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    The Rape Agents

    I am not going to talk about how heinous the ‘Kathua’ rape case is/was. I won’t because I am not a moron; more accurate – a selective moron. For me, every ‘rape’ is heinous and there is no standout point in any particular rape to make it more heinous than some earlier ones. I am not a secular/liberal bimbo of freeloader category to start differentiating a rape based on factors that suits my or my master’s agendas; political or otherwise. Neither am I being paid by any political party to toe their lines or worse, drag myself to the India gate for a midnight farcical candlelight march. Neither do I go on episodic outrage by cherry-picking rape instances that my masters order me to; nor do I sleep over every such instance and only wake up when I smell money, fame and fulfilling of my inherent agendas. To be honest, as an individual I can’t possibly be able to outrage post every such instance. It is simply not possible for any human being. To make all of you clear – I am not that terribly interested for Kathua rape case. But then, as I said, I don’t cherry-pick either, which most in our liberal brigade are busy doing since last seven days. I would be more inclined to wait till the investigation is over, more so after the shocking experience of ‘Sopian’. Wasn’t that rape allegation and the subsequent over-the-top hysteria of the #LoL Brigade appeared whole lot farcical and manufactured?  

    As I said, I rather on any day would let the law take its own course and the investigation to dig out the truth so that the culprits of such heinous crimes could be punished. I don’t distinguish between the victims/culprits of one sect from other. If I am keeping mum over the rape of a certain ‘Geetanjali’, I don’t qualify to tear my ‘Kurta’ for a certain ‘Asifa’. If I do, I am liable to be called a hypocrite, which these liberal bimbos are. There are many rape cases reported on daily basis in India. What is it with ‘Kathua’ that got so much traction among our ‘fiberals’? Did anyone of you ever wonder why only ‘Kathua’ got to the limelight while in other cases you even don’t get to know the name of the victim, much less her religion? Come to think of it now – Kathua is such a special case where the religion of the victim and the religion of the alleged culprits seems to have got more limelight than the ghastly act itself. How does the religion of the victim/culprit matter if seeking justice for the victim is the paramount interest? The moment one finds religion in crime that is the moment when the issue is diluted. It no more remains a fight for justice but becomes naked dance for agenda shoving. Which kind of justice seeker would conveniently let go one case while run naked with all profane for another one, though both cases merit equal condemnation and outrage? Have any of you seen the same justice seekers firing through their posteriors for similar cases involving small children in recent times? At least I haven’t. Assam alone would throw at least six cases involving small children in last one month but I never found a single #LoL brigade jumping like a circus clown. Why is it so? Is it still the tyranny of distance that plagues the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai from outraging for rapes reported from our north-eastern states? I call them circus clowns for valid reasons. When one jumps around showing a placard that reads – “Rape Should Be Banned ” as if it is a legal act in India, you would struggle great lot to refer these morons as anything other than clowns. The pattern these morons follow has become so exposing that you almost would strike out their jingoism as ‘Paid Outrage’ and you won’t be wrong most of the times. 

    Let’s dig a little deeper. 

    First the rape allegation – the initial forensic report suggested the absence of rape. Only time will tell how that initial conclusion was arrived at and if at all it was wrong then how such a serious mistake could happen. Now to just make your point, if you readily accept the second autopsy report that talks about rape and discard the first one as part of a bigger political conspiracy then I have all the right to go the other way round. I don’t become heartless or inhuman if I pay you in the same coin that you trade. Second startling thing that came out from the residents of the area is the location where the dead body of the ill-fated girl was discovered. Many were seen saying, it was not the temple but a cattle shed from where the body was discovered. Now how that transpired into the nearby temple is still a mystery and there are no conclusive evidence to show light either way. Again, time will only revel the truth. But I see a pattern. Kathua is probably the only place in J&K where Hindus aren’t minority. For last 25 years there is a constructive effort to drive Hindus out of the state. Bring the Rohigyan Muslims being settled in the neighbouring areas to the mix; the plot starts to clear up. Post ‘Sopian’ rape saga the orchestra that these liberal morons play is no more a secret. The handy hands of the separatists in the ‘Sopian’ saga is beyond any doubt. Could there be a similar plot getting churned out here? I don’t know but I am suspicious of a foul play. I always believed, whenever I see these liberal frauds howling as a group and getting into a collective orgasm every second minute, I know something sinister is cooking. And every time this happens I have come out vindicated as far as my suspicion is concerned. I even get more suspicious the way lies are getting peddled with absolute impunity and the manner in which the girl was refused a burial by a section of the Muslims residing in the area. Let’s examine it further.

    This is what I mean when I say collective orgasm. As we know our thuggish media clowns, they first lie through their teeth and then start to build a convenient story around it. Here is an exhibit, a seasoned offender at that. The street thug wasn’t just lying through his teeth but was actually vomiting lie through every orifice he has in his body. Who supported the rapists and where? Whoever you may be but I can’t simply imagine anyone supporting a rapist, not even his own family members. Here the said protest was against the random arrest that the police/investigating team was making; probably in a hurry to close the case. Almost half of the village fled in fear of being apprehended by police. There are TV reports where the residents were seen questioning the investigating team and their real motive. Afterall when you entrust a police officer who himself is accused of raping a girl and killing her brother in police custody, doubting on a genuine investigation is quite normal. The fringe Hindu outfit of the area came out in protest against such random and baseless arrests. Two BJP ministers later joined the protest in demand of a CBI enquiry so that the real culprits are apprehended. What is so wrong here? Had I been from that area I would have also joined the protest because I want justice for the little girl, unlike our liberal hawks who only wish to push their vested agendas. Who in all of this supported the rapists? From where did this street thug hear such stories that he seems way too sure about? What are the proofs that he holds to support his thuggish claims except reportage of few known liars like him? 

    But you know where the irony is? Thugs like RS take all the liberty to malign one and all just to appear wagging their tails properly to their masters but one can’t ask the thugs if he/she/they have any proof/s to support the claim. If one asks he is branded as one supporting the rapists, just as the BJP ministers and a never heard fringe Hindu group is branded. This is how the media rascals work like a colony of jackals. They take a high moral ground based on a lie they themselves manufactured while we all are aware how morality evades these scoundrels at ease. Remember what I always say about the modus operandi of these media crooks – “Sabrina blabbers and Shalma gleefully quotes her syndicate in crime” and they demand their lies be taken as gospel truth after that. Anyone questioning their lies automatically called out names and branded inhuman, in this case one who supports rapists. 

    Our Bollywood rags are another lot who aren’t very bright like our media thugs. Not that I expect anything better from a bunch of uneducated, uncouth and highly uncivilized lot. These rags were nowhere to be seen to comment on the thousands women that ISIS enslaved for sexual pleasure. They won’t scowl their filthy faces against a Mullah who raped a 5 year old girl inside a Mosque or that sexually maniac pastor who sodomized young boys inside a church. But the same lot would waste no time in coming up with funny placards to comment on Hindus and the Hindu religion. What these bimbos think they are achieving with their funny placards? On free time, when there aren’t enough avenues to bash Hindus, these morons can very well roam around with empty placards on their necks that reads ‘Free For Advertisement’ as unoccupied billboards putout on freeways. Look at the text on each placard. How the text can be same with everyone? Who is instructing these rogues to come out with their dramas? Another interesting thing to note here is the way these rags admitted the country’s name to be ‘Hindustan’ for the first time in their lives. This is my India; the clowns would say in other times but today since the agenda is to blame Hindus, it suddenly becomes ‘Hindustan’ for them. Who has given these morons the script? And what is this lie about it being a ‘Devistan’, which all of these bimbos are peddling? The temple in ‘Kathua’ where the girl was allegedly raped isn’t a ‘Devistan’ at all. It is actually a ‘Devstan’ of Baba Kaliveer Ji, a folk God of Jammu. Why lie here if agenda isn’t the key. These same rogues never flash their placards against the bastards, those throng in to join the funeral processions of terrorists. Sonam Kapoor never feels ashamed seeing his father clapping beside Dawood Ebrahim but she certainly feels ashamed being an Indian and a Hindu at the drop of a goat. 

    This is an organized outrage, make no mistakes about it. The farcical outrage is mostly a manifestation of the ideas that ‘Cambridge Analytica’ has passed on to the Congress party and other commies. I will explain my claim with proof. Whom do you see in this picture? Yes, a notorious traitor named ‘Shela Rashid’ or whatever. Whom do you see beside her? Correct again – Deepika Singh Rajawat, the so called lawyer in the ‘Kathua’ rape case. Do this needs any further elaboration? Morons like SR are flaring up this nonsensical communal claim for some time and it is not a secret. All she wants is to fling open a communal angle in a ghastly crime. This is perhaps what her masters in the political circle want her to do. Now suddenly a never heard lawyer jumps in to lie alongside her and it is no surprise that this new found bimbo is a very good friend of the original traitor. Is this all falling into place slowly? These anti-national and anti-Hindu brigade work as a group. As individuals they are worthless, and they know it very well. SR even claim to have collected 10 Lkh rupees through donations to support the case. Don’t know who donated such a bimbo when her own credentials are dubious. This is how illicit money to fuel anti-Hindu anger is pushed through in the name of crowd funding. This Deepika S Rajawat also works for another known moron named Indira Jaisingh, whose multiple fraud NGOs, mushroomed for specific purpose of illicit money laundering, has been delisted and derecognized by GOI. Every time these anti-BJP rascals had ganged up in the past they had eggs on their faces. Every time the gang was up in arms it was always against the nation and Hindus. I simply won’t agree to admit that the thugs have ganged up yet again selflessly on their own without any notorious agenda hidden behind their Burqa. It isn’t simply possible with these leeches. They have a rotten history of baking their breads over dead bodies in the past. Morons don’t change overnight and certainly these morons haven’t either.  

    This is another rag, the new found outlet of the left loony that howls from the corner 24X7. Varada Bhai has also a strong NGO connection. His wife’s multiple bogus NGO were shut down by GOI as well. Since the formation of ‘The Wire’ Varada Bhai was seen relentlessly peddling anti-India and anti-BJP propagandas. He is busy barking at Modi too, like most media thugs. No wonder why these rogues find religion in crimes while they don’t find any in terrorism. Hypocrisy apart, the fraudulence these stupid gladiators exhibit is overwhelming. Shamelessness goes to coma seeing people like Varada Bhai. For personal gain, he and his equally notorious team leaves nothing in tarnishing Hindus and India as a whole. This article itself speaks a lot on what people like Varada Bhai are made up of and what they are upto. Absolute hate for Modi and BJP and complete disdain towards public at large is the key here. Like Shehla Rashid, Varada Bhai flashed heavily and asked for donations, which he claimed he would give to the victim’s family. Crowd funding, you see? This is how this rogue wants to be a Messiah with your money. In fact this is how every rascal wants to be a messiah. Do you remember Varada Bhai being so agile for donations in other cases in the past? What is striking here is that, the easy way these clowns have adhered to push ill-gotten money to fuel the crisis further. This is how the mafia syndicate works. They take shelter of the public to push, both their agenda and the mafia money to fuel the fire. They had done it in the past and were caught red handed and I am sure they would be caught again with their pants and skirts down this time. 

    This is an organized outrage and it gets further solidified when one looks around a bit. This is what one finds at the Istanbul airport. Who is paying for such T-Shirts? Organizing fake agitations and outrage seems to have become a global business. There are agents all across the world who have mastered in putting up fake stories, fake agitations, and fake photographs of kids in Syria and may more. It is not alone. There are many other junk periodicals in countries that you may not have heard of are publishing hate stories against India, Hindus and BJP based on just one ‘Kathua’ rape. Seriously? A lousy Malaysian junk would teach us just because a bloody ‘Kathua’ happened, which even may not be true in totality? Seriously? Whose idea is this? More important, who is funding for such nonsense? Can you see what CA has imparted on the modus operandi of the Congress party and its other footsies getting played out here? I simply can’t believe that someone in Turkey would distribute T-Shirts for free for something that has happened in India. Have you ever seen anyone in India wearing a T-Shirt condemning the atrocious behaviour of the refuge immigrants in a city like London? Have you seen anyone wearing a T-Shirt being critical of France and their systematic Talibanization of their cities? But we are a different case study as a nation. The first thing our liberal frauds do is to malign our own country as their stepping stone to elevate their falling reputation. They ask outsiders to slander India and call all Hindus of the country as barbaric and rapists. This is precisely how these mafia are operating since last 4 years. I had said once, Congress would even burn the country and its reputation to asses if that assures the elevation of a worthless creature going by the name Rahul Gandhi.

    Last exhibit here is the ‘Category5Moron’. Look at the hidden delight in the tweet. Mission accomplished for her. This is the end result they want – malign the nation for petty benefits. The more you read such nonsenses the more you get sure how organized these criminals are. They are so much organized that they rope in jokers in Turkey to push their agenda. All they know is divide the nation. They did it during the stupid anti-Gouraksha agitation too. A single ‘Dadri’ made them call an entire nation barbaric. Not only that, they also urged the world to call India with names. They have done pretty much the same here. A single ‘Kathua’ has been projected as something that entire nation suffers from. To add to this time, all Hindus could be maligned in the same breath. That is a bonus right there. For these morons terrorism has no religion but rapes certainly do have. Such anti-nationals are these traitors that they get joy and pleasure if someone calls our nation bad. Few days back I had predicted that craps like the UN, which is as worthless as our liberal thugs are, would deliver a nonsensical statement on ‘Kathua’. And didn’t this bogus concern, which carries no value, sound much like a frustrated joke? Anyway, the whole of UN is full with jokers. The same UN which turns a blind eye towards the Muslim terror every time would have its nicker on fire for a single rape. When last time you had heard UN being critical of a particular rape that happened in any country? They would vomit on India because our own within desperately want UN to call India bad. They want UN to refer Hindus as the most barbaric lot on the face of the planet. This is how the ‘Break India’ agents operate. They masquerade as justice seeker while in reality they only push communal hatred. This has happened many times in the past and this is happening all over again.

    One must not take me wrong here. I have all the sympathy for the poor little girl and I want the culprits to be hanged, nothing less. But I don’t want these clandestine morons to push their nefarious agendas in disguise of well-wishers. These leeches are there for no one. All they understand is money, and their abject hate for Hindus and BJP supersedes everything they have. They care two hoots if at the end of the day the little girl gets justice or not. Delivering justice to the poor girl is not the idea; in fact it never was. They never cared for justice in the past. They just are interested for their agendas which their masters pay them to propagate. Little ‘Pappu’ is in great danger and the CA chaps have dutifully advised Congress to do what they know best to do – divide the nation. The footsies in media and other assorted liberal commie circle are activated to spread the falsehood and malign one and all. Malign the country, malign Hindus, malign the PM and if required malign the army. This is what they are interested for. Justice for Asifa is a hogwash and I am sure most of these lot wouldn’t be knowing to which part of India Kathua belongs. I don’t call them bimbos for no reasons. 

    Justice for Asifa – my ass. None in the howling lot is bothered about justice; I mean none. That is not the priority. Priority is how communal angle could be drivelled out to divide the nation.  But do remember and I should repeat it so that you keep on remembering – Congress won’t hesitate to burn the country if that assures a career for ‘Pappu’ and these lunatic footsies are the ground agents that work hard so that India burns quicker.

    Hence I call these leeches - 'Rape Agents'

    Postscript - The Break India agents want CBI enquiry for Unao but refuse for Kathua. Why so? 

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