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    Nehru – The Visionless Visionary

    Had we shed our own blood and those of the British for our freedom, we wouldn’t have allowed a clueless person like Nehru to become our first Priminister. Since we allowed him, it only shows how indifferent we were and still are towards our freedom. Had we won our freedom after fierce bloodshed, I am sure; things would have been vastly different from what they are at present. For starters, we wouldn’t be tolerating the array of sycophants that we currently do and of course there would have been no Chinese Gandhis loitering around with their fake image of sacrifice and patriotism. Lest we forget buggers like Ramachandra Guha, who made a career out of just plain and distasteful lies.

    The thoughts for this particular post came to my mind when somebody with some seriousness asked me – was Nehru really a misfit to be our first PM? Yes, Nehru was a big misfit but the answer to this question can't be so simple. Honestly, the answer could be both YES and NO. NO because, if not Nehru then who else? Could be Sardar or Kriplani but then, things would have been different, had the choice been one among the latter two isn’t guaranteed. As it is, Sardar departed quite early. Kriplani was a doer but he was as much clueless as Nehru was. Taking quick decisions was a quality with Kriplani unlike Nehru but then, a newborn country can afford some time while taking decisions in matters of serious nature. So weighing every possible option, I feel we could afford a person like Nehru, only in want of a better option. So I tend to treat Nehru more like a compulsion than choice. And regarding the YES part, well a single post can’t justify the reasoning. So much mess this one person created that it would require a full book to describe each one of them. But let’s try to conjure the most notable of Nehru’s hara-kiri here, so that the answer YES doesn’t remain deprived of logic, as it shouldn’t be.

    Kashmir Issue – Nehru touched this and it blew on our face. And it didn’t blow accidentally, if you think that way. There are enough reasons why Kashmir problem erupted and why we are still suffering from the aftershock. King Hari Singh was in Delhi to sign the accord and to give his nod for the state of Kashmir to accede with India. But an overzealous Nehru suddenly popped up the issue of Seikh Abdullaha. So a new condition was laid out in front of Hari Singh that, Seikh Abdullha must be released from jail since Nehru find that man no short of his blood brother. An irate Hari Singh rushed out of the meeting room and from Delhi as well. The person who was ready to sign suddenly found his priorities with the Pakistan state and simply refused to listen to Nehru and down. So the first mistake – why would someone call a notorious man like Seikh Abdullha his blood brother when the man in question was a seasoned criminal with at least five dozen murder and rape charges against him? Not only that, why would anyone want such a disreputable man to come out of jail? But, reasons best known to Nehru, he stuck to his demands which were not at all necessary. Nehru could have freed, though highly unimaginative, Seikh Abdullha after the merger. But somehow, call it Nehru’s ego or his lack of foresight; he wanted his demand to be fulfilled even before the merger talks could start. So from nowhere, a tussle between the state and the princely state of Kashmir erupted. Not stopping there, Nehru also declared his intentions to visit Srinagar amidst his self-created mess, notwithstanding the advice of Sardar.

    That required the intervention of Mountbatten as the chairman of the partition and merger team. In that meeting Nehru talked about Africa, America, Russia, UN and almost everything except Kashmir. An irritated Sardar stood up and asked – Jawahar, do you want Kashmir or not? As it was expected, Nehru’s ego played the spoilsport and at the end a frustrated Sardar rushed out of the meeting after advising Nehru to follow whatever he feels like. Threats were issued to Hari Singh and promptly Indian forces were deployed around Srinagar to scare the king. Our forces carried on with their atrocities with the natives. Several deaths were reported, so as the number of rapes. But the situation, rather improving in favor of India, started slipping from the hands. A clueless Nehru did the second blunder in as many months. For no reason, this false visionary went to UN with the Kashmir issue. Something which could easily been a bilateral issue suddenly become an international issue. When asked why Indian forces first attacked a sovereign state, Nehru gave some Pashtun tribe theory. As per Nehru, since Pakistan army was backing the Pashtun tribes to attack Kashmir, Indian state had no option but to defend its boundary. Since Hari Singh was a hindrance, Indian forces had to counter him first. Sad, Nehru couldn’t prove his claims in UN and we got our first humiliation in international forum. Now this is what we achieved from Nehru’s Kashmir escapade.

    •  Kashmir become an international issue
    •  Our force’s atrocity created a lot of bad blood among the natives towards  the mainland
    •  Permanent entry of a highly dubious Abdullha family to milk the nation for  generations
    •  International humiliation
    •  Innocent lives lost
    •  A miserably failed attempt of Nehru to win the Nobel peace    

    China War – This is one thing that exposes Nehru’s cluelessness like none did. In whole of this particular hara-kiri, Nehru was self-contradicting. At one hand he rhymed around with his trademark ‘Hindi-Chini’ bhai bhai nonsense while at other hand he favored the forward front idea. Not that he was ill-advised. Starting from Sardar to Manekshaw, all were of the opinion that, steps towards forward front is nothing but inviting unnecessary confrontation. The scapegoat of China war called Krishna Menon, though as useless as his boss, also could see the folly in Nehru’s approach. Everyone saw the problem except the visionary Nehru. There were no roads, air strips and helipads in the Aksai Chin area and it was clear that, logistically it would take at least 3 weeks to even send backup and food items. While all, including the worst fool of India could predict a catastrophe, the visionary in Nehru loved his ego to take the decision. Not that Nehru never realized the repercussions but he was too arrogant to listen to anyone else. Combining to his arrogance, his cluelessness also played a vital role in exposing his blunderbuss attitude.

    An aggressive forward movement across the border resulted in annoying China. And the attack that China finally did was not out of the blue. They waited for the right opportunity. And the failed missile mission in Cuba gave that appropriate occasion. An overestimated Nehru and his foreign affairs abilities were put to test again. The clandestine Nehruvian historians may throw out nonsense without giving warning but it still wonders me a great lot on how a so called erudite visionary like Nehru missed to gauge the direction of world’s political turbulence. For one complete month we were humiliated in the hands of China. Our brave soldiers had to die owing to the nauseated fancy of this clueless man. There could have been more humiliation and more damage, had USA not threatened China with nuclear strike. But look at the charlatan Nehruvian historians; they claim, this shameless of a leader, who threw his armed forces to grave danger without proper planning and backup actually died of heart attack after China war shock. How nice of Nehru, no? Such a caring persona that history itself seems to be obliged to have him in its pages. Now this is what we achieved from China war

    •    International humiliation
    •    Brave soldiers lost their lives
    •    43000 square kilometer captured by China
    •    Again a miserably failed attempt of Nehru to win the Nobel peace via his ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ rhetoric
    Article 44 – I call Nehru a dubious person, not without a reason. The classic example could be his futile exercise with article 44. His socialist mindset forced him to juggle around something that he never had any clue. And a lazy mind coupled with charlatanism produced article 44. The ‘Uniform Civil Code’. On the face value, the said piece of legislation looked absolutely fine but in reality, it could easily be the worst kind of abstraction of law that one can ever envisage. Initially article 44 talked about uniformity in India with respect to marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance. Sounds fine? To me too. Old Hindu marriage acts were trashed and quite rightly so and Hindus were brought into the ambit of this new jurisdiction. Problem started for Nehru when he tried to do the same thing with the Muslim marriage laws or the Portuguese personal laws that were prevalent in Goa.

    Call it Nehru’s cluelessness or his misfortune, the politician in him suddenly found his own creation a big dampener for his political career. He has to throw his pseudo secularist ideologies to the nearest dustbin in double quick time. And he precisely did that. His act in Hindi paraphernalia can be summed up as – “Tel Lene Gayi Secularism”. So he allowed Muslims to carry on with their personal law and made article 44 as part of directive principle that carry no standing in the court of law. All of a sudden four things were promptly removed from article 44. That is marriage, divorce, inheritance and maintenance, leaving only adoption to loiter around funny. So what kind of farce was this? Why article 44, which in Nehru’s own words, talks about uniformity in the nation, should be made a part of directive principles only? How on earth a particular section can force their way through legislation making and dictate their terms on the mighty state? And which kind of moronic state head allows such fancies to affect law making? Hindus were forced to adhere to the new legislation while Muslims were left to choose whatever they want to. Since when, laws of land can be allowed to have such a filthy abstraction avatar? Perhaps only during a clueless bugger called Nehru.

    Self Serving – Nehru was not only a self-gratifying but also a self-serving individual. His life was full of self-serving entrants but I will cite two major instances where Nehru left even shamelessness bankrupt. First display of his utter shamelessness came at the time when India was electing its first PM. All the states, 19 of them, were asked to nominate their choice among the three chaps in the race; namely Sardar Patel, JB Kriplani and Nehru. Among the 19 states 12 voted for Sardar while Nehru accumulated, hold your breath, a big zero. I am sure; any person with iota of self-respect would have excused himself from the race. But again, I call Nehru shameless, not without a reason. This faggot secretly connived with Gandhi to come up with some screwed up Gandhi ideology of how the priminister should look like. Being the blue eyed boy of Gandhi, Nehru managed Gandhi to come up with criteria that fitted with him only; notable among them is the foreign exposer. Nehru being a foreign educated, only had foreign exposer among the three. Owing to Gandhi’s wish, Kriplani exited from the race and forcefully Sardar had to follow suite. What kind of skullduggery was this? How can a person be so shameless that, after getting a big zero in the race of choice still furnishes his vested interest on the table? What kind of a shameless leader would want to adore a chair after losing it badly in the race? Perhaps, only Nehru.

    Second is the manner Nehru conferred Bharat Ratna on himself. Don’t worry; Nehru isn’t alone here as his daughter repeated the same spectacle down the line. Back to Nehru. Recently while scanning Ministry Of Home Affair’s site I came across the guidelines of the Bharat Ratna award. I was surprised to see, it is only the PM who can recommend the awardee’s name to the president. And when Nehru won the award? 1955; and who was the PM then? Wow!! Look at this shameless idiot who was in a desperate hurry to be part of the history books as the first PM to win the Bharat Ratna. Closest that I can imagine anyone reaching even near to Nehru’s shamelessness could be Mayawati. Bue even she would fail in matching Nehru’s idiocy. Honestly, we castigate Mayawati for building her own statues but look at Nehru and the level of insanity and impudence he showed while recommending himself for Bharat Ratna. I just couldn’t stop laughing out loud when I first came across this fact. Seriously, this in particular is an act of a great visionary who envisaged himself in history books with all the goodies written against his name. Well, the nation; what is that?


    1. nice one, as usual. a real blood boiler

    2. If Rajaji was chosen as our first PM, India would have been a super power by now. He had the intelligence, perseverence, moral authority. Unfortunately, he didn't have political backing as Nehru and few other Hindi speaking leaders had.

    3. Wow... Aag Laga di ...!!! This really spices up the Blog world. Good one Bro..!!

    4. Along with the humanitarian crisis, Nehrus blunder cost us part of J&K - along with it, land border with Afghan - direct access to Central Asia.
      Add a blue navy to that

      What a geography would that be !!