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    A Virus On The Prowl

    I don’t call Arvind Kejriwal an escapist for no reasons. As records would show it, AK never had finished any of his assignments. He is a man with constantly changing goalposts; most of the times are of self-serving nature. He never served as a revenue officer and ditched that post after some time. He then founded a NGO to grab fraudulent money but left it as well. Then he roped in Anna Hazare for the farce called ‘India Against Corruption’ and left the movement at the middle to peruse his political dreams. He even abandoned Delhi in 49 days after winning it for the first time. Basically AK is a man who hates to work. All AK wants is power and that too absolute power. Like most of the useless hacks, AK also loves power without any responsibilities. Even now when he is the incumbent CM of Delhi municipality, he promptly has delegated his responsibilities to his thuggish sidekicks and roams around the country quoting garbage. Or when there is some time available with him, he either comes up with incongruous ideas like “Odd-Even” or does some movie reviews. The basic philosophy of this screwball called AK is – I won’t work nor will I allow anyone else to work.

    But there is a history to AK and his devastatingly annoying behavior. It is not just his complete disinterest in doing anything. It in fact stretches back to Anna movement days. When this poddle came into public glare, I was thoroughly sceptic about his real intents. I even had outlined my apprehensions about him in as many words. Back then many of my readers objected my writing and called me a conspiracy monger. But wasn’t I proved right at the end? No sooner this uncouth and uncivilized man took to his farcical fast alongside Anna, I predicted him to be a Congress stooge. I smelt rat the way he was carrying himself around different TV studios back then. I also even termed him as an opportunist leech. Three years later, he has proved himself word by word that I wrote about him. From day one of their existence, both AK and his deplorable party AAP are acting as Congress-B team. Initial utility of this moron was to build an aura around him as a corruption crusader and get the public support. Second utility of him was to make sure a speedy exit of Shiela Dixit; and getting rid of Shiela Dixit has its ample reasons. A fourth straight win for Shiela Dixit would have cost Congress dear. She could then have been in a position to put her claim to be nominated as Congress PM Candidate. This could have led to an abrupt career jerk for Pappu. And Congress can hardly afford that. So Shiela has to go. AK did that assassination promptly. Now all that AK was left to do for Congress was to keep on barking against BJP and Narendra Modi for the rest of his life. And that is pretty much what he is doing. AK’s prominent sidekick Manish Sisodia agreed to it in as many words. Even if AAP deny Sisodia's tryth, the proofs on ground points at AK's desperate attempt at pitting himself against NaMo, so much so that he left Delhi and went to Varanasi to fight against him. While thousands of Congress hacks with momentous corruption charges against them were in the fray, AK decided to fight it out against the man with no corruption charges in his entire public life. That speaks a lot about this fraud corruption crusader.

    But AK’s utility is far from over. A part of AK’s job now is to shout the loudest when the family is in danger. This trick achieves two things. He gets the attention, thanks to our anti BJP media and at the same time the crimes of the family are side-lined from the thick of the affairs. He did it when the mother-son duo was summoned by the courts in National Herald case. A raid conducted by the CBI in his office led to this moron vomit pig. And the language he used for a PM speaks a lot about how much this man values democracy. No wonder he is a self-proclaimed anarchist. The big Holy Grail he is, he expects even the central government to tow his lines purely based on whatever he says on face value. The fact of he being a highly insinuating individual notwithstanding, he believes his regular farce on corruption should automatically make him and those with whom he hobnobs regularly, above any scrutiny and clean as Dettol. Even if for a moment we accept the raids were politically motivated, is it accepted of an incumbent CM to use worst kind of language against an elected CM? Not that this selfsame Harishchandra is devoid of any manners. He refers scam tainted and scam convicted souls like Sonia Gandhi and Lalu Yadav with affectionate 'Ji' behind their names. Even if one contradicts with the actions of anyone, such language is still deplorable. It shows for a fact that the man has no civic sense at all, much less holding an office of importance. This is exactly where hooligans like AK make a joke of the very system they are part of. But the irony doesn’t just culminate at the joker. Our media which routinely takes extra effort to spin each line of Modi to give it a communal colour and go for collective orgasms, largely remained silent on the statement of this opportunistic ruffian. Even before the raid could be over this uncivilized anarchist calls name of the PM and none in our media bothers to ask the clown the specific reasons of his wolf cry. But people at large are not dumb anymore. They can see through the reasons why AK was having his pant on fire. They can see how the foster son was desperately trying to divert the attention from National Herald.

    AK got his pants on fire again. This time because the family is in the middle of Augusta flood. This madcap from nowhere started barking about Modi’s graduation degrees. His sidekicks were let lose all over the place to smell shit. Knowing AK and his pathological attitude of lie peddling, it appeared as yet another divisionary tactic to shield the family. For days, AK along with his other jobless cronies kept on barking on every platform available, so much so that they accused the PM of lying to the nation. As usual the AK gang had no proof whatsoever. It seems, for the frauds in AAP, everything in the world is fake except their balderdash of rotten agendas. Though it was highly uncalled for, BJP did hold a press conference to display the certificates of the PM. Did the AK gang stop after that? Certainly not since the heat of Augusta was still persisting. They started calling the press conference as a conference of lie. They also authenticated that the certificates published thereof were fake; of course without any proof whatsoever. It was nonelessthan the DU registrar who came forward and authenticated the certificates as genuine. But the morons, far from being satisfied, storm the DU campus to meet the VC and to do a fact check. Is VC on the payroll of AAP? Who the hell these guys are to ask for the degree certificate details of another person? When there are RTI routes available to get the education details of the PM, why on earth a bunch of wags didn’t find it to their liking? But this is what AK and his gang of noise boxes are. They hate to follow any rule. They want everything in their own way. Now that the DU official verified and authenticated PM’s certificate, the shameless AK is far from seeking for an apology. We have such scoundrels that occupy high offices, who neither value truth nor accept that they ended up eating crow.

    But eating crow is nothing new to AK. He did eat shit in the case of Nitin Gadkari. He made claims of corruption against NG and as usual the liar had no proof to back up his claims. He did the same thing against Shiela Dixit too. He literally waived 300 pages of document and claimed them all to be hard evidence against SD’s corruption during one of his election campaigns. He also promised to put SD behind bars for her crimes the moment he is in power. As history would have it, all 300 pages of so called hard evidence seem to have vanished in thin air now. No one hears any AAP joker doing gimmickry on SD and her corruptions anymore while SD is enjoying her days as a respected state governor. But not all are like SD to tolerate the tantrums of this grade one thug. There are people like NG too. A prompt defamation case saw this scoundrel begging for bail in a court. He even spent a day in jail for his misadventure with untruth. The counterattacks from NG were so severe that the charlatan corruption crusader lost his marvels in the middle. So much so that the jerk ended up pleading sorry from NG and furnished an unconditional apology letter. But this guy seems to be a professional shameless. Perhaps his masters are ordering him to be shameless and clownish. Perhaps the demand of his job by his employers is to be a notorious liar. Not just a liar; he seems to have relatively thick skins too. He is so bankrupt with self-esteem that he never tries to resuscitate himself from the disgraceful state as a politician he is at present. 20 of his ministers are having dubious claims regarding their education. In fact one of the AAP MLA actually has been arrested while trying to sneak through the bar council with his fake degrees. But this shameless chump is running around accusing everyone else on flimsy reasons.

    But hey – blame it on Delhi people to elect this virus to head a municipality. Or maybe, we should rather be thankful to the Delhi voters. Just like Shankar Bhagwan, these good guys drank the poison so that India could be saved. Nonetheless, a virus on prowl.  

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