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    Poisoning Our Alma-Maters

    Catch them young. This is the standard operative procedure across the globe if you want a generational change. But more on that later. For close to a decade I am laying out my concerns on how systematically our generation was fed with snake oil through our school books and other assorted means of learning. We were told Nehru was a great freedom fighter, closely followed by a certain Mohandas Gandhi.  And no wonder we only have produced idiots in millions. Irony, knowing what we were been fed, we still are extremely reluctant in bringing about the much needed changes, which would ensure our future generation/s isn’t/aren’t fed with the same poison. We are continuing with the exact gibberish even today. Our kids still are told how big a freedom fighter Nehru was. Probably we aren’t yet done with the supply of enough idiots by our own that we expect our kids to fill the vacancies in future. This is a terrible situation to be in. Not just our entry and intermediate education system; more frightening is how we have let even far bigger sinister agendas to get into our higher education system as well. Nothing is spared it seems. This is what acute commie ideology imparts on a nation that was too gullible, either by choice or design, to object when the filth was getting pushed through. 

    Barring our technical streams, most other streams in our education system is full of trash. Yes, I'm being judgmental here and I have reasons for it. Even our technical institutions weren’t spared entirely. Some time back I had written an essay on the systematic filth piling in an institution like IIT Madras. “The Morons Of IIT Madras”, I wrote back then. If you haven’t read it yet, I would suggest you must read it here. I don’t know what something like ‘African Studies’ would bring onto the table or for that matter Sociology, Humanities or Philosophy. I may be extremely dumb to not see their utilities in general but I am sure they add no values to the growth of the nation. Don’t agree with me? Then prove me wrong by giving a single example of an individual/jerk from these streams who has any credible contribution to the nation building. At least I haven’t seen any. All that I see from the patrons of these streams is lies and more lies. They just keep on feeding their commie garbage to whoever is listening to them. Perhaps they are taught to pass on the nonsense to the next generation. 

    Look at the jokers like Kanheiya Kumar or Shehla Rashid and her gang of freeloaders; all are worthless characters as far as their education is concerned. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying they are useful anywhere else. They are worthless in whichever parameter you look at them. All that these morons could achieve after wasting lot of tax payer’s money is to shout ‘Azadi’. Azadi from what? Systematic aberration of our educational institutions have led to the production of many such Kanheiyas and Shehlas of the world. They know nothing except lie peddling and absolute bigotry. Don’t forget the act of treachery that comes so naturally to these junks. In the name of education (on entirely stupid and rubbish streams) they only have wasted public money. That said, these rogues are still useful to some. The political masters who thrive on the idea of destroying the nation for power enjoy the company of such useless entities no end. They enjoy because these clowns are exactly the output the Commie charlatans had envisaged when they started this systematic distortion of our education system. It takes ample amount of poison and brainwashing for one to shout ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’ in full throat and yet be shameless to call it as their FoE. This phenomenon of going against the state at the drop of a goat isn’t just restricted to the Commie warehouses like JNU. It seems to have spread to other universities as well. The experiments that were carried out in JNU seems to have been percolated to universities elsewhere. How contaminated our education system has become can be gauged from one single fact that – now we have clowns who even dream of fragmenting India in the name of some phoney liberalism. 

    But you know what is the sorry fact in all of this? JNU is a gone case now. It is beyond repair as for decades it has been used as the experimenting ground for filth creation by the Commie rogues. Only way to fix the rot that routinely comes out of this shit hole is to shut it down permanently. Universities were established to generate sensible citizens who would guide the nation in future but JNU has only produced morons. All that this university managed to produce are individuals who hate Hindus, India, our culture and everything else that defines us as a nation. From the days of that worthless Sitaram Yechury to an even bigger worthless like Kanheiya Kumar, it is garbage galore. There is nothing great to talk home about when it comes to JNU. Since JNU is done and dusted and rendered beyond repair state, the template that these Commies planned to let loose on JNU now has been shifted to other universities. Such vicious are these Commies. They are in a mission to destroy every bit that we otherwise should have been proud of. Latest causality of these rogues is the Aligarh Muslim University. But then AMU is a natural second choice, isn’t it? Like JNU you would struggle great lot to find an alumnae of AMU who has done anything good for the nation. There are lot of freeloaders here too who are merrymaking on tax payer’s money studying all kind of bogus subjects. Bogus subjects with no utility leaves a lot of spare time to be part of all kind of ‘Break India’ brigades. In the ‘Morons Of IIT Madras’ article I have mentioned how all kind of nuisance and nonsense emanates from the students from these bogus streams. They have lot of free time, along with a rotten mind-set perfectly tuned to the Commie ideology.

    Recently it was found that the student’s union office of AMU had a Jinnah portrait. What was Jinnah doing in an Indian university and for what reason? A man as spiteful as Jinnah, who is the architect of partition, finds his way inside an Indian university and nobody knows why. For me he is no short of a rabid criminal. This pathetic human being isn’t just accused of partition alone. He was a mass murderer too. He called out for show of strength to his Muslim League workers and party bearers. It is famously known as 'Direct Action Day'. That led to a bloody communal rioting in Kolkatta. Thousands of people were butchered in just three days. A quick Google search would throw you many gory photographs from that riot. One is given here as a sample. All this was carried out to show the Congress and the then parting British government what to expect if his two nation theory isn’t accepted. Such a nefarious man would one day occupy a space in one of our universities should come as a shock to any sensible Indian. That is as loathsome as it can get. Rightfully a section of the students opposed this naked display of treachery. This brought about a riot like situation in the campus. Many students were injured in the clashes that erupted post the removal of the portrait. I don't know why anybody should have problems in taking down a Jinnah portrait. It shouldn't have been there at the first place. In a leaked video of the said agitation, mainly perpetrated by the routine freeloaders, one could easily hear the slogans for ‘Azadi’. What has ‘Azadi’ got to do here? Which ‘Azadi’ these morons were demanding and from whom and what? Who is instigating and fuelling this nonsense? How come the biggest enemy of India has got so much fan following here? This is what I mean when I said – we have poisoned our education system so much that we have produced absolute idiots. These idiots are so potent that they hate their own country without much provocation. Just because ABVP and other Hindu aligned students object this portrait the scums didn’t think twice before advocating for our enemy.  

    The usual whataboutery followed after the said clash was out in the open. If not Jinnah then why we have Savarkar’s portrait at many government places, came the hilarious and the usual rant from the liberal Commie circle. Are these guys so dumb to not realize the irony in their query? Why I hear the same bogus argument every time to defend each of India’s enemy? I feel the time has come this nonsense to be answered fair-and-square. Here is a glimpse of what Savarkar had to go through. Side by side I also have put the situation the liberal poster boy Nehru had to go through during the same period. But before that – have you wondered why Savarkar was sent packing to Andaman while Nehru wasn’t? Liberals hail Nehru as the greatest freedom fighter and instrumental number one in India’s freedom movement but surprisingly the British never thought that way. British people only sent those to Andaman whom they thought are potential threat to their rule. Real threats to British rule were either hanged or punished severely while thugs masquerading as freedom fighters were left to done swimsuits and spend lusty time with equally half naked women beside swimming pools. When the real architects of the freedom struggle were barely given enough to eat while serving most inhuman jail terms people like Nehru were roaming around smoking fine Cuban Cigars. Here is the fact – Nehru and many other power hungry charlatans of that era were never a threat for the British rule. In fact they were friends. As a symbolic gesture so that the gullible citizens don’t end up identifying the ‘Jaychands’, people like Nehru were sent to cosy jails where they were treated royally. While Savarkar had to stay inside a 6X3 ft cell with no visible window people like Nehru were given couple of orderly to take care of their demands inside the jail. Morning tea was served, as was gourmet food on demand. I am not sure when air-conditioners were invented but I won’t be surprised if Nehru’s cell was fitted with one or two. When Savarkar was mercilessly getting caned every day like an animal Nehru was scribing crappy books full of Commie ideology. How much time Nehru would have taken to beg for an apology and mercy from the British had he been thrown inside an egg like cell in Andaman, kept half naked from top and caned brutally on daily basis? A week, a month, six months? I bet Nehru would not have survived more than a month before begging for mercy. This is the rude fact that these footsies try to divert nation’s attention from. 

    You don’t believe what I am saying, don’t you? Then just pick a book about India’s freedom struggle. As expected you will find pages after pages talking about these farcical characters like Nehru and their imaginary contribution towards India’s freedom. Total decimation of our real history and real heroes. You seldom would find a decent enough chapter on Bhagat Singh. Forget that; as per the government official records Bhagat Singh isn’t a martyr at all. This is how these Commies have treated our heroes. There are thousands who did the heavy lifting and scarified their lives in the process while the applauses were stolen by few quacks. Lot of paid ‘Distorians’ have slogged day-and-night to make sure that the generations to come forget the real contributors of free India in a jiffy. All that they should remember are these phoney characters and their fairy-talish contributions and sacrifices for the nation. Aren’t we being told even today how Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and hell, even Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have/had scarified lot of things for the nation? This is how these Commies have poisoned our education system. Real heroes, real act of valour were systematically taken out of public discourse filling them with false and bogus characters. 

    Yesterday our security forces gunned down five terrorists in Kashmir. One of them was a J&K University professor. God save our students if we have such dogs teaching them. What kind of education this pig would be imparting on his students is anybody’s guess. The Commies rather being critical of this terrorist are actually trying to defend him. Much like how Bhuran Wani became the son of a school headmaster, this moronic professor also now being levelled as someone who was pious, friendly and a family man. How does that matter? These are the kind of sickening expletives fly around post the killing of terrorists in the valley. Total filth. A known moron and a certified Naxal in the field of Commie lie peddling called Gautam Navlakha even advocated to the students of AMU that how frustration and discrimination leads to one picking a gun against the state. Fantastic but how this chump managed to get inside the university campus? On what ground he was allowed spew nonsense before the students? Who invited this anti-national to vomit against the nation? Who gave him permission to host the students? To a gathering of many worthless students the rascal explained how a frustrated J&K professor did the correct thing by picking up an AK-47. This is the kind of poison the Commie scums spread. Any Tom, Dick and Haroon Bhai today stands up and starts peeing on the nation and we seems to do nothing expect remaining stagnant as useless mute spectators. Even if we try to act against these traitors the scumbags shout sabotage of FoE at once. This is another Commie trait – when challenged play victimhood without much commotion.  

    But you know what the problem is? No, morons like Gautam Navlakha are least of my problems. They would put into their respective rat holes in due course of time. What bothers me is the ease at which these anti-nationals could get access of our students. This is just one issue where we have video footage of the moron spreading hate against the nation but I am sure there would be hundreds of other instances where this moron and other similar tuned rascals may have poisoned our students. That is the real scary part. How this is allowed in a government funded institution is beyond me. They preach students to hate their own country and we do nothing about it. The Commie pigs instigate students to support their break India strategy and yet we remain silent. These buggers ask the students to celebrate if Maoists kill our Jawans and we remain dumb as we always do. It is only in India that the bastards like Navlakha are roaming free. No other sensible country would allow a scoundrel like Navlakha to see the light of the day, much less spewing venom against the state. Systematic corrosion has damaged us from inside. We have turned too fragile to fight for our own pride. Potent mixture that these Commies have sold us in the name of secularism has done immense damage to our whole system. It requires deep cleansing from inside to even recognize where our spine is. The land of Bhagat Singh and Rajguru now has turned into the playground of notorious fear mongers and anti-nationals. Shameful that we have let this to happen without much objection. 

    The ecosystem these Commies have built during their prolonged misrule is there to hound us further. This ecosystem becomes very vibrant when Commies and their ideology is questioned. Post the JNU ‘Tukde Tukde’ fracas many morons from the ecosystem rushed to the campus to take interviews of that ‘Sadakchap’ Kanheiya Kumar as if he is a celebrity. What that scumbag has done except shouting derogatory profane against the state that requires an interview to be taken? They defend a drug-addict like Umer Khalid just because he shouts ‘Azadi’ and calls Indian state oppressive. Nobody talks about the linieage of this particular moron. Nobody says that the rogue Umer Khalid is the son of a known terrorist. Same is the case with that woman called Shehla Rashid, who even don’t know who her father is. Faggots call Indian state as oppressive and atrocious and these Commies go berserk in support like third rate cheer girls. A place like JNU allows thugs to study for donkey’s years on tax payer’s money while the shameless jerks get full time busy politicking and bitching against the nation, at time at international forums. These Commies teach our students to celebrate if our country gets humiliated in international platforms. 

    Not only that, they also teach students to hate Hindus and Hinduism. The pigs get overjoyed when a half-educated foreign scum calls Lord Ram a ‘Misogynist Pig’. They not only get overjoyed, they also defend the scum if one questions her credibility for writing something as mischievous as this. These Commies simply keep on poisoning our education system with absolute disdain and we do nothing major to stop these rogues from getting away easily. 

    Hope the Modi government, for least, should take all such anti-India froths to task before they remit the office for 2019 general elections. Let’s fight the election on these grounds and what steps are a must to stop these Commie criminals from spreading further. They are a virus for this nation, or for that matter any country. Precisely why these jokers were unceremoniously kicked out from everywhere. Commies haven’t done any good to any nation and we certainly aren’t an exception here. The pigs belong to filthy swamps and they must not be allowed to poison our young minds thereby saving the nation from these hounds.

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