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    Open Letter To Salman Khan

    Dear Salman Khan,

    Let’s straightaway get to the point. You are a criminal; a bloody criminal. Aren’t you?

    I could see this coming a long time back. In fact a very long time. If you ask me, this was bound to happen. Bound to happen because, the chap up there isn’t a fan of yours and as such he doesn’t like third grade movies that you have mastered in producing, one after another. When innocent blood spills on the road, it rarely goes unnoticed. It may get noticed after a prolonged inaction but when it finally does, destiny comes calling very quickly. You may have thought yourself above the law but the poor law was not aware of your self-ascertained vilification. Finally, the vice of justice fell on you and quite rightly, pulled the ground beneath your feet.

    But bhai, you know it very well. This one case got the attention, or else you were a spoilt brat from birth. From the day I came to know about your existence, you always were in news for all the wrong reasons? Which moron can afford such protracted hara-kiri in public life? May be Lalu Yadav, but then he is also going to jail very soon. The same time, during which you mowed down an innocent life and critically injured a few more, your name was being discussed along with the Naami-Daami mafias of Mumbai. You may call that a jealous attempt of your distractors but then Amitabh Bachhan never got himself intimately associated with the goons of the city. Or, are you a bigger star than Amitabh Bachhan? Why it is only you who had to accommodate the criminal underbelly of Mumbai city? There are many successful actors before you and after you as well but you had this uncanny loathsomeness that wasn’t noticed with anyone else. Every second day you had to break up a fight with someone. Your drunken misdemeanors are legendry. And in fact, the case for which the law slapped you up from your egoistic slumber was because of your drunken escaped. No, I am not blaming your drinking habit per se. Your drinking is not necessarily a problem as long as you keep it indoors. But when you fancy mowing down poor people sleeping on the pavement after you are drunk then it looks bizarre. It is in fact so bizarre that calling you a shameless anti-social and a disgrace to any civilized society would sound an understatement. In totality, here is a very simple question for you Salman Bhai – By any chance you find this nation as your father’s personal property and its roads are even more personal?

    But you are shedding a lot of crocodile tears through ‘Being Human’ or some nonsense to that effect. So we must consider that before weighing your overwhelming crimes. At least that is what your close buddies in Bollywood are thinking and advocating. Fair enough. Let’s go into that direction a bit. For starters, people may call it an NGO but for me it is the handy work of your PR department. A Bollywood actor depends heavily on a feel-good social image and it is not a doubt how your so called tarnished image got further tarnished after the 2002 drunken driving case. The PR team worked overtime to come up with a solution and viola, the birth of this Being Human nonsense. Had you been a changed soul then the first thing you would have done is to meet the family of the poor man that you mowed down. Did you meet them? Did you offer any monetary help? Forget about helping him; do you even know his first name? For the first time I found, a changed soul doesn’t know about his latest victim, much less begging sorry from his near and dear ones. Not only that, you even allowed your lawyers to defend your skullduggery by arguing how pavements aren’t meant for sleeping. Are these the symptoms of a changed soul? Had you been a true changed soul, you would have pleaded guilty on the very first hearing and would have pledged your support for the deceased’s family in turn. But what you did instead? You threw around your weight in the courts by showing off your skills in the form of a battery of highly paid lawyers. Even yesterday, you imported an Rs 10 lakhs/hearing charging Harish Salve to argue your bail case in Maharashtra high court. Changed soul? Seriously? Had you thought of paying that ten lakhs to the man whom you nonchalantly scythed down, you’re over spilling sins would have contained a bit. So please stop your rabid lawyers, your moronic friends in Bollywood and your hysterical fans to stop chanting your good works as if we are seeing the reborn of another King Asoka. If you are a changed soul then Sunny Leone is still a virgin. Go preach elsewhere. And by the way, pavements aren't meant for driving either.

    Let’s talk a bit about your co-actresses. You seem to have a crush on the every second woman of your film. Not only that, you become very possessive about them after being a good bottle down. You become so possessive that you gatecrash a movie shooting and threaten Vivek Oberoi with all the reputed mafias of Mumbai and ask him to stay away from your crush. What kind of civility is this? And mind it; this incident happened well after your changed soul avatar’s first offering called Being Human. Not only that, you also go drunk to the same woman’s house at the mid of the night and bang her doors so loud that neighbors wake up to enquire about it. But you don’t stop there. Do you? You also threaten an innocent neighbor of that woman with dire consequences if he dares further in questioning your larger than and above the law life. Again, this spectacular display of graciousness happened well after your Being Human farce.

    Fighting with your co-stars for silly things is just a part of your love stories. It just happened way too many times. Starting from Sangeeta Vijlani to Katrina Kaif, you showcased yourself as a macho thug who knows no bounds in leaving sanity bankrupt. While you were busy threatening to break the nose of every second person, you also weren't treating women like they should be. There are lots of testimonies where women you mingle with have come up with their version of your drunken behavior. All have testified to the fact that you are an uncultured and abusive faggot. All of them have accused you of physical abuse. But I don’t blame you here. You adore your mini skirt wearing co-actresses but expect them to transform to a chudidar wearing Ekta Kapoor creation like your mom after mingling with you. And you know that is very difficult, if not impossible. In fact, more difficult than your transformation from the day of mowing down an innocent to the Being Human charade.

    And please stop blaming your celebrity stature for the punishment. If that is so, then it should have happened a good 13 years back. And also stop your rabid lawyers from touting around about that nonsense of your heart ailment. Do you have a heart to begin with? At least there isn’t one that I can see.

    Someone who hates third raters 


    1. Excellent blog..!!

      He, AK49, is discussing on National issues.. farmers suicide for Land Bill.. that was the most pathetic act that went wrong. He cant even save one person 20 mts away and he is pointing fingers on people who saved 1000's from far away land. Coming to Land bill.. how many farmers are there in state of Delhi..?? 99.9 % are not farmers.. then why is stupid display of political extravaganza ..? first perform at a state level and give it a thought that you are pointing finger on a PM who already completed 3 tenures as CM before becoming a PM.. you cant even run one session properly... People of Gujarat are not stupid to vote for him for 3 sessions... and People of Delhi have already ate the fruits of their mistake they committed by voting for AK49.. again. But thanks to people of Delhi.. people like me who enjoy current affairs have complete entertainment till the next Delhi state election .. whenever they may come ;) ... Cheers..!!


    2. very good letter hopefully salman reads. a drunkard salman kills unintentionally a person on a foothpath and he gets 5 years jail. interestingly the case happened in 2002. that same year just under the nose of a chief minister 2000 plus people are burnt alive ??????

    3. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 9, 2015, 1:49:00 PM

      He ! He ! He ! Kiriya ! He ! He ! He ! Secular !

    4. Read any newspaper/ web portal this week. Or view any famous news channel. It will be full of Modi bashing as this government has completed one year.

    5. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 11, 2015, 12:38:00 PM

      He ! He ! He ! Sick ulnar ! Kiriya ! Presstitutes ! What else can we expect from all you ass-lickers of Sonia ! He ! He ! He ! Kiriya !

    6. by ur profile pic i can make out how filthy ur

    7. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 12, 2015, 7:04:00 PM

      He! He ! Oora Kiriya ! By your blank profile picture I can make out that you are a Faceless, Spineless and a Sickular Oora Kiriya ! I can also infer by the way you posted your message without any punctuation marks , that you carry a Big Paddy Seed like an albatross around your neck and you can not walk, sleep or even think in a sane manner !
      In my judgement , which is 100% correct , that you are just an Oora Kiriya with a Paddy Seed ! If not , what the saddling hell the culpable homicide committed by a third rate goon of an actor, that pimp Salman has to do with the retaliatory action of the 2002 ?
      Mind you Oora Kiriya ! I am not a third rate politician or a Sickular , Pseudo-intellectual , liberal thriving on the alms doled out by the Congress and Leftists to appease uncivilised and Barbarous dull heads like you ! If you sow wind , you'll get whirlwind ! Take Care !

    8. i just have sympathy towards you, nothing else, you do not know where u and your like thinking people are heading towards, you are calling a retaliation. by killing innocent people, what happened in train and who did it, should also be equally punished by the law. if you have this kind of mind set then i have only one word for you and for all your bros around "GOD SAVE THE COUNTRY". you are such a sick moron that by killing innocent children and women you claim it as retaliation. how sick moron you are.

    9. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 12, 2015, 9:21:00 PM

      My Dear Paddy Seed !

      I know hundreds of imbecile buggers like you who just tuck their tails in between their legs and making uncouth statements like you when they are shown the place where do they actually belong to , the supine gutters !

      If you have the nerve to accept them actual cause of terrorism, the perpetrators around the world in general an India in particular and where they get their inspiration from and to which doctrine they actually conform to , verbatim, you do not waste my time , you Oora Kiriya !

      I just advise you to read the master piece " The Prophet of Doom " by Craig Winn. If you can read past the first few pages , try to complete all the 960 pages . If you still have any doubts regarding the paedophile, pirate , terrorist , rapist , demon-possessed , slave and women trade curse of the world , try to read " Tea with Terrorists " co-authored by the same gentleman !

      If you are still interested to see the pictures, videos of the aesthetic and heart-rendering deeds of the ISIL peace-keepers , go to " Barenakedislam.com" web site and you'll really appreciate your doctrine ! Right ?

      Yeah ! Don't worry ! You are in a safe country and in the name of your Peaceful Religion , you can do what all you love to do with your sadistic and perverted brains and still play the ' victim card ' by shouting at the height of your voices duly supported by your apologists in Congress and other Pseudu-Secular parties , Left Scotch Liberals and stinking bitches like Teesta Setalvad and her ilk !

      You'll have your share of virgins in your Terrorists' Paradise and you can throw us into the Fires of Hell , here in India and elsewhere , while we are still alive !

      The first step of how to get rid of you and make the world a Better Place to Live in has started in Norway and it will spread to the Whole World soon !

      Then The Real Peace will be Upon All of Us !

    10. Zikiriya Leave islam for humanity.

    11. just a population of 13% you are afraid ????. what will happen if you are alive till 2050.

    12. i invite you to islam, accept it. feel the power. why are you people afraid of a community which is just 13% in india.?

    13. you need to have steel testicles to wipe us out from the world. why from the world. still i have message of peace for u.

    14. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 13, 2015, 4:06:00 PM

      Hey , Paddy Seed ! Okra Kiriya ! This not the answer for my post !
      After all, who is afraid of you ? Everybody hates you ! You worship only one Big Ball !
      Hope you got it ! Because we are very generous and cultured , I just ignore you , You Kiriya ! Bear that in mind and behave properly. Nothing on earth can change you and you are destined to your fate! But don' t Spoil the World ! Right ? Paddy Seed !

      Hey Oora Kiriya ! What do you do for a living other than bending 5 times a Day ?

    15. Hi Surya, I can understand your feelings but this particular comment is little below the belt :(

    16. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalMay 13, 2015, 4:18:00 PM

      Sorry Sir ! I I also feel that I have gone a little bit overboard !
      Please remove my comment and this guy Zacharia also appears to be not that of a Barbarous variety ! More over , many Muslims may not know what exactly is there in the Qur'an than blindly following the illiterate Mullas !

      Thanks for your intervention and this has enhanced my respect for you , multifold !

    17. so ur fore father was hindu so sad advocating fake religion only devils are adopting this religion

    18. Go on google and search Farkhunda's Killing

    19. :-) what do u want me to do, accept my fore fathers religion ??. ok i will accept my fore fathers religion so to which caste will i belong ??. will u allow me to be the priest of a temple??.now listen to me, i invite you to my religion come to my religion, study and i will make you the imam of a biggest mosque in the city. is it possible with your religion ??. i am sorry to say all these things, becoz ur provoking me so i am reluctant to say all these things.

    20. do you want us to open topics involving massacres in kashmir, bangladesh, assam and what not? wherever you bastards went and spread your filthy religion violently... GTFO pisslamic pig.