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    Kashmir – The Morons Within

    Eight people died during the recent assembly by-polls in the Srinagar seat. Now one wonders how an innocuous looking democratic exercise would end up taking eight lives. It may be something very surprising for most of the places on this planet but not for Kashmir. This is what has been the situation in the valley for decades now. For a change the 2014 general elections went of largely peacefully with negligible violence. The voter turnout was very good too comparing to the state’s standard. All that changed in about three years’ time. Not only the turnout fell to a miserable 7.8%, it too resulted in mass scale agitation and stone pelting, resulting in the counter offensive from our armed forces. Eight lives lost in the process thereby bringing back the debate if the state really is alienating the residents of the valley with its visionless approach all over again. Can the state really be accused of not reaching out to the stakeholders of the valley in any constructive manner? Let’s see.

    To start with, here is what I feel about the much touted 'Kashmir Issue'. For me Kashmir still remains an over-exaggerated phenomenon that no political will is convinced enough to solve. In fact there isn’t a problem to begin with. Decades long ‘Kid’s Glove’ attitude towards the nuisance makers of the valley has ensued in a situation that is getting worse by the day. Majority of the populace in the valley want to live their lives as normally as others do. It is the separatists backed by illicit money poured in from our enemies that routinely incite violence for every damn reason. Our own home-grown intellectuals of ‘Left’ hue do lend their support to the trouble makers in regular intervals. The ‘Azadi’ gang which demands separation from India are mindlessly supported by the liberals. Our media that are in a bad habit of denouncing the nation for the slightest of reasons do also play their active part in worshiping the seditious louts. They cry for a ‘Bhuran Wani’ and they open the gates of our Apex Court at the mid of the night to save a terrorist. Clowns like Prashant Bhushan also suggest the Kashmir be made independent in no uncertain terms. Every constructive step of the central government towards bringing normalcy in the valley is squarely throttled by the trouble makers on pretext of one thing or the other. It is in fact these trouble makers who don’t want a solution to the so called Kashmir problem as their very household runs because the problem is persisting from Nehru’s time. An amicable solution would lead to a situation where these free money would run dry and that would be catastrophic for these parasites. The ‘Litfest Mafias’ too want the air of turbulence to remain there because that pays for their survival. Any solution would act against these freeloaders.

    Not long back the then UPA government formed an ‘Interlocutor’ team comprised of the regular ‘Darbaris’ to talk to the separatists of the valley in pursuance of a solution. I am not sure what kind of solution was in mind but the team and the efforts they put in were a big sham. The three freeloaders of this team entrusted with the job of finding a middle ground for solution did nothing except enjoying their free junket in the valley on taxpayers’ money. After two years long hara-kiri the team that was designed to achieve nothing, came back empty handed as expected. After spending crores of public money the final output of the effort was later summarised in one single line – “There is a lot of trust deficit among the general populace of the valley”. Brilliant!! As if we were required to waste so much money to know (read hear) the same bogus lines. 

    This loose use of the phrase 'Trust Deficit' always makes me admire the amazing 'sweeping under the carpet' abilities of our Left morons. For me this is the second best escapist analogy after the 'terror has no religion' nonsense. I don’t know what kind of trust deficit that was pointed out here but it appeared more like an average government employee giving stupid excuses to not do his job. Since I can remember I am hearing this ‘Trust Deficit’ nonsense while no one is sure what that deficit is. Government after government just sit there and ponder on this very phrase without trying to get to the core. Every intellectual worth of his/her salt cries for dialogues with Kashmiris while no one knows with whom we should talk. Separatists who toe the line of our enemy are not the people who can be invited for discussions. They are traitors and enemy of the nation. Traitors are never cajoled in any civilized society, which our Left Mafias believe otherwise. People who simply want the disturbance to continue for their own good can’t be trusted to become a catalyst in the peace process. That is as absurd as it can get. Left loony may have their moronic compulsion to day-dream but facts on the ground are far from it and it is no other than Sitaram Yetchuri who can confirm it.

    For reasons best known to the Modi government, it sent an all-party delegation (all-time freeloaders) to talk to the separatists in 2015. A known freeloader like SY was also part of this money-wasting gang. But the truth was waiting for these morons in the ugliest form. And I am glad that it was ugly. No one in the valley showed any interest in talking to these worthless chaps. On hindsight I am glad that the Modi government sent SY and other known left dungs in the party. Their credibility is so low that even the Separatists threw these jokers out. Even the Separatists didn’t agree to trust these clowns. That should be a mirror to SY and his sick brethren of irrelevant touts. The worst kinds of leeches too find these Left scums reprehensible to hobnob with. And these are the buffoons who would come daily on primetime to lecture us on the possible solution to the Kashmir problem. This is the problem with these morons. They suddenly asperse too huge of themselves while in reality their gutter mentality is already exposed enough for any sane mind to believe them. Even the traitors of the nation are abhorred of these intellectual vermin. While the Left brigade weeps inconsolably in-and-out of the parliament for the ‘Kashmiris’, people in the valley know how idiotic and propaganda propeller these scums are. A poster at ‘Laal-Chowk’ denouncing these stupid all-party froths in one phrase as ‘Get Out’ sums up the entire credibility of these Left chumps in front of their very own. As I said, I am glad that this joker SY was part of the delegation. The Muftis, the Abdullhas and most in the Congress too have their dirty involvement in making Kashmir a mess that it is today. It was Nehru who touched Kashmir and it blew on our face and the same faggots are still continuing with their mishandling and absurd theories. Look at Saifuddin Soz for instance. I wonder why one would need enemies when you have such clueless idiots in your own ranks. And this is not just out of hallucination, if you think it to be. This is what the stand of these traitors for long. All of them belong to different parties but in reality they aren’t much different from the Separatists. This is precisely the kind of mind-set these worthless individuals carry. The Left morons aren’t too far behind and so as our useless media. There are other Kashmir centric media houses of the valley who always speak the language of our enemy.

    Now coming back to the stone pelters, these are the worst enemies of the state. They live on the crumbs we throw at them but shout ‘Azadi’ every now-and-then. Routinely they attack our armed forces and pelt stones at everything India. They burn schools and destroy public property on daily basis. They burn our national flag in complete disdain and they hurl petrol bombs at every government establishment. They even pelt stones at the ambulances carrying critically wounded soldiers. When army retaliates to the mindless abhorrence of these morons their masters in wolf’s skin shout for human rights and ‘Kashmiriyat’. It was perfectly logical that the northern command head warned these leeches to stay away from army and their abject anti-India activities. Next time you are seen acting against the interest of the nation and seen hurling stones, be sure that you are committing suicide, he warned. The Left pigs were at once at their ‘Rudali’ act for the so called innocents of the valley. The same human rights warhorses close their eyes when videos show these bastards hitting our armed force personnel. Honestly, I am glad that our forces gunned down eight of these bastards this time for acting against the nation. They all need to be wiped out without mercy. They all are a danger to the nation and all that they deserve from us is death like feral donkeys. It is about time that our Army and CRPF forces are given full authority to deal with these ‘whore-children’ on their own way. Even the last bullet shouldn’t be left unused if that is the requirement. It is long that we are tolerating these beggar parasites and we ought to call it ‘enough is enough’. I am equally glad that pallet guns were used liberally in the recent past to blind these bastards. We should keep on using them even more liberally and keep on blinding these bastards at the slightest provocation. This attack on our sovereignty shouldn’t be tolerated any more.

    In the mean time I would urge our PM to support and empower our armed forces in the valley. Give them enough bullets for the last bastard of the valley. Also give them the power to shoot down these traitors wherever they find them. I am sure not a single moron would be seen on the streets of Srinagar hurling stones or shouting for ‘Azadi’. Images of our soldiers getting bitten and kicked by these louts is something that we shouldn’t tolerate. It makes no sense tolerating the traitors. They deserve death and a painful one at that. I am sure our army is capable of this pest control act and quite effectively at that too. Hope we realize the threshold of all tolerable limits are long been crossed by these morons and we should answer them back in one language – BULLETS.

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