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    Saving The Holy Cow Yakub Memon

    Our liberals never fail to disappoint us. Do they? The actions and the reactions of our liberals over past few weeks are nothing short of phenomenal. To sum up our liberals this time around in one single sentence – They came, they saw and they shamed themselves yet again. There are other achievements as well. As routine to their astounding calibre of making the nation a laughing stock with each of their unwanted overture, they yet again made our nation look like a nation full of crack pot obsessed clueless bigoted individuals. I am not sure what these liberals do have in their breakfast but maintaining their alarming consistency of anti-national activity, they made this nation look like a banana republic. Few of them even questioned the wisdom of our apex court with choicest of words. We will get to that in due course of this blog post.

    Yakub Memon, a hard core terrorist, who was responsible for the killing 257 people in 1993 Mumbai blast, was hanged for his sinister crimes. Does anyone see any problem? Are there any reasons to be disturbed here? At least, I don’t see any except for the fact that we allowed this moron a life of 22 years more. He should have been hanged a long time back. Call it the irony of our criminal justice system, even serious threats to humanity like YM also have their rights well in tact even while defending heinous crimes like that of Mumbai blast. But that should be fine since we can’t blame our courts just because a bunch of jerks laid down the nation’s operational framework after independence. On a larger note, the long rope that we gave YM to play around with our law at least didn’t allow our liberals to cry profusely citing how YM wasn’t given adequate time to defend himself. But our liberals are master in changing the goal post. Since there is nothing to cry about the time frame, these liberals readily invented other criterions to defame the nation openly. Such callous and self-serving these idiots are that they didn’t blink while condemning their own (I doubt though) nation in their pursuit to defend a convicted terrorist.

    Leading from the front in making a joke of the nation is this trash can called The Indian Express. Knowing Sekhar Gupta and his unparalleled capabilities of playing a perfect doormat of the liberal factory called Congress party, it was expected of him to act insane. But never did I   thought he would scale yet to be achieved ranks in moroniry. “They Hanged Yakub” says his paper. Who the hell is ‘They’ here? Is SG calling our judiciary and our constitution which allows capital punishment as They? Is SG a citizen of this nation or an agent of Pakistan and ISI? Or simply, is SG want us to believe that the They here is the BJP government which by intention hanged an innocent Yakub while the rest of India, which primarily constitutes with doormat buggers like SG (not part of They) left with despair? Who makes such duffers to handle important and sensitive posts like that of an editor is beyond me? In one line, SG and his equally deplorable publication tried their best to play the communal card in the case of a terrorist getting hanged. IE and SG aren’t getting too vocal but there is no shred of doubt, after knowing a wheeler dealer like SG for quite some time; he wants the goal post to shift. Didn’t I say earlier, morons in India are master at inventing new citations to downgrade the nation? Since there can’t be enough reasons to blame our judiciary of overlooking, this moron wants to infer how Yakub was hanged because he was a Muslim and it is the Hindus (They) who hanged him. Do you think any newspaper in USA would come up with such degrading news headlines to cover the execution of a terrorist who was responsible for the killings of 257 Americans? There won’t be any because there we don’t have anti national pigs like SG as editors who would agree to lie naked at the entrance of either the republicans or the democrats for personal gain. It is only the masterstroke of SG that tried to vilify the execution of a terrorist and made a martyr out of a ruthless criminal. They hanged – as if SG was imagining Bhagat Singh and working at his filthy and sold out pen at the same time.

    Shekhar Gupta isn’t alone here in condemning his own nation to cajole a terrorist. There are in fact many. The image may look funny but it best describes our media and few of the certified pimps who hobnob there. They aren’t referred as presstitutes without a reason. Barkha Dutt almost wept while announcing the hanging of YM. But there is a pattern to what these media pimps do. They simply hop from one point to another with a hope that something will click. But these scoundrels don’t realize that their credibility in front of the nation is even lower than the man they were seen weeping for. First these people brought out the context of an imaginary letter written by ex-RAW head Mr. Raman. I simply don’t believe these jokers and there aren’t enough reasons to believe. Not a single one from this Rudali lot ever cared to tell us the content of that letter. They just kept on harping how Mr. Raman talked about a deal that was done by YM before surrendering and agreed to help our investigation teams in exchange of his life. This is the kind of nonsense these frauds propel without any base. It is in records that YM never surrendered but was arrested by Nepal police while he was prowling around Kathmandu in search of some forged travel documents. While there are no proofs to believe YM surrendered by his own, these pimps want to give weightage to a terrorist’s words than believing their own nation’s standpoint. Should I call this a sad state of affairs or call these buffoons as traitors? That is not all. These morons even find Mr. Raman’s letter, if ever one was written, more credible than our courts that wasted 22 precious years on a terrorist.

    Not just our liberal media pimps, there are others who are habitual offenders in defaming India. There are in fact 40 soft hearted faggots who suddenly developed unbelievable love for a convicted terrorist. They wrote to the president to pardon YM as if killing terrorists mercilessly is a bad thing to do. Indira Jaisingh is just one of them. She being an ex-attorney general even surprises me more. A woman who doesn’t trust the state, its judiciary and its government was the AG of the nation. There can’t be a bigger irony to the line – bad woman at a good place. And what she says is actually another nonsense that she and her sub-ilk were spreading since YM was hanged. She even shows utmost callousness in calling the apex court’s ruling as wrong.  These are the kind of jokers we promote to high offices; those who don’t have any respect for the offices they once held. This is perhaps why Indira Jaising along with another joker called Prashant Bhushan and other liberal morons raided the SC chief justice’s home at the middle of the night to save a terrorist. In an unprecedented manner SC opened its doors to review their earlier judgment of hanging and this parasite of a lady still feels the Apex court was WRONG in its ruling. But these are the same morons who cry for Vasundhara Raje’s resignation just because she signed the affidavit of Lalit Modi while they themselves become accomplice of those who signed on the affidavit to exonerate a hard core terrorist responsible for killing hundreds of Indians. Lalit Modi doesn’t even have a FIR against him and yet anyone talking for him becomes a criminal where as these jerks can very well cry openly for a convicted terrorist. Sushma Swaraj must be castigated for passing her wisdom to English law makers but these scoundrels can wake up our Apex court at 2 AM to give out of turn favours to a terrorist and call themselves champion of nationalism and goodwill. There are also notable losers like Kavita Krishnan who urges people on Twitter to gather for a candle light vigil at Jantar-Mantar to save a terrorist. And surprise, surprise – no media carries out week long debates to criticize and condemn this Yakub Baba’s Chalish Chors.

    These liberals have another peculiarity. They hate generalization when it comes to define terrorism but take active sides of the morons shown in the picture. Terrorism can’t have a religion even when 95% of the perpetrators are from Islam but a mere 5% of the total executed convicts being Muslims makes it a matter of concern. Or at least a point of conspiracy mongering. There are these morons who walk out in open and criticize the state for being prejudiced towards a certain section while there isn’t any evidence to support such notorious claims and yet our liberals will stand behind these clowns and shout against the state. But the moment one asks why most of the terrorists are Muslims, the same morons wake up and start name calling for generalization. For these liberals even hanging a terrorist must go under the prism of religion. Utter contempt of the state and its judiciary becomes the norm to defend anyone and anything from Islam, even if that means hailing a convicted terrorist.

    Hope India continues in its endeavour to clean its shores from these terror manuals. Hope India keeps on executing all the Yakub Memons held in our prisons and wasting tax payer’s money. Hope the state and the apex court takes a note of these anti-national thugs who call themselves as liberals. Hope appropriate actions are initiated against these jokers to pack them to their rightful places they deserve. As of Yakub Memon’s hanging goes – Well Executed. Sabash!! 

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