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    Murder Of Gauri Lankesh And The Meltdown Of The Liberal Ecosystem

    Yesterday evening a journalist named Gauri Lankesh was shot dead by two bike borne assailants in front of her house in a posh locality of Bangalore. Seven bullets were fired of which three hit the departed journo thereby inflicting fatal injuries. She died on the spot. This was the gory tale that unfolded on TV when I switched on to some news channel for my routine prime time consumption. Crimes like these when carried out in such impunity, it throws a very dark picture around our law and order apparatus, not just in Bangalore but across the nation. I am sure this is not the first crime of such nature and neither would it be the last. With every passing hour, our law and order situation is reaching a new low. Lack of accountability in public safety still remains a talking point which in itself shows how badly we are positioned with the basics of any civilized society. While we are at it, I must say this before I forget – my condolences are with the family and near ones.  

    Are you still wondering who this Gauri Lankesh is? Yes? Not your fault. She wasn’t that prominent a journalist for an average ‘Haroon Bhai’ to recognize her at once. I myself can't remember reading any of her works which I am told were mostly in Kannada language. What were the context and content of her writings; well I couldn't care less. That said for the benefit of the readers I must take the pain in elaborating the phenomenon called Gauri Lankesh, else writing lengthy biographies isn’t my cup of tea. And as is, she isn't even worth my valuable time, nor even anyone else's. So couple of introductory paragraphs on her first, just to make you aware.

    Barring couple of instances she was on TV to weep inconsolably for the Maoists or the ‘Azaadi’ gang of JNU, she pretty much limited her work of journalism to the domain of print media. It was the print media she inherited from her father, who too was a journalist of yesteryear. She was a beloved soul among the liberal circuit as well and she had reasons to her credit to be among the good books of our ‘liberal-secular’ authorization syndicate. As mentioned earlier, her father was a journalist too. He used to run a small Kannada tabloid named ‘Lankesh Patrike’ in the early-mid eighties. He was an anti-establishment journo who had strong detest for Hindus and Hindutwa. After his death his daughter Gauri Lankesh inherited the press/tabloid and since then she is running the same tabloid with a new name – ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’. More on this name change thing later.

    Like her father she too had strong detest for anything and everything Hindu. Along with that, she added few more characteristics of her own. She too was a great supporter of the Maoists and the ‘azaadi’ thugs of the Kashmir valley. All through her career she simply vitrioled against Hindus, Hindutwa, RSS and BJP. She was also a great abhorrer of Narendra Modi as well. But this isn’t at all a surprise. Castigating Modi is expected of a true liberal anyway. In nutshell – she built a career purely on her hate for Hindus, its festivals and practices, political parties that support Hindu cause among many. Good enough to turn her a darling of our ‘fiberal’ commies.

    She was a darling of our liberals hence when the news of her murder started flashing in, it resulted in a complete meltdown of our liberal ecosystem. "Press Freedom Under Attack", came the wolf cry, almost immediately; much like the "Muslim/Christians Under Attack" nonsense of the recent times. Almost all of them went up in some episodic outrage. Not more than five minutes were spent before concluding the crime to be a handiwork of the Hindutwa modules though they strongly advocate for a restraint in the Sunanda Pushkar murder trial till the investigations are over. And here the investigation is yet to start but the conclusion is already drawn. The last time I saw this gang shouting/whining prematurely in one voice; it was when the lift man Tarun Tejpal was arrested on charges of raping an employee. Gauri Lankesh was one among many who certified the holy cow in Tarun Tejpal. She even called the charges of the poor girl as vindictive. In fact Gauri Lankesh had strong similarities with Tarun Tejpal in more ways than one, not just the outrage of the liberal footsies. Both used to run some junk dead periodicals that had no other story to run except bashing Modi, BJP, Hindus and Hindutwa 24/7. Both were irrelevant and agenda manufacturers, even during their prime. While one went on to rape a woman of his daughter’s age inside a lift, GL went ahead churning spleen after spleen against Hindus without any base or proof. But more on this later.

    Traditionally GL was anti-establishment, or so as what her liberal ecosystem claims, as long as the establishment was not of her choice i.e any non-commie party. In her 40 long years of journalistic career, if at all you want to call her unethical work of abhorrence as journalism, she never was critical about anything other than Hindutwa and BJP. This doesn’t go well with someone who advocates equality for all and calls herself a feminist, whatever that means. Never one would find her commenting anything other than BJP and Hindus. Her tryst with equality vanishes the moment one pricks about the inequality in other religions. Ditto were her extravagances vis-à-vis the massive corruption of the Congress regime. She was never seen questioning the gigantic national loot that her party of choice was engaged with for decades. From Kanheiya Lal to the Maoists, she was very friendly and accommodative to all kind of anti-India elements. She was the one who supported the festive atmosphere in JNU after each successful ambush of the Maoists. She was a huge supporter of the Kashmiri Azaadi gang too. Her hatred towards Narendra Modi was legendary in no uncertain terms. In fact her hate was absolute. Case-in-point, the tweet attached here. A rogue like Sanjeev Bhatt tweets something uncivilized about an elected PM and look who has re-tweeted it. This is the kind of hatred GL carried for an elected PM. And she is the kind of uncouth entities that our liberal brethren shout for. Irony dies further when such charlatan characters come on TV screens and preach us about tolerance and inclusive society. They teach the so called ‘Right-Wing’ on civility too. GL may have died yesterday but for me, with so much poison and hatred in her without any reason she probably was dead a long time back.

    And how the liberals hail this uncouth and uncivilized moron? They call her courageous, free thinking (what the hell does this mean even?), secularist, brave and truth oriented. Really? Truth oriented? Since when? She was a liar of highest degree and it was proven by none other than our courts.  Not long back the courts had found her lying against a BJP lawmaker and quite blatantly at that. She was convicted in a defamation case and sent behind the bars for six months. Not only that, even the press council had restrained/warned this so called 'free thinking' journalist for peddling untruth. Basically this moron of a woman was in a bad habit of lying to show people who she doesn’t like in bad light and that too without any base. When she was murdered, the so called ‘truth oriented’ journalist was out on bail. A seasoned liar and agenda pusher who was legally convicted for her lies is an epitome of brave journalism for our clownish liberal brigade. Yet they wonder why their reputation is at all-time low in public discourse. Just because her hatred for Modi and BJP knew no bounds our entire secular-liberal brigade ran around praising this uncivilized liar. This is where the quality of journalism in India has landed at. A convicted liar is praised for her lies and hailed as a feisty journalist. No wonder I stand vindicated when I call these jokers as ‘Mediacrooks’. That said, for our liberals, terrorists are martyrs and convicted criminals are luminaries. 

    There is another part to the phoney outrage that these secularities are exhibiting post the murder. What is so special with GL that every crook worth his/her salt in our media is shouting his/her lungs out? I don’t want to buy that hilarious ‘one of our own’ nonsense. Where were these morons when a journalist was burnt alive in UP couple of years back? Wasn't he one of their own? May be not since he wasn't an abject Narendra Modi hater. He didn't belong to their Lutyens Scotch circuit freeloader gang either. He probably was a non-English speaking lowlife journalist doing exactly what journalists were supposed to do. That is perhaps why I didn’t find a single joker even whispering, much less outraging on the gruesome murder. Why that horrible act never enticed these clowns to go on a protest? Same was the case when Lalu was accused of murdering a journalist who exposed Sahabuddhin. In fact the same clowns were seen taking affectionate selfies with Lalu after that. Coming back to the topic. Was it because the poor journalist named an MLA of their favourite party in his dying statement our liberal outlet simply shut their doors on it? Or was Bareilly far from Delhi than what Bangalore is? Where were these opportunist rats hiding back then? Few even were shameless enough to dismiss it by saying – the matter is under investigation and we won’t comment till the investigation is over. But look at the agility today. The same clowns never did wait for the investigation to even start on this case. This is how these morons fail their own cause. They become so pathetically predictable that they end up exposing themselves. Didn't I always say, our media chaps aren't very bright people?

    That said I must give one thing to these secularities. They never fail to disappoint me. They may be morons but they certainly aren’t fools. GL wasn’t a fool either. She was well aware when, where and why she is lying under the burqua of journalism. Most of the current clownish lot are liars too. Most of them know their area of interest and how to push their master's agenda. Agitating on the UP journalist murder would have exposed their masters. There was no direct association where BJP-RSS could be blamed unlike GL murder where the agenda could be pushed through. Law & Order is a state subject but I am yet to hear a single soul in the agitating lot questioning the state government for it. This is much like the Dadri intolerance farce. The practice helps in two ways. First it covers the incompetence of the state government which is run by their beloved party/ies and second, they have readily available platform to blame the BJP-RSS and get away with it. They shout for similar incidents of the past but never would tell you that all such incidents happened during Congress ruling; be it state or the centre. This is how they payback their masters in kind. They did it in Dadri and safeguarded Akhilesh Yadav government from genuine law-and-order questions. Few even returned their worthless awards in protest. All because – RSS and BJP could be blamed. Murder of a journalist in UP becomes trivial and irrelevant because it can’t be picked up to bash BJP and Modi. 

    But facts never excite the liberal clowns, agenda does. This is precisely why they were quite quick to pronounce their judgment without waiting for the investigations to even start. As I said, it barely took five minutes for them to start blaming BJP-RSS accompanied with their phoney ‘intolerance’ narrative. No ‘inclusive society’ characteristics were lost when a journalist was murdered in UP or Bihar but it does today. It does today because another freeloader is killed, not just any journalist. In the process of agenda manufacturing these selfsame morons are forgetting that the said crime happened in Karnataka. Little did they remember how there was a feud between GL and her brother on who should inherit the press after their father’s demise. After a long tussel she inherited it by half and started her own tabloid with a modified name : 'Gauri Lankesh Patrike'. As per the Bangalore police, GL once even filed a police complaint against her own brother for threatening her with a gun. No one even spares a second to ask himself/herself – could there be a family feud that resulted in the crime? No moron does it because that is where the interest isn’t. Digressing from facts does help in shouting and organizing phoney protest marches afterwards. Even candle light marches too. They did the same when Kalburghi was murdered and I vaguely remember the investigation ultimately led to some family feud at the end. They too won’t want to discuss how murders where ideology is involved could never reveal the culprits. Each of the similar murders happened in Congress ruled states and none of it could bring out the culprits. It is all about agenda and lie peddling which GL was master at and now when she is dead, the liberal ecosystem is doing pretty much the same in remembrance – lie peddling.

    By the way, I haven’t kept track of the latest development in our liberal discourse whole through the day. Did any irrelevant soul returned his/her award today crying intolerance? Or all worthless awards are returned already? But remember guys – Karma is a bitch. It makes you pay.

    May the convicted criminal rests in peace. 

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