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    When The Shit Hits The Fan!

    The phrase dates back to 1930 when it was coined to explain what one can expect the situation to be when something very secretive becomes public. And certainly, you don’t need Ramachandra Guha’s intellect to imagine how meshy the situation could be if shit really hits the fan running full speed. Scared to even imagine the situation? Then let me make it even scarier. Imagine the shit hits the fan while you are inside the room. Sounds like a nightmare? Then let’s get one step ahead – imagine you are desperately trying to run out of the room seconds before the shit hits the fan and you find you are locked from outside. Oops!!  Horrendous situation. Precisely the situation that most left liberal frauds of India and their Lutyens cabal finds themselves in today. By the way the said idiom, if you want to call it as one, has got nothing to do with the content of the post. I had it as the post title for two reasons. First –  just to make you realize how these left leaning craps have thrown themselves into a situation that no one with slightest of mental stability would even imagine to be in. Second – for long I wanted to use the idiom in one of my posts.

    Triviality apart, the situation is now so precarious for these frauds that they have nowhere to run. Nowhere to run because they simply have slammed the door closed on their own faces. They finally have run out of ideas, excuses and lies after today’s North-East election results. 
    I almost always harped in most of my posts that our vicious media, ably crowded by the fake intelligentsia and the pseudo liberal brigade, had become the first line of defense and the last escape route for our Commies. And it is no secret that here the referred Commies are not just restricted to morons like Sitaram Yechury and his little moronic circle of comrades. Though they differentiate themselves by different names, most political outfits including Congress are nothing but Commies in disguise. The other assorted fakes who identify themselves as intellectuals and analysts are no less Commies either. They match their actions and philosophies syllable by syllable. The fake intelligentsia and the pseudo liberal brigade, clownish feminists and ‘Bakchod’ Standup Comics included, also played their best to cover these Commies with all kind of bluffs and deceit. They lied so heavily for seventy long years that the masks finally fell off around 2014. And it is a downhill for the Commies and their ‘Darbaris’ since then and getting worse each passing day. Free money has dried up and so as the free wine for these ‘Darbaris’. So, the call of the hour is whining and put out the constructive ‘Rudali’ acts nonstop. That’s what these fakes are best at doing. Now that their last bastion in Tripura is decimated conclusively, the entire gang has gone into a collective shock and blabbering ever so incoherently.

    Leading the blabbering lot is the notorious moron Yechury himself. This man is as worthless a politician as one can be. He in fact is so worthless that he never could win a single electoral battle in his entire political career. Even his own within his party, or whatever left of it, rejected this man recently. He couldn’t even win that intra-party election. He is worthless inside his party too. In fact, his utility for India is in the negative, so much so that even the rabid separatists of J&K refused to entertain this loser when he was there as part of an official team. Introductions aside, look at what this man is up to today. Each time I hear this loser it flummoxes me no end. It is a classic case of ‘The Pot calling the kettle Black’. No ideology can be as anti-national, vicious, destructive and corrupt, let alone more, than those of the Commies. History goes here as a proof. In fact, the history of these Commies is so dark that it would take decades to instance out each of their misdeeds. This is precisely the reason why these junks were uprooted and thrown out by the masses worldwide. Our own Kerala would give you a fair idea what these Commies can achieve if given a freehand. Not a single day passes in the state without these Commies being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

    A man like Yechury, who has his career based on the philosophy, that patronizes political killings as its main weapon, is today accusing someone else of using muscle power. Irony can’t stretch any further. While at it, look at his complete refusal in reading the writings on the wall. They have now reduced themselves to a single state, which even is slipping out at an alarming rate because of their decades long misdoings, and still this moron is busy counting the vote share. What matters seems to have given a complete miss to the likes of Yechury. Rather than being worried about the imminent total anhelation of his party, not that I am complaining, this man is rather pliantly busy churning out nonsense that hardly makes any sense in an electoral politics. But then, Commies are known escapists and as part of a rotten cultural and philosophical upbringing show abject disinterest in owning up. Another core philosophy that has shaped Commies in becoming what they are today. No wonder why even his own men wanted this joker out of the party’s decision-making body.

    Where is Rahul Gandhi, you may wonder. On a day when his party yet again laid massive eggs in a democratic battle, the president of the party is nowhere to be seen. This is the fourth successive election that he somehow managed to lose after being appointed as the party president and seventeenth successive loss for the Congress party. Don’t fizzle out too much in thinking about RG’s disappearance. He is a habitual escapist. As expected, the great leader in RG has yet again ran away from the scene to Italy. This time his sudden bout of love for his aged Granny came to his rescue. By the way, this is the last Tweet I find in his account. Not a single word has emerged from the great leader for his party carders. I can’t even fathom how on earth the party men are tolerating a leader who totally avoids himself being subjected to tough questions when it matters the most. Each time the party is in a crisis, RG slips away from India. The minimum expectations that the party carders would be harboring today is the solidarity of their leader on the face of a huge and embarrassing defeat. But that is not the case with the Congress party. Their leader is the first one to run away whenever crisis befalls, leaving the lesser ones to defend and fire fight the situation. Such repeated tolerance towards incompetency and nonchalance can’t be possible without the absence of acute servile mindset, which these ‘Congressi’ are taught to learn from day one. I can’t recall a single political party anywhere in the world, not just in India, that accommodates such non-performers and escapists at their helm. But as I said, Congress is an entirely different case study. Rahul Gandhi did everything during the runup to the election, including gatecrashing a musical concert wearing a Burberry jacket, except winning the election, and yet, none in the party seems interested in asking – where is my leader when we have finally laid eggs and when I need him the most. Surprising!!

    When one dynast is in question trust another dynast to come to his rescue. Farooq Abdullah is one more worthless politician like Sitaram Yechury. Having said that, there is one advantage with Yechury though. At least Yechury made his way up in the party by his own work, good or bad. FA didn't have to work for his position, much like Rahul Gandhi. FA is all about his family name. Like Yechury and RG, FA’s contributions towards India doesn’t scale much beyond zero. Other than being the spokesperson of Pakistan on our soil FA has a very thin achievement list. I call this moron a ‘Useful Idiot’. His oozing love for our enemy makes him get into my ‘Hall Of Shame’ and ‘Father Teresa’ list quite comfortably. Beyond the headlines, the words of this old fox talk a lot about his attitude towards the state which he served as the CM many times. The nonchalance about the idea behind our democratic processes and the subsequent responsibilities that the electorates expect you to exhibit post your win are legendary. Elections come and go, says the worthless man. Seriously? Is this how you look at elections being a so called leader from the most troubled part of India? Is this how you weigh your state and the electorate’s expectations? They just come and go while you remain perpetually busy advocating for Pakistan? I always suspected this man to be on drugs most of the times and I am getting vindicated on my conclusion. Shame on you Mr. Abdullah for reducing our most important democratic process to your usual free scotch Lutyens gossip. For your information Mr. Abdullah – elections don’t just come and go. They come and throw out garbage from our system for good. And this is what the elections have done and rightfully continue to do with Commie ideology laced parties like yours’ and Congress.

    Where are our media thugs in all of this? Where are the evolvers who were desperately trying to evolve Rahul Gandhi for last one decade? Have they given up evolving the ‘un-evolbale’, if I may coin the word? Is the first line of defense of these Commies finally cracking? Not so soon, if you think so. Just when you think the usual nonsense of ‘Moral Victory’, as we witnessed post Gujarat election verdict, is a thing of the past, the shit hits the fan again. Charlatans crawl out of their woodwork slowly but surely. Junk periodicals like ‘The Print’ or ‘The Wire’ come out with a different narrative altogether. When I listed the ‘Bakchod Standup comics' as part of this pseudo liberal lobby somewhere in this post, I was precisely hinting at outlets like ‘The Print’. The credibility of ‘The Print’ would leave you at no speculation once you are aware of the founder of this trash. It is none other than the certified ‘Wheeler Dealer’ of our journalistic world, Sekhar Gupta. He is one of the many Commies in disguise. He is a ‘List-A’ Lutyens crawler too and a long time 'Pidi'. This is how these selfsame nuisance makers judge the electorates. They consider the electorates as, pardon my French, ‘Chutiyas’ while they are the only smart jacks roaming on the face of this planet. Sitting in the comfort of their AC rooms, these ‘Bakchods’ masquerading as intellectuals decide which and what is the ‘Achhe Din’ for the electorates. Laughable. This is some scaling in the direction of stale profundity of the public aspirations, I must admit. And it takes the skullduggery of the level that only Coupta can produce to admit it in the form of an oped. While Coupta does what he knows to do best, other ‘Pidis’ on the ground start re-tweeting the trash as if their lives hinges on it. They make one hilarious and flabbergasting display as a unit, which most of us have witnessed many times post 2014 general elections.

    While BJP has made it to 21 states as the ruling party these Commie craps have reduced themselves to Kerala only. And I am not complaining at all. I always maintained – for India to grow Congress and the Commies must die. And I am delighted that we are almost there in achieving this pious goal. Goodbye #LOLSalaam. As someone correctly said – Commies are now present only in Kerala, JNU and NDTV studios. Oh yes; since we are talking about NDTV, hope these morons would take a break from their nonstop coverage of 'Taimur Ali Khan' and talk about this humiliating loss of their brethren in the seven sisters states.

    P.S – To my readers : I am extremely sorry for not posting too often. This post is almost a month and half after my last post. I guess, the least that I owe you all is an explanation. The work I do for a living is on the higher side of late and like most of you, I must work to survive. I am not as blessed as the freeloaders Coupta or Varada Bhai are. 

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