There was a time the Jaychands of the world were shamefaced and now is a time where morons are hailed as the true exponent of national values. And coming to influencing the judiciary with rotten activism, Priya Pillai was let off the hook by the courts and she was allowed to go outside to keep on defaming India with double vengeance.

    In many previous posts of mine, I have called names of these fraud activists and termed them as dangerous. An example of such a jackal is a certain Satinath Sarangi, who was also there in Arnav’s Darbar yesterday to destroy India. This buffoon in fact showed the audacity to question the Supreme Court and their judgment of exonerating Amit Shah in Srabuddin Sekh fake encounter case. Who gave this faggot the liberty to openly question the wisdom of our apex court? Why can’t contempt of court charges be slapped against this idiot? But this Sarangi chap again is a serial offender. He in fact has made a career on the dead of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. With patronage from the corrupt Congress party, this moron has made fortunes. In the name of fighting for the victim’s cause, this opportunistic leech in fact did his best to cover up the stinking foot prints of the accused and the failures of the then Congress government. Till date, none has seen him filing a single case against the expected culprits. But he is a darling to our media and the five star activists that routinely swarm their studios. None at the media ever cares to ask this man his specific contribution in bringing justice to the Bhopal gas tragedy victims. They won’t because there is none. I am sure, in absence of hyenas like Sitanath Sarangi, kith and keens of the dead of Bhopal would have got a closer a long time back. Intentionally, this snake and his cronies elsewhere shifted the goal post and let the courts to go on a misleading trail, thereby delaying in executing justice to the victims. They pretended friends of the victims, as much they pretend to be patriots and made sure that the real culprits get away easily. Bhopal victims were not pouring money to his account but the culprits were. So Satinath Sarangi’s loyalty for the thugs is expected.

    Ditto is the case with Teesta Setelvad. She is one woman who has gone to the extent of defaming an elected PM for her ill gotten money. For 10 long years, this champion of untruth kept on parading forged witnesses to the court room on various occasions. She not only wanted the nation to be defamed but she also, like any other criminal activist, was involved in mass scale laundering of public money. She in fact didn’t even spare the riot victims, for whom she claimed to fight against the communal system. Finally the curtain fell on this moron. Now she is living on the mercy of the Supreme Court and another joker called Kapil Sibal or else her days to be locked up behind the bars is numbered. But just look at how our media and a whole lot of these five star activists were supporting this Teesta fraud and that too for so long. Weren’t they aware of her deceitful activities? Weren’t they aware that Teesta with her handlers outside India was in a mission to destroy the credibility of an elected CM, along with throwing the integrity of our democracy to the spanner? How can someone support the repugnant ideas of a stinking individual like Teesta Setelvad and her idea of sabotaging an entire nation’s trustworthiness with her grubby untruth? Not that Teesta was never exposed earlier. In fact the Gujarat high court once rapped on the knuckles of this moron for bringing tutored witness to deliver lies under oath. Did our loathsome activists miss that crucial clue to see how big an anti-national this woman can become for self-gain?

    All these third grade pimps who secretly wish a destroyed India were giving covering fire to this media created whore child. The same Indira Jaysing, Kavita Krishnan, Harsh Mandar, Vandana Shiva, Medha Patekar, Satinath Sarangi and many more rabid exponent of secularism were there throughout to argue on behalf of Teesta Setelvad. All were weeping inconsolably for Teesta because they are relatives in the world of illicit money. All were paid handsomely by anti-India elements to carry on with their nefarious agenda of breaking India. It is quite natural for these jerks to lose their sleep if one of their fraudulent circuit gets caught with his/her pants/skirts down. Hence the clowns are losing their sleep now because the PM of the nation pointed out their fraud means of accumulating easy money. They are shouting because otherwise, it would be hard for them to explain how they have jungle resorts like Vandana Shiva have. They are shouting because they can’t explain who and why someone is paying for their first class air travel to USA, UK and elsewhere. They are shouting because they see a dark future in event of a dried fountain of easy money.I have said it earlier and I am saying it again – the moment you find these left leaning frauds, the Limousine liberals, the idea of India rascals, the scotch loving activists, the litfest mafias, the corrupt media, the Radia tape exponents, the ever evolving journalists are shouting with full throat, be sure, you did the correct thing. Kudos to Narendra Modi for hitting these anti-national frauds at the place where it hurts most.


    1. Sir
      I agree with your views. Wonder how it has become convenient and easy for such people to value money and luxury over morality and patriotism.

    2. truth alone triumphsApr 12, 2015, 12:11:00 AM

      great work bro. Have been reading your work for a while and have a suggestion. i really wish you could change the font and size to make the page more readable.

    3. sabka ka saath sab ka vikas ????? :-)