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    Me Lord, Who Is Whispering In Your Ears?

    Couple of days back four senior Supreme Court judges J. Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph went public with their dissatisfaction on the alleged conduct of the CJI Deepak Mishra. And the lordships, for some strange reason, found it apt to hold a press conference to vent their anger. This was quite unprecedented in the history of the apex court. It was bizarre too. You could question, what made the lordships to not go to the president of the republic with their grievances first, if they had any, instead of holding a press conference to wash their dirty linens in public. Hold your horses, you will get your answers in due course of this post.

    Over the years this blog has been very critical of many things. Irrespective of that the blog never ventured anywhere near in questioning our judiciary or even for that matter, our lordships. It was partly out of self-regulated editorial policy and partly out of respect. And I think this tradition must be broken today because a thinning out respect warrants the editorial policy be sidelined for a better cause. As is, the latest spectacle that four of our senior most judges orchestrated has got nothing to do with judiciary. Instead of maturity they preferred whining. And what they were whining about is the legislative part of it. In a shameless manner the four learned judges took no time in accusing the CJI of ‘Bench Fixing’. Hope the judges understand the veracity of such accusations and the long term implications of the same in public discourse. It amazes me how casual such senior judges could be with their conduct as I don’t even believe a bunch of school boys would behave in such a manner. I am sure the said judges haven’t thought through their action, either by purpose or by ignorance and it is all the more reason that their actions must be called out loud and clear and the bluff must be massaged. 

    That said, does the mindless whining, borderline with acute stupidity, of the four judges should be analysed in silo? Is it really in black-and-white as it been projected by our media and the liberal syndicate? Or is it time that we read between the lines and try to sense the real motive behind such obnoxious conduit of our lordships? Trust me, the chain of events that preceded as well as followed the said press conference makes the entire fracas muddier than I initially thought. And certainly these judges are nothing but part of a bigger and far sinister plot. We would render a great disservice on ourselves if we refuse to see the plot in the background. And this blogger isn’t going to do that, he never had. Lets call a spade a spade again.

    But before that, let’s take a pause and go back in past a little. Except Justice Kurian Joseph rest three served at the Guwahati High-Court at the same time. They were there for quite a lengthy period together. Is there a unionism that has crept in here? Out of the 50 odd judges in the highest court it is only four who had problems. We can’t ignore the fact here that three of those four had spent time together and must have more than just professional relationship. So when all three of them sing the same tune it sounds more like mutual scratching than making sense. Not long back Justice Karnan, who was jailed for questioning the judiciary, levelled serious charges of corruption against many Supreme Court judges. He in fact named 7 of them. His list of ‘Satte-Pe-Satta’ were JS Kehar, J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur, Pinaki Ghose and Kurian Joseph. Interestingly all from the gang-of-four feature in Karnan’s corrupt list. It could be a coincidence that those whom justice Karnan called out as corrupt are whining today but I don’t entirely believe the coincidence theory here. I am disbelieving the ‘convenience of coincidence’ logic not just because Justice Karnan had named the same gang as gang of corrupt. There are other glaring evidences to prove my point, which I will elaborate in due course. 

    First evidence is a certain Sekhar Gupta. Where ever this man is seen lurking around, it kind of rings a bell inside me. For the last 20 years, all kind of nonsense, more so political flavoured, had this ‘wheeler dealer’ in the frame. He was in the frame here too. SG and skulduggery are so synonym that I can’t just ignore it, even if I want to. At first I tried to ignore his positioning behind the judges as a positional mistake. When most of the reporters were in front of the judges I don’t know what SG was up to standing behind. There were few other reporters who also stood behind the judges and that could be because of shortage of space but what strikes here is what SG was really up to. Most reporters were either listening to what the judges had to say or were busy scribing down points for tomorrow’s news. Just look at SG. He was busy with his cell phone. You may say, SG fiddling with his phone, as shown here, could be the only instance in the entire press conference. If you think so then you are wrong. I even at first passed this off as one of the frames that captured SG deeply engrossed with his phone. Just to give SG the benefit of doubt I watched the entire PC again, even though I am not a big fan of stupid whining. Whole through the PC ‘Coupta’ was busy with his cell phone. I never found him, even for once, doing what most other journalists were doing. Whom he was continuously passing the information? Second murk in the PC was the presence of Indira Jaisingh, another lout from the commie stable and a known Congress stooge, in the journalist's box. Not only she was there, she even went ahead and asked couple of questions. What business does an advocate has in the press conference? What was that overzealous urge to change her profession from being an advocate to a journalist in this particular instance? She is another woman, much like Coupta, who has an extremely chequered past. Not long back her bogus NGO has been called a nonsense and de-registered by the GOI. I could sense where this lady was coming from with her bile and that made it so obvious that I didn’t have to put much effort to smell the agenda behind this mega stupidity.

    As if there was something still confusing, the second evidence came in the form of D. Raja, and almost immediately after the PC. And this particular rogue as an evidence in the context that had build up is almost irrefutable. As we all know, achievements of D. Raja doesn’t go much beyond than he being a worthless politician all through his life. Right after the PC, this clandestine of a creature sneaked through the back gate of Justice Chelameswar’s official residence to meet him. He is a good friend of mine explained the ‘moronshri’ when asked about his shoddy looking meeting. But what the ‘moronshri’ didn’t answer is what was that dying urge to meet his friend right after the PC and that too like a robber through the back gate. Whom he was trying to hide himself from? But before that, what he had to hide? This is how these left clowns carry themselves – deceptive, venomous and idiotic. As is, my second thumb rule always comes handy – whenever you see these opportunist fibs from the Clown Party Of India (CPI) loitering around, be rest assured there is something sinister being cooked, most of the time against the nation. As an extension to this rule of mine – whenever I see these vultures from left wetting their pants in anticipation of an imaginary carcass, I tend to support what these morons oppose. Now you would ask, what my first thumb rule is – well, we will get to that in a while. In the meantime, appearance of dubious and notorious characters like D. Raja is almost a giveaway that something is not correct in whole of this. This reprobate wasn’t there to meet his friend. He was there to oversee if all went well in pushing their nasty agenda or not. And my second thumb rule has never disappointed me till today.

    Third evidence came within an hour of the press conference. All the assorted liberals and their footsies in media started chanting the same mantra – democracy in danger. Look at the tweet of the ‘Bimbo In Chief’ Nidhi Razdan. People from the termite clan were disappointed that the ruckus didn’t last long. The judges reportedly mend their ways and shorted out the differences amicably. That was a jolter for these commie scums. How could the agenda fall apart so early? Believe me, these ‘Jholachaap’ leeches would rejoice if something wrong happens to the nation because that would give them arsenal to attack Narendra Modi. That is why all kind of anti-nationals are very dear to this termite clan. Didn’t I just say, these vultures wet their pants and skirts in anticipation of an imaginary carcass? So bimbo Nidhi is excited early morning today because her colleague, another moron going by Srnivasn Jain, had the attorney general told him that the differences aren’t shorted out as yet. Ray of hope for the bimbo and many jokers like her. And for many/all morons like her, my thumb rule 3 always satisfies – whenever you see these presstitutes, idea of india frauds, Aaman Ki Asha rascals, assorted Jholachaaps, Litfest Mafias are having a group orgasm in the form of one episodic outrage or other, trust something being done good. It is not only Nidhi, all known cribs of the media mafia syndicate were having a field day in hailing what these four judges did to so called protect the democracy. Now I understand what Coupta was up to standing behind like a tout. Must be busy gathering his colony of clowns to go berserk as always.

    Now the question that really left to answer is why these judges did this? I am told the biggest concern of theirs was how cases are selectively being allocated by the CJI. Excellent. So these judges want to have their choice of men in benches as they feel like. I am amazed that being so senior the whiners aren’t aware of the basic functioning of our Apex court. Allocating cases is a pure prerogative of the CJI. Why on earth he would have to consult this gang of four is beyond me. Being senior, CJI may want to consult but that is not binding on him. At least the gang of four must not demand that as a binding. This is like me demanding who should be allocated to which project be done in consultation with me in my company. If not I would run to the media to whine like a Rudali. Imagine what would happen if I put forward such a demand. I would be kicked out as unceremoniously as one can imagine. This demand even looks extremely notorious as a neutral observer. In-effect the four senior judges claimed the existence of ‘Bench Fixing’ in the highest judiciary body and accused none less than the CJI of practicing it. How shameful it sounds? How can such vilification can pass as an attempt at saving democracy can only be answered by touts like Coupta and his brother/sisterhood from the termite clan. 

    But is it the bench fixing accusation that was bothering our lordships? Definitely not. Was it the death of judge Loya that our fiberals howling about is the reason? No again. Barring the gleeful ‘Jholachaaps’ in the media and commie brigade, not even the judges themselves said so. There was no mention of Justice Loya in the letter they wrote to CJI either. So what could be the reason that got these judges to stand up and sound clownish? Let's see. It may appear very tough to unearth the real motive behind this fracas but trust me it is not that difficult to gauge, knowing which material the players in this farce are made up of. The vultures expose themselves quite easily. 

    Not long ago the zero loss man went to court to postpone the delivery of Babri Mosque dispute judgment till 2019 general elections are over. CJI threw his petition to the nearest dustbin and asked him to take his sorry ass out. The ‘Janeyudharis’ in Congress are terribly worried how a positive verdict in favour of Hindus on Babri Mosque dispute would make their chances of even winning 10 seats in 2019 to zero. As expected even the ‘Pidis’ are worried too. Time to stop crawling for some moments and do something menacing and disparaging. Desperate time, so it calls for desperate measures. These liars and hypocrites want the verdict on Ram Janambhumi be scuttled as far away as possible. CJI here stands as a hindrance. They want their own to be installed instead, precisely what the four judges whined about – the bench is decided by the CJI for all important cases. Which important cases the lordships were talking about? Was it the Ram Janambhumi verdict that was bothering these morons no end? Was this expected verdict is the tipping point for all fiberals to screw over one another and shout ‘Democracy In Danger’? We can only speculate but the more you look at the chain of events and the known morons who played it along, it is only obvious that these judges seem to have lost their ‘moral compass’ to Rajdeep Sardesai. 

    Looking at the Congress and how their heart is crying for our judiciary now, I can only ask; how big a hypocrite one can become. Indira Gandhi didn’t like the verdict of Allahabad High court so she declared emergency. Entire judiciary was rendered worthless and toothless. Most of the judges were seen crawling before her official residence. Rajiv Gandhi set aside the judgement of high-court in Sahabanoo case to please the Mullahs. There are numerous instances where judiciary was been treated as a pet dog by these Congressi slaves. But today the same slaves wake up and weep for the judiciary and its independence. Even more interesting, the jokers believe the populace is fool enough to not see who the real destructive elements are and who had time and again left democracy at the whims and wishes of a clownish family. As of  the judges, I would appreciate them to leave their jobs and do politics fulltime and join their party of choice for better whining skills.

    Now coming back to my Thumb Rule – 1. It revolves around the legendary moron called Prashant Bhusan. Whenever you see this idiot is rampaging home for one dubious reason or the other, just support the opposite. You won’t be wrong at all.


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