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    Sonu Nigam Puts It At The Right Place

    I am glad that someone finally said it. Though it was little surprising coming from an otherwise cool and sober Sonu Nigam, it still merits applaud, just for being honest and to the point. It also reflects how genuinely irritated he was when he tweeted his anger. For long I too had my reservations on having loudspeakers screeching all through the day and disturbing one and all. This applies to all religions, not just Islam and their ‘Azaan’, which they recite out loud five times a day. There are students preparing for their exams; there are mothers desperately trying to make their toddlers sleep; there are heart patients with critical ailment. No one has the authority and liberty to disturb everyone else to satisfy his/her religious ego. This can’t be allowed in a civilized society, be it the ‘Azaan’ or the ‘Ganapati Pandals’ or for that matter even the nonsensical political rallies.

    I don’t see any problem if one opposes such blatant misuse of public announcement systems. But that seems to be not the case with Sonu Nigam and his series of tweets accusing the nearby Mosque for repeatedly disturbing him at his sleep every morning. The usual suspects have already gunning for his head. There is in fact one Mullha in West-Bengal who already has issued a ‘Fatwa’ and a reward against SN. The notorious ‘Raja Academy’ which even let its members go on a rampage in the Mumbai streets and piss on martyr memorials some years back seems to be too perturbed by the honest tweets. They have requested the commissioner of police in a letter to file an FIR against SN and arrest him for alluring communal disharmony? Disharmony? Really? Such lose use of sensitive words shows that there is much more to just ‘Noise Pollution’ angle that our intellectual morons were busy describing the whole fracas as. All-in-all, it is monumental chaos and unbelievable hypocrisy all around. Since things aren’t looking entirely normal it warrants that we should analyse what the whole farce is all about and what could be the real reasons why our liberals are at it again.

    For starters, it is not all about noise pollution though SN may be trying to point at that direction. For some time the Indian version of secularism has its own way of presenting issues pertaining to Islam in an entirely different way. And you only need to know how secularism has come to being traded as a convenient projectile to aim at any sensible articulation, be it UCC, triple Talaq or Azaan. Have you heard of a controversy of similar nature involving the ‘Bhagyalaxmi’ temple in Hyderabad? It is not your fault if you haven’t since none of the liberals ever bothered to shout their throats out that time. So the temple had to shut down its ‘Aarti’ because the Muslims residing nearby had problems with the noise. Brilliant, no? The over vigilant city administration run by outright secularists like AIMIM and Congress sprang into action within no time. The Temple was directed to stop their ‘Aarti’ at once. I never saw a single intellectual questioning the move. But today all of them are up-in arms against Sonu Nigam. Did you see the trend? Few months back the West-Bengal government banned ‘Durga Puja’ at places where there is Muslim majority. Reason given – Muslims are finding it offending. Brilliant again. In a Hindu majority country a popular Hindu festival is getting problematic for a minor section of the society while the Indian version of secularism upholds the demands of the minority group. No intellectual has any problem here. In fact Mamata Banarjee government is quite blatant in violating many norms when it comes to Hindus and their sentiments. She does it quietly without any noise coming from the usual quarters. And keep it in mind, we are talking about a democratically elected government whose lookout should have been assuring equality to all and they are bound by our constitution. Yet not a single secular moron raised his/her eyebrows, much less going on an episodic outrage. But today an individual showing his genuine displeasure has the same gang going for a group orgasm. Did you notice the trend now? Let’s go through few more examples to elaborate it further.

    When Modi pitched for international Yoga day the HRD ministry thought of introducing ‘Yoga’ in school curriculum. It took no time for the Mullhas to shout ‘Yoga is against our religion’. The entire liberal brigade lined up at once in supporting the outcry. Suddenly ‘Suryanamashkar’ become an object of ‘Haaram’. But today the same morons who stood by the rabid Mullhas back then are lecturing you, me and Sonu Nigam on the intricacies of a pluralistic society. Though I am not a Muslim I am told to listen to ‘Azaan’ five times a day irrespective of if I like it or not but Muslims can’t be asked to listen to the ‘Aarti’ of ‘Bhagyalaxmi’ temple or attend ‘Suryanamashkar’ in school. Everything under the sun seems to be in the ‘Haaram’ list of a particular religion and the elements of the entire list can’t be performed but I, being an individual, can’t complain if my sleep gets disturbed because of the noise coming from a Mosque. People can cite their religion and refuse to sing ‘Vande Mataram’ but I seem to enjoy no such liberty as I have my ears already shoved with four large size loudspeakers. Irony even, I can’t complain of this forced religious surmounting. I guess we too need to come up with our own set of ‘Haaram’ list and include everything under the sun so that we can have our displeasure getting the desired support from the intellectual morons. A mere 52 second’s national anthem is problematic for a certain section and with all probability; it is ‘Haaram’ in their religion too. But come to me being given lecture on ‘beauty in diversity’, I am told to tolerate something that I don’t like fifteen minutes every day and throughout the year. People can show their displeasure with having our tri-colour getting hoisted in their cities but I can’t show my displeasure for being woken up from my sleep every day for no apparent reason. Why I should be told to listen to something that I neither believe nor I like? Stranger even, why I would be name called if I make my stance very clear on this? Where am I disturbing the religious harmony with the openness and truthfulness about my daily discomfort?

    Skirting of ‘Ganapati’ festival to defend the musical terrorism is as bogus as it can get. All Hindu festivals including ‘Ganapati’ are once in a year occurrence unlike ‘Azaan’ which is here forever. For a month Muslims block all major city roads for Namaaz during Ramzan while a five day ‘Ganapati’ festival seems like the worst thing happening to the nation. One day ‘Holi’ is problematic too and we should stop celebrating the festival if possible but I am told, I have to tolerate 38 days (roughly) every year on listening to ‘Azaan’ only. All major festivals in India put together may not cross 38 days even and yet the morons are advocating for gibberish and meaningless comparisons. There is more to my abhorrence than odd noise. I as an individual find the lines of ‘Azaan’ as an insult to my religion. How it is possible that one who uses big loudspeakers to mock other religion Gods and Goddesses as non-existent as there is only one God called ‘Allah’ is perfectly an harmonious act while I being termed as communal if I object to such open insult towards my God? Why someone would use loudspeakers to disturb me five times a day thereby nonchalantly announcing Gods of my religion as slaves of the God of their religion and yet I still can’t object? Why I am told to tolerate such blatant acts? Where has secularism gone here? If people can have problems with ‘Aarti’ where nothing is said against any religion or God why can’t I have problems with open insult of my beliefs? This equation simply is beyond my understanding.

    That said, I still agree, all short of musical terrorism should be stopped. We must respect the 2005 ruling of Supreme Court in which the phenomenon called loudspeakers for any religious reasons is termed as a public nuisance at large. Here we shouldn’t be selective in implementation. If ‘Ganapati’ festival must get rid of its vulgar Bollywood numbers playing out loud, ‘Azaan’ too stop blabbering on loudspeakers which largely calls every other religion as rubbish. There can’t be selective secularism.

    By design Hindu religion is confined to one’s belief and surroundings unlike Christianity and Islam which is mostly forced on others. But this small thing doesn’t get into the vacuum brains of our pseudo liberals. Case-in-point – MS Pooja Bhatt here. She salutes the ‘Spirit Of India’, whatever that means, by giving the most absurd of metaphor. I may very well love to know the exact part in her that salutes the martyrs and victims of 26/11 which was an organized terror attack where one of the architects was felicitated by her own brother. I also want to know the part that salutes her obnoxious father who attends junkets thrown away by ISI agents like Ghulam Nabi Fai. But these liberals aren’t very bright people. All they are master at are mindless hypocrisy. She explains how she lights an ‘Agarbatti’ before her regular saluting gesture but fails to get the drift. I am forced to listen to the ‘Azaan’ where as her ‘Agarbatti’ may not be visible to anyone else. Precisely why I advised her to rush into every household in her neighbourhood next time and light an ‘Agarbatti’ in every home.

    By the way, dear Sonu Nigam – I am grateful that you let out this bitter truth. The Prophet never had loudspeakers when he established Islam and I too don’t know why I have to face this pain today after the invention of electricity and loudspeakers.  

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