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    Pidis And The Karnataka Elections

    It is a spiral downhill for Congress since 2014. They are virtually eliminated from Indian political scene. Barring their nonsensical jingoisms every now-and-then the party as a whole is as irrelevant as Anna Hazare and his crook disciple Arvind kejriwal are. Nobody cares two hoots for what they are blabbering anymore. The situation for the much preserved ecosystem of the Congress party is no different. Most of the ‘Pidis’ that did a lot of merrymaking during the Congress rule are vastly irrelevant too. The Modi government has kept these charlatans at arm’s length and for very good reasons. The free scotch has dried up, as were the fountains of free money. No one today lets these scums do power broking in the corridors of high power. Even in the public discourse these thugs are being dealt severely as well. Their stupidities are now being called out loudly by people which these morons always thought were too gullible to be exploited with their regular doze of falsehood. Entire ecosystem along with the mother ship is in deep shock. Being naturally clueless isn’t helping them here either. No one knows how to revive the situation. In shock few ‘Pidis’ have turned street thugs too. Desperate situation.

    For the record, Rahul Gandhi has managed to lose 17 elections post 2014. After being coroneted to the party’s top post this clueless wonder has managed to lose 8 elections. That is some achievement. Now he is demanding 15 minutes debate with Modi. I don't know what he wants to debate. In fact nobody knows, including he himself. How will he debate is another question when he would struggle to tell his own name without a sheet of paper in his hand. But the ‘Pidis’ haven’t stopped evolving this good for nothing creature. I call them day dreamers. They dream a lot with paramount being – one day RG would rise like a Phoenix and give them back their old days of free scotch and money. Election after election these ‘Pidis’ just keep on dreaming. It would be this time that RG would show some glimpses of revival – the thought that gives these ‘Lutyens crawlers’ the wet dreams. This is probably why they were over the top even after losing Gujarat, where it was for BJP to lose. Most of these crawlers even hailed the loss as a moral victory, whatever that means. But that self-inflicted joy was short lived. Their dear party got thrashed in the north-eastern states that went to poll after that. ‘Pidis’ are back to square one again – clueless, restless, desperate and out of shots. What to do now? Even the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ crap backfired badly. The fracas of ‘Dalit Agitations’ didn’t stick either. 

    In such a gloomy situation Karnataka holds the position of that beacon which the Congress and its ‘Darbaris’ can ill-afford to lose. This is the only big state where Congress still exists and a loss here means Congress is literally wiped out from the scene. All efforts must be put in to win it by any means. No slack in effort can be accepted. No wonder why RG and his ‘Pidis’ are super active today. They simply can’t lose it. The five year long wretched governance of their worthless CM in the state has fuelled lot of anger against the government. If ground realities are true, Congress would lose this state too, come May 15th. What is the way out? Desperate situation, as I mentioned. And whenever Congress is desperate for power they do what they know best – throw skulduggery at an unbelievably rapidity.

    First came the hilarious flight scare that RG got while on a campaign trail. Both he, his sidekicks and the ‘Pidis’ shouted ‘Sabotage’. What sabotage they were referring to? Who on earth would want to eliminate a worthless person like RG is beyond me. For sure, BJP can’t afford to eliminate their star campaigner. Jokes apart, what was that flight snag is all about that no one knows a thing of it; not even the pilots who were flying the plane? Both the pilots have maintained a tight lip and refused to comment. The flight path on the radar showed no deviation. While RG claims the flight had a scary free fall of 1800 ft his sidekick who was flying with him is claiming the fall to be 8000 ft. Even more interesting, how these morons could manage to count the fall when there aren’t any technical details coming out, neither from the ATC nor the company which maintains these charted flights. According to the ATC under which the said plane was allegedly flying, they noticed no malfunction whatsoever throughout the flight duration. This is very surprising. A free fall of more than 1000 ft in any flight is a serious matter and needs investigation to find the reason. But there aren’t any proof of the claim on the ground except the nonsensical blabbering of RG and his equally worthless sidekick. When in emergency the first thing the pilots do is to land at the nearest available airport. If nothing is in sight there are instances where the pilots were forced to land on freeways and water bodies. But with RG’s case nothing of similar nature happened. The plane kept on flying and landed as planned after two hours. Forget about any emergency landing, the pilots didn’t even made any ‘SoS’ call, which as per the flying manual the first thing the pilots are instructed to do in case of emergencies. Things aren’t just fitting in. But as expected the ‘Pidis’ didn’t take much time to shout sabotage. Like most cases these morons gave ‘homework’ a skip. Laughable enough, even the ecosystem called for an investigation when there are no proofs of malfunction anywhere. Let me not even get started on the ‘Kailash Yatra’ nonsense RG brought in while narrating the situation. What was that crap all about? Why this shit act when no one knows what really happened? 

    Every election in India gets ugly. Personal attacks during elections is a norm now. It has got more to do with the desperation of Congress party after losing power in one state after another. As I always say – Congress would even burn down the nation if it assures them power. They literally tried to burn the nation by inciting Dalits to go on a rampage for no apparent reason. Using filthy language against their political opponents is a minion effort in comparison. Congress getting jittered in the face of another humiliating defeat and probable extinction is not a surprise anymore. What surprises me here is how these morons feel the pinch when someone deals with them fair-and-square. But before the party, it is the ‘Pidis’ which feel the pinch. What is so wrong with the statement of Modi that bugged up the street thug so much? Is there anything wrong in what the PM said? A worthless like RG, who has no achievement to his credit except a borrowed surname, would challenge the PM with his bogus claims and yet the PM isn’t entitled to respond? Why these crawlers get annoyed if one pops up the Italian origin of Sonia Gandhi? Is she ashamed of being an Italian by origin? If not then the PM when asked RG to use any language including his mother’s mother tongue, he was absolutely fine with what he said. Why the street thug is bugged up? But you know what; this is not exactly the irony. Irony is, the same scoundrels minced no words in vilifying Narendra Modi since 2002. In fact street thug had no problems when Sonia Gandhi called Modi as ‘Mauth Ka Saudagar’. I don’t remember the street thug getting so bugged up back then. This same moron continued to lie through his teeth for a decade against Modi with choicest of words. I have seen this thug lying for close to a decade and half now. Didn’t this street thug referred NaMo as ‘hero of hatred’ many times? He never had any problem when the filthy ecosystem that he is a part used ‘Chaiwala’ in the most derogatory way many times. Now since the masters are rendered irrelevant the slave is getting his nickers on fire.  

    How can you forget the ‘Johnny come late’ clown in all of this? Bollywood as such is full with all possible crap but this joker holds a special place there.  Bollywood pests aren’t very bright people and this moron is no different. He in fact competes very cloely with ‘Pappu’ as far as IQ is concerned. Last time this scum was in news, he shared some 2013 photographs claiming them to be the ones taken during the recent visit of our PM to London. This is what happens when you are dumb by your gene but try to act like an intellectual to prove that you have balls. This jerk was at it again. How can’t he be? He is that kind of perfect candidate and an absolute lose cannon that Congress party loves no end. The moron asks if Modi was fearful when he fought from two seats in 2014. This is the kind of mental state this stupid creature possesses. Even a child that time was aware that the Vadodra seat was almost a walkover for NaMo. That is why neither the Congress nor any prominent party put up a decent fight against Modi there. An unknown joker was asked by Congress to fight against NaMo. They didn’t even sponsor the poster charges for their candidate. What was this Prakash Raj doing that time? Varanashi as a choice for the second constituency was purely because of political reasons, not because Modi was afraid of losing from Vadodra. It was because of the upcoming UP elections and he contesting from Varanashi has huge impact. Modi may very well be contesting from Bhubaneswar or Puri in 2019 elections and those would be purely for political reasons. But expecting dumb characters like Prakash Raj to understand is plain futile.

    Even more hilarious are his comparison with ‘Siddu’ fighting in two seats. Karnataka is a single state and Siddu is already the CM of it. Still this stupid man doesn’t carry enough confidence in his governance that people would elect him. That is fear. He fears his own people would kick him out. Better play safe and fight from two seats. His decision of fighting from two MLA seats reflects how badly he has messed up his own credentials before the voters. But clowns like PR won’t see the irony there. He won’t because he doesn’t carry enough grey cells to understand it. Yet the faggot will lecture all on secularism and other nonsense on similar lines. In all of this, the same moron is complaining how no one in Bollywood is offering him a role since he started speaking against Modi. Seriously? The same Bollywood hates Modi no end and at the same time they don’t support anyone who speaks against Modi? Does it sound true? Most in Bollywood are on crackpot with no value system instilled in them. All they know and understand is money. The Bimbos who were out in the market with all kind of crappy placards to gain publicity for their upcoming movies are nowhere to be seen now. There are thugs in Bollywood who have sons and daughters befriending international terrorists like David Haidley. And yet this moron is complaining that he isn’t been offered with any work post his nonsensical and baseless burst against NaMo? These liberal chums are best at victimhood playing and PR seems to have mastered the art very quickly.

    ‘The Underwear’ wasn’t too far behind either. For close to a year now this selfsame media house is trying its best to become the lead cheer-girl of the Congress party. Fall of NDTV as a disgrace to journalism has opened doors for junk like ‘The Wire’ to fill the void. That said I must congratulate them for deciphering RG’s latest ‘Kailash Yatra’ speech. I am sure most won’t understand a thing that RG says but then Varada Bhai is a material of his own kind. He not only understood the gibberish but went ahead and wrote a whole article on it. That is a phenomenal achievement. Like most I don’t believe RG would ever remember lord Shiva when he sees death. He was an accidental ‘Janayudhari’ before Gujarat elections. As I had predicted back then, once the elections were over RG went for his vacation leaving the lesser mortals to fire fight. In the process he also forgot to pack his ‘Janayu’ and left it back home. And he never wore it again, not at least till now. But Varada Bhai knows inside-out, including the thought process of an enigma called Rahul Gandhi. Slavery is very potent; didn’t I always harp on this statement? As per this bogus article, what RG transformed himself into this time? Yes – to a PILOT. I am sure even the makers of ‘Avengers’ would be mighty proud knowing about a certain Rahul Gandhi. RG allegedly stood calm beside the pilots and helped them bring the plane in their control; and all this happened while the flight was in a free fall. What kind of nonsense is this? I guess Varada Bhai was hiding inside the toilet in the plane and peeping through the hole to witness this mega act of RG. For proof Varada Bhai quotes the sidekick of the prince. Really? An event that has no official backing yet but Varada Bhai wrote it as if he was a witness to this whole act of valour and calmness himself. Laughable. The chief clowns who were cheering RG post Gujarat elections by calling it as a moral victory are cheering the failure yet again and hailing him for a probable fabricated story.

    Here is the truth. As told by one of my friends in WhatsApp, RG is a serial offender as far as escaping tough situations are concerned. This won’t be the first instance where RG would make a vanishing act. He had earlier made unceremonious exits when his party needed him the most. By the time result day arrives, RG conveniently slips out of the country and leaves his cohorts to face the embarrassment. It happens after every election. No wonder RG has received lots of flak for this very stupidity. He wants to excuse himself from another bout of hostility. Hence the shit act of narrating a story that no one understands except the line where he says, he would crawl out of the country during the result day. The party animal can’t just remain stuck to his responsibilities. He isn’t made for that. Other than these Darbaris no one believes that RG could be worth of anything, much less the PM of the nation.

    There are other usual morons who too have tuned themselves up as campaign manager of Congress party in Karnataka. All of them are part of the same filthy ecosystem that thrived during the Congress time. Be it Nidhi Razdan or Catagory5Moron or Barkha Dutt or other desperate souls; all are showing uncanny stupidity to prove themselves as better slaves. Sekhar Coupta isn’t shying away either. He is churning out garbage after garbage every second hour. The usual ‘Has Rahul Gandhi Come Off Age As A Mature Politician’ is the war cry among the touts. It seems the thugs haven’t drowned their hope completely on RG yet. They still hope, RG would win someday and they would run to the city center naked out of sheer joy. But is it going to happen?

    I see these morons actually getting defeated once again. Their desperation for survival is an easy takeaway. When ‘Pidis’ bark relentlessly hopping from one place to another like headless chickens it is a giveaway that the masters are in a deep trouble. And in Karnataka ‘Pidis’ are all over the place to push their agenda. They also know that Karnataka is lost already. The party of their choice have governed it so badly that Karnataka was squeezed out of its breath. But as they say – “Umid Pe Duniya Kayam Hai”. A hope that miracles happen and the next miracle could be a RG who won’t demand unbelievable stupidity to be hailed as the work of a genius.

    By the way; can’t Rahul Gandhi or any other duffer from the Congress party read the postings on the wall? 

    Now it is time to share my seat predictions for Karnataka. 

    BJP – 108

    Congress – 74
    Kumaraswamy + other assorted craps – rest

    Before I leave you to enjoy your weekend I must share one of the masterpieces that RG ornamented during the run up to Karnataka elections.   

    In the morning, I woke up at night and realised that in all the cities of Bangalore, all canteens are named after Indira Gandhi alone.   

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