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    The Filth That We Know By Rajdeep Sardesai

    Rajdeep Sardesai is a person with an absent moral compass – if I were to quote like the great man himself. RS was caught multiple times spreading half-truth and his hypocrisy on Twitter and elsewhere. Quoting controversies and spreading lies is nothing new to this man. He is a habitual liar. In the pursuit to please his bosses in Congress party, this sycophant has chosen deceit over honesty as his modus operandi. This is perhaps the biggest reason among many on why he is trolled so many times in Twitter for several of his lies. When caught he smartly plays the victimhood card and starts abusing everyone. Not that he was left unattended. Multiple times people have unearthed his nonsense and proved him wrong. But has RS changed a bit?

    The straight answer is a big 'NO'. In fact he has gone worse. Of late, a frustrated RS has resorted to abuse and filthy oratory to counter his trolls. He even once turned a street thug and went on to hit few people in front of MSG. Knowing how big a drama queen RS is, he resorts to victimhood after each of his public misadventures. He did that after showcasing his boxing prowess in front of MSG too. His brethren which comprises of liars like him, at once propelled RS’s garbage further, till the point someone shared the video footage showing how RS was instigating the gathered crowd with his bile and who exactly picked up the fight. RS said to have admitted his mistake finally. But that lesson never made any impact on this moron who by all means is a thick-skinned prevaricator.

    As early as January 2016, the moron in RS tweet his dissatisfaction on the people who were routinely picking his hypocrisies. According to him, all those who are trolling him are supporters of PMOIndia. This is as blanket a statement as it can be. But this is not the moot point to ponder. The champion of free speech, who even supports traitors like the JNU gang, finds anyone pointing fingers at him as abuse. Even if abusing someone isn’t necessarily the traits of a civilized society, it never occurs to the street thug that people at large enjoy as much liberty in their freedom of speech as he himself or the traitors he supports enjoy. If RS has the liberty and audacity to abuse an elected PM without any base then people on the ground have all the reasons to counter his filth. That said, every cloud has a silver lining and this self-admission in a way proves his inner urge to oppose and blame an elected PM by any means; most of the time webbing false stories. The same man who lectures others about stereotyping is seen here brushing each of his trolls as PMOIndia supporter as if Narendra Modi has paid each one of them to bash every buffoon sitting in a corner of the planet and tweeting. This is a classic case of “Chori, Upar Se Shinajori” when RS goes on a lie spreading spree but howling sabotage the moment he is cornered. Exactly the same thing he did after the MSG saga. He was all over tweeter in condemning the crowd of MSG and threatening to expose the culprits. Can you imagine a journalist with his camera team never had the footage of the fight to prove his point? I for one requested the great thug to air the relevant videos if he has any. This is how RS propels his dishonesties. Now for him, a person like me is an abusive troll since I exposed his lies. It is a different matter that RS is yet to air the said video that he was threating to air at any moment. Monumental failure in hiding the dirty truth of his street thuggary but ask him the reason or reluctance in releasing the video, he would call you a troll or worse, start the name calling, which he did someday back when cornered by few Tweeraties.

    But before we get to the latest spectacle of this fibber and how that led to the unceremonious self-exit from twitter, we must first go through the chain of events that led to the climax. For some time the twitter is abuzz with speculations on who could be the journalists that were flown to Italy for some lavish hospitality and given sundry goodies to keep their mouth shut on the nefarious Augusta Westland chopper deal. Knowing RS and his pathological doormat syndrome for the Congress party, he was certain to be there in the gang. If the news reports from Italy are to be believed, the said journalists were also paid hefty sum to look the other way. Natural to his skulduggery, RS’s name came up in many twitter discussions. And as it is there were no specific reasons to believe that the Indian media chaps can’t be a party to the syndicate of this mega loot. After Radia tapes and the recent Essar Email leaks, it was quite evident that our media hawks are a bunch of highly unethical morons. To add to it, their unconditional love and uncompromised efforts to cover up each of Congress scam makes them quite natural allay to each of the Congress loot, not just Augusta. People started asking difficult questions to this uncivilized street thug. And the response from this joker to many of such questions in private were no lesser spectacle than his lies.

    This ugly child of media started his trademark name calling, a passion he has picked up of late. To put it mildly, his response to the questions were far from being civil. Since facts are something which RS and his clan hate the most, I shouldn’t here highlight that
    his responses not only were filthy but also devoid of fact. He not only did a mess up job as far as a civilized citizen is concerned but also invoked ‘’mothers” of those who were trolling him. A couple of examples to show how deep the uncivilized factor has gone into his bone marrow would suffice for anyone to call him an exceptional moron. The thug in RS was so annoyed with honest questions that he simply exposed his upbringing all over twitter. While he could have easily ignored the questions, he rather chose to send private responses filled with unparliamentary avowals and started blocking the individuals he abused. Please be noted here that none of the questions were having any wrong wordings and most of them were not even direct. But for reasons known to the moron, he jumped out of his seat and started blasting people for no reason. Did something snapped in his mind again as it snapped during MSG event? If I remember correctly, during MSG when the joker was caught with his fabrication, he admitted that something did actually snapped in his mind and he should simply have walked away. I am not sure what snapped this time around but RS stood to his credibility of being a pathetic human being. For no apparent reason, the doormat of Congress let himself loose. Amitabh Bachachan was once correct in pulling this goon. If RS is so adverse to comments, questions and replies, he must not be in public domain and must not throw tantrums without any proof whatsoever.

    But can RS separate him from his trademark drama and victimhood card? Your guess is as good as mine. Within hours of abusing normal people, he was seen playing innocent. He in fact accused Modi supporters of hacking his tweeter account and spreading filth on his name. His account is been hacked, the duffer said. So convenient, isn’t it? Just like how the politicians get a chest pain the moment the law is about to apprehend them, every whore of our media brothel seems to have their tweeter accounts hacked the moment they are caught with their pants and skirts down. Even if we agree to believe a third rate liar like RS for a moment, few queries need to be analysed. First - Why on earth a hacker would use private messages after hacking the account? He would rather post the filth in public for larger audience to see. Won't he? Second thing, if his account was really hacked, how the great RS managed to sneak in and tweeted his victim card again? For once, I haven’t seen a hacker who after hacking keeps the old credentials intact. But as I said, truth and fact are as far from RS as Cricket and honesty are from Sharad Pawar. And to top it, he feels, the rest of the world is as duffer as the vice president of his favorite political outfit to take a liar like him on face value. Even more surprising is the fact that the charlatan actually left Twitter blaming the Modi supporters as the sole reason. Little did the faggot understands that Karma is a bitch and it comes back to hunt you for all your flabbergasting sins; and RS is an institution of filth that emanates rot with each of his actions. Or is it a case of politically allying himself with Congress for the Goa elections as suggested by some of my blog readers from that state? If my readers are to be believed, the great RS could be the Congress CM candidate from Goa in upcoming state elections. And leaving the Twitter with a hope that all his lies, hypocrisy and boot licking acts would be buried with it could easily be the first step towards his pathetic political journey.

    But all said and done – just look at the kind of uncouth and uncivilized idiots that swarm our living rooms every night during prime time. Such monumental morons they are. 

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