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    Pakistan's Angels

    Pakistan is a rogue nation. It is a beggar nation too. We or for that matter anyone can never gain anything from them. As a country they have got nothing except terrorism to offer to the world. Their whole survival and their imminent extinction, both are heavily dependent on terrorism. It is a country which accepts democracy as a compulsion so that they have a readily available bunch of louts to beg for them in the west. People like Nawaz Sharif accounts as much for their country as what IQ accounts for Rahul Gandhi. That is zero. The army is the real power broker there and that is the case since they were born in 1947. There always was a single stakeholder, and that is their army. Off late, even their terror outhouses within and their sympathizers like Huriyat have also become prominent stakeholders. It seems every nuisance that is there in the world has got a stake in Pakistan, except their own democratically elected government. Though a sorry state to be in for any nation we can’t deny these facts that this is much of their own doing. To sum it in one line – Pakistan is just a headache for the world. They not only are beggars but also destructive beggars.

    These facts withstanding, we still have enough fools in India who believe, we as a nation, for an exception, can gain a lot by talking to these rogue elements. Talk on what with a nation which is so much morally and financially bankrupt? But our in-house fools are great in corroborating nonsense. In fact they will even name the benefits like a well parroted stanza without fact checking a bit. And that fact checking is – we can never have anything except hate for Pakistan. And this feeling is mutual. The only difference is; we aren’t so blind by the hate that we end up destroying our country as Pakistanis did. But that is not the context of this post. I am here for an entirely different reason.

    Coming back to those who vouch for a dialogue with Pakistan. Reasons best known to Modi government, it was mutually agreed to have a NSA level talks in Delhi. Not sure what that talk would have yielded when we very well know how precariously unimportant both the NSA of Pakistan Mr. Sartar Aziz and his boss on paper Mr. Nawaz Sharif are. But the government of the day agreed for talks after a long and profound hugging and kissing spree at UFA. Was it blindness or simply fooling ourselves yet again? From the day such hogwash of an intention was made public, I was aware; nonsense in the making is already underway. Till even two days prior to the schedule I was sure, we are going nowhere with this attempt of talks. And that is precisely what happened. Pakistan’s puppet government suddenly realized they are forgetting their shareholders in India. May be a kick or two on their backs from their army General made them realize. In an inexplicable change of events, Sartar Aziz was asked by Pakistan’s government (read army) to meet the Huriyat hawks before meeting India’s NSA Ajit Dooval. I wasn’t surprised a bit since this is how it always has been. It would have surprising for me if Sartar Aziz would have an Indian itinerary that never contained Huriyat in the scheme of things. Any delegate coming from Pakistan meets up with Huriyat first and most of the time the government at centre puts a constructive effort to look the other way. I am glad that this time the nonsense of Pakistan was called loud and clear. Ground conditions were refurbished and Pakistan was asked to mind its behaviour and stick to the promise of UFA. As expected Pakistan chickened out at the last minute. As expected because the intention of Pakistan never was to talk on terror but to drag in Kashmir. Since that option was throttled out by India, Pakistan has no reason to come here and look helpless. Pakistan as a nation can’t distance itself from terrorism since it has gone deep within their system. Any talk with them on eliminating terror is as same as trying to convince someone to drain out entire blood from his body. Will that person agree? Then why should Pakistan?

    But there are morons in India who don’t understand this simple logic. We are talking to that rouge nation for last sixty years and what are our takeaways from all those talks? The terror activities on our soil haven’t supressed a bit. It in fact has increased substantially.  But ask our intellectual morons, they would blink their eyelids like great thinkers and shout – talks must go on. Really? Talks on what? These Aaman Ki Asha Frauds are always there to repeat their fraudulent practice of some people-to-people contact nonsense. Why should we need any kind of contact with a nation that is not worth it? And look at the people who vouch for such gobbledygook. They are the usual suspects. A terrorist comes to India to do a recce that led to 26/11 and he ended up befriending, of all the people, son of Mahesh Bhatt, who is a known Pakistani sympathizer. I do believe in coincidence but here things are not looking as simple as that. Every time India ups the ante against Pakistan, we have Mahesh Bhatt crawling out of his little hole to rattle full throat. He did it this time around too. As if one cares for his opinion, this moron was out shopping nonsense in the market. India showed its narrowness, he barked. Narrowness? Who allowed this jerk who even fanaticizes sleeping with his own daughter to teach us about narrowness? What should have been the greatness instead in MB’s world? Shelter terrorists on a recce mission to your country and guide them to places to plant the bombs for maximum casualty? But he was not alone in condemning his own nation. That is a generic problem with all our intellectual morons. The pathological hate towards India and Hindus propels these jerks achieve unthinkable shit. There was this Arundhati Roy as well. She even found Modi government not giving enough space for peace to work. Peace? What exactly is peace in AR’s world? Bomb blasts killing innocents on our streets? But AR is a certified Pakistan and Huriyat Rudali. That is why she flies around with the likes of Ghilani to spew anti India venom. Remember her and her filthy ilk getting thrashed in Delhi for openly castigating India with choicest of words?

    Congress is not far behind either. Abhisekh Manu Singhvi is a classic example of how we have groomed absolute idiots in our country. In a debate in NDTV, AMS was the only guy who was busy spouting at India along with the Pakistani representative. And look at how AMS and another thug called Sekhar Gupta reacted when Sambit Patra pointed out the rot. I am sure the Pakistanis would be rolling on the floor with laughter after seeing such scumbags. I never saw a single representative from Pakistan who talked against his nation when the world knows what material Pakistan is made up. But we have these scoundrels who were not only vocal with support for Pakistan but also were blaming their own nation in front of our enemies. What kind of people we are tolerating since ages and why? Why a certain Sekhar Gupta would jump like he was shot in his balls and support AMS? Why SG would have his posterior on fire for a truth that Sambit Patra spoke? What SG has got to do with Pakistan? AMS can be shameless and decide to take sides of Pakistan to full fill his political orgasm but what made SG act like a paid agent of Pakistan? Misplaced loyalty or a routine moron who fancies bashing his own country to sound like an intellectual born from the wisdom’s womb?

    But this is not the first time. Our morons are habitual offenders. In 2014, the same bunch had their pants and skirts on fire for similar reasons. Irrelevant terms Vardha Bhai. Had this been irrelevant Pakistan wouldn’t try vehemently to meet the Huriyat leaders every time. These Huriyat scumbags openly condemn India and demand Kashmir be given to Pakistan and this faggot, who is not even a citizen of this country tries to sound like a classic moron. Can Vardha Bhai answer if Pakistan will allow our visiting delegates to meet leaders of MQM in Baluchistan? Will there be a Vardha Bhai jerk like figure in Pakistan who will tweet any such attempt of Indian delegation as irrelevant? Your guess is as good as mine. But we are a different case study where we have these little quacks of Ghilani and alike, who are ever so ready to castigate their own nation at the drop of a goat. And these are the same jokers who roam around the city sporting a skull cap or a Burqua. The moment Pakistan is made to realize its fault line these morons take out their Burqua of secularism and start dancing nude. Irrelevant it is, no?

    Hope India continues to give such strong rebuttals to a rogue nation called Pakistan. 

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