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    And Rahul Gandhi Flies To USA

    Narendra Modi was there in USA to attend the G4 summit and as usual there are lot of liberal heartburns back home. But I am not surprised with that at all. The heartburns are continuing since May 2014 and most probably will continue for next fifteen years. Dolts who wanted Modi to rot in hell for no apparent reason are getting disintegrated. While the man whom they wanted to be hanged publicly went on to become the PM of this country, the liberal contingent became street thugs. While the person whom the liberals wanted to be lynched is now revered as a powerful leader, the propaganda machinery is surviving on borrowed oxygen. There are lot of Burnol moments that these liberal frauds went through over last one year. And losing mental balance in such situations is quite a legitimate outcome. So behaving like salt sprinkled leeches with every success story of Modi is expected from our liberals. And as I said, it is hardly any surprise anymore.

    But what surprises me is the low to which the Congress party can stoop to for power. Congress has a rotten history of sabotaging any non-Congress government in the past but nothing like what they are up to now. They have metaphor themselves to such a shameless bunch of louts that they simply have lost the sense of decency. They are so power hungry that they don’t even spare the opportunity to tarnish the PM of the nation on a foreign land. But that is then are the teachings of Congress. When they didn’t even spare their own like PVN, expecting them to respect their political opponents is futile. Anything not related to Gandhi family has to be degenerated and that is perhaps what Congress party did vis-à-vis this image. First thing that came to my mind was – what kind of moron would even conceive to do something like this. Before Modi could start packing his bags, Rahul Gandhi flew out to USA. Where he was heading and why it is still a mystery, we will discuss on it later in the post. Little did I know, there is a nasty and highly deplorable charade taking place. It required someone like The Guardian to make us realize how filthy this Congress party as a whole is. Just to make a point, the party which looted this nation for 60 years is up in arms with few pathological haters. It is a different matter that the morons had to eat crow but the idea to defame your own PM on a foreign soil remains there nonetheless. When Barkha Dutt was seen behaving like a pimp for Congress, I had no clue that she was precisely executing her job as she was directed to. There is a reason, which now is clear, on why BD was instigating the Patel community in USA against Modi. When Hardik Patel is agitating against Modi for the benefit of all the Patels of the world, what the Patels of USA would do, were her specific questions to the gathered crowd. She got a mouth full from the few gathered Patels but that is not the point. The hidden filth in BD's skulduggery must be named and shamed. I smelt filth but I never thought the fountain of this filth stretches beyond the routine pathological hate that these Media’s ugly children carry for Modi. Perhaps when Guardian says, a systematic effort is been put to sabotage Modi rallies, it was pointing at pimps like BD and many more. Though Rajdeep Sardesai and his boxing prowess were sorely missed, BD did her bit of pimping and quite handsomely at that.

    Now coming back to the moot question. Where has Rahul Gandhi gone to and why? Not that it matters to India where RG goes and what he does. His absence is anyway a blessing to the nation. Interest arises when Congress party tries secrecy with RG’s visits. Not only RG, every Gandhi family member have their secret closely guarded by the sycophants. This time around when RG vanished from India, we were told, he is attending some very important meeting with world leaders in Aspen. So important that, none, even in US knows a thing about this meeting. Making a surprise appearance, Milind Deora shared couple of snaps from that very important meeting. Now few things need to be clarified here. Do we see a Kurta-Pyjama clad RG here? The greatest exponent of Indian wear is loitering around with his blazers and Jeans. Is he the same RG who was reproaching around poor farmers with his Suit-Boot gimmick and hailing the Kurta-Pyjama-Dhoti combination? This is precisely why none wants to take this spoilt child of Indian politics seriously. Because he isn’t worth to be taken seriously. As a leader RG has got nothing to write home about except a borrowed surname. No ideology, values, vision or anything that we commonly associate with true leaders. Now the second point is – which kind of serious meeting of international level have participants roam around in their Jeans and T-Shirts? Have you ever seen a serious meeting of world leaders where Jeans and T-Shirts are the dress code? I haven’t at least. At best, these pictures appear like a private function attended by RG, flanked by few other jobless hacks. I mean, it hardly a problem if RG attends private functions or gets caught at airports for carrying excess cash. That his personal choice. But why play secrecy? Why attempt at decorating a mule to appear like a horse? We know RG is as useless as anyone can get. It will hardly hamper the worthless image of this spoiled child if his latest merrymaking is divulged to the public. Why wrap the truth and try make RG appear like a statesman when none in his entire family tree isn’t; present or past?

    To make matters even more interesting, the Overseas Congress head Juned Qazi’s statement were tangent to what the sycophants are covering back home. Being the head of the party for all overseas affairs, Mr. Qazi had no clue that his leader is enjoying private functions in USA. He was prepared to welcome the great RG on the shores of America, only to find that, the man of Jupiter velocity fame vanishing mid-air and landing elsewhere. What kind of serious engagement is this where the overseas head of the party is clueless about the arrival or plans of his party head? Does it sound logical? Not to me unless, there are obvious things to hide and Mr. Qazi could be too lose a bolt on whom the Gandhi family and their hoard of sycophants can’t depend. Hence bypassing a man like Mr. Qazi and taking RG secretly to the carousing arena appears a judicious idea. RG is such a leader that only very few close confidants know about his travel plans, even for so called important invitations of serious nature.

    But Mr. Qazi didn’t stop there, did he? He spilled few more bins. My conclusion of the event a private joyride affair gets further substantiated when he says; RG is in Aspen but not attending the Charlie Rose event. He is neither there in the speaker’s list. Then where is he? Such clandestine approach of the Congress sycophants only accentuates the fact that RG is there to disrupt and malign the PM, as reported by Guardian. Mr. Qazi’s anger is legitimate when the leadership in Delhi doesn’t find it necessary to divulge RG’s travel plans to their overseas president. This further solidifies the veracity of the question – why so much secrecy on RG’s visits? Ditto is true for Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka whatever. Both of them left for USA after RG but no one has a clue on where they are heading. At least we have evidence of a clueless RG laughing around parties like a joker but we don’t know what is brewing between the mother-daughter tag team. When Mr. Qazi says, he likes to work with dignity, it only makes one laugh. Other than Gandhis none should posses any concerns for dignity before getting inducted to Congress chain. That is the first criteria to be a Congressi – you have to be shameless. I am not sure how Mr. Qazi missed the likes of Digvijay Singh or Ahmed Patel or Anand Sharma but that can’t be an excuse.

    Mr Qazi being an intelligent person or so he appears, ought to be aware of the fact that, Congress as a party cares naught for anyone else’s dignity. All that matters for them is the false dignity of the Chinese Gandhis. To protect the rot that this family is piling on since Nehru, the sycophants would go to extreme extents in demeaning anyone and everyone, including their own. Though Mr. Qazi’s concerns are legitimate his dismay is grossly misplaced. What he was expecting from a party which even thinks of defaming the PM on a foreign land? They are for none. As long as the jerks in one particular family are protected, it hardly matters whom they are sabotaging in the process. Be it the chair, individual, the nation, national pride or national sentiment; none takes precedence to Chinese Gandhis.

    By the way, don’t even get me started on the filthy comments that morons like Anand Sharma made against the emotional statement of Narendra Modi about his mother. Congress sycophants are jerks, I am not. 

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