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    Gasbag Legends

    Our typical Pakistan apologist politicians love track two diplomacy. They employ the same means with Kashmiri separatists too. The basic idea is to sound intelligent when there is no need for it. Though the outcome of each of these track two garbage is zero, our politicians and their spokespersons in the media keep on blabbering endlessly. They advocate for many things including bogus dialogues and some ‘Aaman Ki Asha’ nonsense. But are we going to talk on these ‘track two’ exponents in this post? Well, yes and no. Like the case with Pakistan, our politicians also get engaged with track two politics (if I may coin the phrase) many times for various other reasons. The idea remains same. The idea is to somehow hoodwink the mass by acting intelligent and shifting the goalpost every second hour. I call it passing hot air, bordering precariously with episodic outrage for no reason.

    Post demonetisation the ones who lost the most started shouting. They are still shouting with even shriller tone. From their highly aggressive stance they now are behaving like a toddler whose milk bottle has been snatched away. They are clueless now. Since the majority of the populace are supporting the move, their plot to instigate citizens against the government backfired. They were routinely shunted out by people standing in front of Banks when they went there for sound bites. The mindless whining for poor man’s cause has no takers now. No one is ready to buy their crocodile tears either. This is a very bad situation for someone like Arvind Kejriwal or a certain Mamata Banarjee. They have no idea now on how to plot their next move. So the situation is drastic and the think-tank must come up with newer ideas.

    On November 11th Rahul Gandhi went to parliament street SBI ATM to withdraw cash. That was funny. It was funny because no one has seen RG going to an ATM after that. So technically he still is surviving with the 4000 he withdrew that day. Knowing RG and his lavish life style, we can easily guess, how far a party animal like him could survive with that amount. Basically RG, like many other liberal politicians, was there at the ATM for his sound bites. Unfortunately none cared to give much feed to him. Mission failed badly even before it could start. Going to ATMs to throw tantrums isn’t at all a viable option, which RG and his party came to know to their utter despair. It has largely to do with his reputation which is nothing more than a national joke. Hardly anyone believes him or his truculent way of conducting himself in public life. His utility in public discourse barely crosses the ambit of laughter and jokes. People have rejected him squarely and it is highly unlikely that anyone would accept him in near future. This is a bad, bad situation for the Gandhi scion. Even, killing random people in front of banks through their favourite anchors isn’t helping either. OpEd write ups are also not bearing desired fruit. PM is advocating for a cashless economy and people seem to be agreeing with the idea. RG and his party not only are losing the battle but are also becoming inconsequential by the day. Spin masters and dirty tricks department need to be activated again.

    There you go. On November 30th RG’s Tweeter account gets hacked. And it remained hacked for straight two hours. But it is far from being a simple hack, not at least when you look at the behaviour of Congress stooges post the hack; or may be, even before. Digvijay Singh gets up at 6:30 in the morning and distributes trivia about banks being hacked earlier. That is a solid coincidence. DS blabbers in the morning and RG’s account gets hacked by the evening. To even make it more interesting, the group of sycophants started issuing death sentences to PM’s digital initiative in about 10 minutes after the hack. This clearly looks like a plot. Interesting enough, the idiot who hacked the account was clueless on what he was doing. In parallel, he was both tweeting filthy vermeils and deleting the older ones as well. I never have seen any hacker being so courteous before. I am sure RG has lot to hide, even with his tweeter handle. Not sure how the hacker missed the idea of making few of the juicy insider interactions public. Even if we agree, there might not be much secret in the account, someone as slapdash as DS loitering around certainly makes one uncomfortable about the veracity of the claim. And as such Tweeter has a very robust hack finding algorithm. It simply deactivates the account temporarily if it finds signs of hacking. According to tweeter’s own official claim, till date, no hacking has gone unnoticed beyond 15 minutes. How come RG’s handle could play around funny for two hours? Or as someone jokingly said – keeping your password as ‘ILoveChotaBheem’ needs no hacking to get through. You can simply login as a normal user. Precisely the reason why the INC twitter handle was also hacked the next day. It may also have the same password. It happens when a family runs a party. Passwords remain same.

    But servile mentality blurs your IQ. It blurs your logical and analytical capabilities as well. Exhibit here is a former IPS officer and now a Congress spokesperson. Calling him dumb henceforth would be a gross understatement. Little does he know that, in digital world there is nothing called privilege. And the least possibility is that twitter could also be a sycophant. Being a SPG protected retard hardly matters to twitter. The security feature in the social media site is common for all. Where this SPG thing comes from? What was Ajoy Kumar expecting? Twitter to employ one SPG guard to protect RG’s account? But this is what happens when an average hack is suddenly entrusted with the task of acting like a cyber-security expert. He messes it up badly as Ajoy Kumar did. He not only messed it up, he also turned himself and his master the butt of few bad jokes. This is how basic common sense evades every Congress stooge. And normal people, whom these morons call ‘Bhakts’ don’t miss the fun part. Someone correctly asked – what SPG was supposed to do here? May be Ajoy Kumar was expecting the SPG guard to fire at the hacker.

    Here is the fact if you care to know. For ages accounts of many celebrities are hacked worldwide. A prominent website and nemesis of many Commie morons, Wikileaks, survived on hacked data. This doesn’t mean the cyber world is downright vulnerable. I never saw any law maker in USA ranting against digital space because of Wikileaks. I didn’t even see any moron whining after more than 3000 mails of Hilary Clinton were hacked. But this is a speciality with Congress party. Much to do with their sycophancy I guess. But that is not what the fact is. The jokers in Congress may attribute the hacking to the fragile behaviour of digital world but rest aren’t that idiot. Exceptions can’t become virtue but as I said earlier, servile mentality blurs much of your sensibility organs. During 2013 hundreds of Indian government sites were hacked by Pakistani and Chinese hackers and the same lot, who were in power back then, never bat their eyelids for once. In fact, the great spin master, Chidambaram, cited it as a mishap on the part of NIC that maintains these sites. But today one retard getting his twitter account hacked becomes a national issue and a clear danger to the entire nation, so much so that the stooges decide to debate it in the parliament. Guess what – the slaves haven’t elevated themselves much from the ‘Indira Is India And India Is Indira’ moronery of DK Baruah. I won’t be surprised if these rags would shout and disturb the parliament proceedings someday if Robert Vadra’s car audio system gets stolen. Worse even, Priyanka Vadra’s sandals getting broken while taking a morning walk may invite a ‘Bharat Bandh’. All-in-all, futile attempt at scaring people away from the digital initiative seems to have backfired too. The nonsense that was getting meted out whole through the night of November 30 and the next day suddenly stopped. No slave was seen ranting on it anymore. Perhaps getting exposed fully got the better of the servility thought process.

    Rahul Gandhi isn't alone here. There are other exponents too. Mamata Banarjee has her own bag of potent gas. In fact she is behaving like a law into herself. Post demonetisation she is on a pan-India commute and quoting nonsense at every junction. She along with Arvind Kejriwal seems to be the worst hit by this move. Lot of pain is getting translated to mindless ranting. Barring issuing bogus threats to the centre, people like Didi and AK have done no good to their cause. Like other opportunist morons, these two too were shunted out by people wherever they went with their farce. AK even landed himself at the verge of getting slapped at Wazirpur Sabzi Mandi few days back. Total failure beckoned wherever these two charlatans went. Running out of ideas leads to absurdities and that is what Didi proved when she accused the Indigo flight of having sinister plots vis-à-vis her life and security. Poor airlines should know whom they are flying as a guest. Their claims of low-on-fuel hold no good with Didi, more so when she just finished some massive raving in Patna before boarding the flight. How dare one can ask the flight carrying Didi to encircle over Kolkata? Airport authorities should instead have cleared the airport a long time back; even if that means diverting few flights to nearby airport in Bhubaneswar. And this lady blabbers for the common man when she demands privilege even with her flight landing. But on a second thought – how a flight carrying no lesser than Didi be short on fuel? I thought there should be enough hot air to make the flight to go to moon and back and still be half empty on the fuel tank.

    Poor Indigo airlines settled for all good and the plot thickens with the Indian army. Now this should go as the worst kind of politicization involving Indian army in recent times. Didi refused to leave her office as she accused the army of some kind of coup in the state, much like how Sekhar Coupta did some years back. I am not leaving the secretariat as I am protecting the democracy, thundered Didi in her tweet. We are so proud of you Didi, let me tell you. But still, saviour of democracy; isn’t that getting little oaf, knowing your reputation of being a strong Jehadi lover? More of, since when having army presence is against our democracy? But this is how quacks like Didi flourish. They hate Indian army but love to associate very intimately with the Jehadis from Bangladesh. They honour the illegal immigrants with all kind of doles, ration cards and voter ID card but shout democracy when see army around. Didi not only blethers but also let loose her trusted clowns. Didi’s sidekick and a sycophant par excellence is never too far away whenever it is required. The great Derek O’Brien examples out the places where army is present as if that hides the lie that he and his boss were trying to paddle. The false claim of Didi and her cronies that they were never informed of army movement was busted by the eastern command. In a presser they showed the letters they sent to the government officials and the subsequent acknowledgement they received. Didi’s lies were caught napping. The saviour of democracy finally left the secretariat after getting exposed of her sinister plot. The idea to hoodwink people backfired yet again. This is why you don’t hear any moron from Kolkata shouting democracy and army since last three days.

    Both Indigo killer instincts and Army coup didn't work out as hoped. None is caring much if our naval forces too are gathering in Bay-of-Bengal to attack the sovereign state of West Bengal. People know whose credibility is more and it certainly isn’t that of Didi at least. Now what is Didi left with? Oh yes, how we can forget that her bag of hot air can never run empty. There comes Amit Mitra and his flabbergasting threat to sabotage GST, the tool that would help the masses. By the way, Didi isn’t crying for the common people anymore. First save your own ill-gotten money, common man can go for a walk.

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