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    Open Letter To Arnav Goswami

    Dear Arnav,

    You are a loathsome character. In fact, most from your brethren are. Let’s not debate on this because that would lead us to discomforting facts. As sully as it can get, each day in our political discourse, people like you drag the ethical practice bar a little low. Let it be that street thug Rajdeep Sardesai or that Radia dalal Barkha Dutt, it is really unfortunate to see the so called honest journalists with steady moral compass underwrite the value of paid and biased journalism like it is nobody’s business. This is unfortunate because a functioning government goes hand-in-hand with the media of the day. Hand-in-hand not necessarily means chortling with government’s frauds but to stand there as a check post to verify every activity of the ruling dispensation. But that is far from happening. If at all anything that is still left there to continue calling you spin masters as media then I am sorry, that something is even thinning out at an alarming rapidity. Sorry state of affairs, I can tell you.

    Let’s drop the generalization. How about analyzing you as an individual and a journalist? I am sure analysis is something that you cherish. There we go then. For last three weeks it seems you have taken it as a personal motto to see both Vasundhara Raje and Sushma Swaraj are either kicked out from their posts or they resign on their own. Every night in your Newshour you scream at the top of your voice and ask for the resignation these two ladies. May I ask who exactly are you to ask for their resignation and on what authority? If I am not mistaken, the last time I checked, both of them are elected representatives. So what made you believe that you have all the authority to ask for their resignation is beyond me? Not only that, you do your bit of kangaroo court with a bunch of jokers whom you gleefully call as your panel and ask for everyone’s head just like that. Since when journalists have gone into the business of hounding out people in power? Do you remember Watergate Arnav? The journalists just ran a story and then left it for the political dispensation to take it from there. I can’t think of a single instance when they had a dozen of jokers shouting loud inside their studios and asking for Nixon’s resignation in a cacophony. But you are different because you think you are and you also think your nonsense is what the nation always wants to know. You know what Arnav? The nation is far mature than you ever can be. So that self-gloating of your voice as the voice of nation must stop at once. Looks highly comical, I can assure you.

    Coming back to the issue of your episodic outrage. I distinctly remember your initial lines on that Sunday when you so called broke this story. Without even presenting what you are up to, you demanded the resignation of Sushma Swaraj within fifteen minutes of your blabber. May I ask – against what crime she should resign? Oh, I guess, you said, because she felicitated the travel documents of Lalit Modi, she must resign. But that is hardly a crime. Morons like you may jump out of there Armani suites and call Lalit Modi, even a fugitive but for lesser mortals like me, I still struggle to find the crime of that man. Has any court indicted him? Is he a wanted man by our courts? Is there any chargesheet filed against him? Forget even that – is there a single FIR against him? Then what made you call him a fugitive? If Oxford dictionary isn’t wrong by that gross margin, a fugitive is someone who is evading an arrest, jumped the court summon or a proven criminal yet to be apprehended. To which category Lalit Modi belongs? And don’t tell me the ED notice or some nonsense as a proof of his culpability. ED just wants to question him against money laundering; I repeat money laundering, not against any loot of public money. Is there any scam that Lalit Modi is involved? Has he looted the ex-chequer financially? On what ground you called him a fugitive and not only that, you superseded your benchmark of skullduggery by equating him with Dawood Ebrahim. Which moron of an editor draws out such equivalence? Dawood is a culprit of the state and responsible for hundreds of death and this man, at best, could be accused of money siphoning and that too whose money is not clear yet. But look at your pea size intelligence, which wasted no time in equating a terrorist with someone accused of financial mess, not even loot. Coming back to the ED notice. Since when questioning someone requires his arrest? Few jokers like you only tried to act smart and revoked Lalit Modi’s passport but later on, it is our courts that gave serious jolts to this retard idea of investigation. When our apex court can entertain the idea of video conferencing for bail pleas then who the hell is ED or you to ask for the arrest of a man who is just an accused?

    And what Mrs. Swaraj did so wrong to have your pants on fire? She simply tried to help an Indian outside the country and I am glad the GOI is thinking in that line. MEA also evacuated thousands of Indians from Yemen. Can you guarantee each one of them is clean like Dettol? Your repeated showing of Lalit Modi’s photograph with Paris Hilton and going mad with a lie that he was enjoying with supermodels when he should be visiting his ailing wife is another bluff that must be shunted right away. If running around like a jerk is not your full time job then you must look at the dates of those photographs. They are way after the dates he supposedly visited his wife. And by the way, how it matters to you or anyone else, who Lalit Modi parties around? And most important, how these photographs suggest unwanted lenience on the part of Sushma Swaraj? For me, Lalit Modi is an Indian accused of a mega financial mess, not involving public money and he should enjoy all the benefits of the government that an average Indian enjoys. And I am glad that Indian government is helping an Indian outside. Jokers like you might have heart burns for reasons known to you only but the entire nation isn’t having a heart burn at all. By the way, do you know the colorful avatar of your boss Vineet Jain or should I mail you some cute pictures of him? Anyway, let’s move on.

    I called you a Kangaroo some time back; didn’t I? That’s what you did when you jumped from Sushma Swaraj to Vasundhara Raje.  I understand when a sore throat after three days of nonsense vomiting achieves naught, it is better to shift the target. You again shouted a lie for three days as if shouting like cocaine addicted street ruffian makes the lie turn into a beautiful truth. Dushyant Singh took 60 crore from Lalit Modi, you howled along with your ponies inside the studio. Correct, he took the money but where is the crime? An adult person gives money to another and the journalist in you wakes up and shouts scam. Did Lalit Modi looted that 60 crore from the public pool and gave it to Dushyant Singh? Even if he gave the money to Dushyant for a favor, how on earth that becomes a crime in India? Do you understand something called business deals? How many times you have heard corporates buy favor for business gain? Are all of these crimes? Are you sure the Jain brothers don’t open their wallets for business deals anywhere? Forget about them; what about you? I am sure; you pay money for the panelists that appear on your programs. If a count is taken then Lalit Modi has appeared on your channel for at least 20 times in last three years. Does this imply you are also a culprit since you are involved with Lalit Modi in financial deals? Or maybe you are since as per your logic, just because someone is an accused, the rest of the world must Teflon coat themselves from him/her. Running around a convicted criminal like Laloo Yadav for his nonsense sound bites is journalism but someone associated with an accused is a crime at the Arnav Goswami School Of Law.    

    And you know Arnav, what is the inspiration behind this post? Yes, your lunacy in dealing with the real issues. You shouted for three complete weeks relentlessly but the moment Lalit Modi popped Sonia Gandhi’s name you went quite at once. Why, if may I ask? I know you will fumble like a kindergartner in answering. That is the attributes of a liberal and truth oriented journalist of our times. I am not surprised either since this is something that we find with all of you. You shove your mikes on the faces of everyone else and do routine name calling but when it comes to the Gandhis, you hide beside the bushes and show them from a distance like third rate pimps. You shout on television that your faggot of a reporter isn’t allowed inside Vasundhara Raje’s residence as if it is his birth right but while covering Haryana land deals of Jamai Raja, you stay outside the boundary of Robert Vadra's Manson and air us pictures of him strolling with his kids like Paparazzi. We never hear you demanding resignation or arrest of any Gandhis but come to others you guys shame sanctity within an hour you are at it. After all, as Narendra Modi termed you, you guys are certified presstitutes with you having the best of qualities to lead the lot.

    That said I don’t blame you alone. Like the government, people get the media they deserve.


    Someone who hates Media Pimps 


    1. You guys still listen to this NoiseHour? Stopped listening to it long time ago. Complete arrogance when AG is talking. And when he is not talking, complete cacophony. I still don't understand why BJP takes part in his pointless debates

    2. And he thinks he can dictate or decide what others should do.

    3. The moment LM's rantings turned towards the maino family, these presstitutes have got their tails between their legs and heads down and looking for some other prey. Can the govt. do something on these pussy pussy cats for Godsake?

    4. Times Now (TN) has turned in to a complete shit, the news scroll on PrimeTime is about the lead TN has over other news channel......Stop Bragging TN

    5. Here's Santa @ His Best:

      Santa calls up TOI Chairman Vineet Jain....

      Santa: "I want to be the news anchor in place‪ of ‎Arnab Goswami‬ on TimesNow"
      Vineet Jain : "Are you an idiot??"
      Santa: "Why?? is it Compulsory???"

    6. The case is not as easy as Lalith Modi comes to India and he
      directly goes to jail. He would have stayed back/ gone to jail and got the bail
      also if it were so easy. We have seen what happened to Salman Khan and Jayalalitha recently. If Lalith Modi comes back to India he may be murdered to safeguard the interest of bigger fishes involved, in IPL scam that includes many congressmen, some BJP politicians tamilnadu politicians, businessmen, filmstars and underworld. Both Lalith Modi and his supporters/ lawyers (including Sushma Swaraj family) know this. As for congress, other parties in opposition and vested interests in media and BCCI, it is the case of “Kahin pe nigahe Kahin pe nishna”. In the name of asking for Sushma Swaraj’s resignation they are actually taking the focus away from a larger volumes of misappropriation in BCCI/IPL.
      Just Yesterday, Arnav started demanding closure of IPL. Will that ever happen? What will happen is the CSK and RR will change their names and appear in a new Avatar, with all the grey characters still holding control over BCCI, IPL and different franchises.