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    Dear Sashi Tharoor, Let's Talk About Your Hypocrisy!!

    Sashi Tharoor tried to be an intellectual once again. While addressing a gathering in Kerala, his home state, he said, if BJP comes to power again in 2019 then India would become a ‘Hindu Pakistan’. I am not sure what this man accused and charge-sheeted in the death of her wife Sunanda Pushkar was trying to convey. But ST isn’t alone there with his ‘Hindu Pakistan’ nonsense, whatever that means. I have noticed many eminent intellectuals when fail to stage their argument properly use this phrase to get away. I seldom have heard any of them explain what they mean by ‘Hindu Pakistan’. They never do because they too are aware that the said catch phrase is more like a routine nonsense than a factual one. Like most idiotic catch phrases that these selfsame intellectuals use to sound intelligent ‘Hindu Pakistan’ has come to being used to draw equivalence on how a Hindu Rastra would eventually lead to the prosecution and oppression of the minorities, much like what happens in Pakistan and their minorities in the hands of the majority Muslims. Don't know if I should laugh or cry on these brainless scums.

    But this assertion is as flawed as the servile mindset of these self-serving intellectuals and even they know it very well. It is not only flawed but also speaks a great lot about the hypocrisy these intellectuals shamelessly exhibit. Tharoor is just one from that shameless lot. Though his own past is marred in all kind of skullduggery the man in Sashi Tharoor never misses a chance to lecture everyone else on everything under the sun. But what is interesting to note here is the timing of this churlish outburst. Was it because Congress has already realized that they are losing again in 2019 or this is the backbone of Congress campaign leading up to 2019 general elections is something that time can only tell but I guess there is a bit of both in what ST said and the kind of support he is getting from the usual suspects in our media and other liberal cabal makes it a great lot obvious. As my thumb rule says – whenever this gang of morons are solidly behind one nonsense or the other be sure there is something far more sinister underneath than what meets the eye. So let’s dig in.

    First let’s see what ST said

    If they are able to win a repeat of their current strength in the Lok Sabha then, frankly, our own democratic Constitution, as we understand [it], will not survive... because then they will have all the three elements they need to tear up the Constitution of India and write a new one.

    Brilliant!! Spotting the hypocrisy couldn’t have come any easier. In our 70 years of democratic history there can’t be any other political party than Congress which has subverted our democracy and constitution more savagely. In fact, no political party can even come close to one hundredth of the damage that Congress has inflicted on our nation, not just constitution. But the irony, ST suddenly wakes up today and cries wolf. Has he forgotten the most bizarre and irreparable damage that emergency has done to our constitution? Have you ever heard him crying foul for emergency? In its history Congress has amended our constitution 58 times (maximum) and most of those to protect the party and the Chinese Gandhis but today ST is worried about something which are his hallucinations at best. Just to appease the Mullahs Rajiv Gandhi undermined our constitution in Saha Banoo case. Have you ever heard ST being critical of that miscarriage of our justice system by his own party stalwarts? But today when there is almost nothing to worry about, ST gets the bamboo in his dreams and vomits in open the next day and goes on a scare mongering spree.

    But you know what is really hurting these charlatans? No, not the constitution. It is their depleting minority vote bank that bugs these clowns no end. People like ST and other termite clan members or for that matter the Congress party hardly care for the nation or our constitution. If you find a Congressi weeping for the wellbeing of our democracy or something in similar line, be rest assured he/she is bluffing it big. All that matters to them is their vote bank. Though the wolf cry was for the constitution, in reality, these morons couldn’t just tolerate how Modi is bringing about the much needed neutrality in governance. They couldn’t tolerate the ‘Triple Talaq’ judgment. They can’t see the implementation of uniform civil code. They can’t digest the fact that article 370 may be ripped off. Cry for the constitution is just the hogwash which these howlers are best at orchestrating. Time has come to ask a straight question to jokers like ST and many more – can they point a single instance where the present dispensation has gone against the constitution or for that matter even the minorities? In contrast, you won’t have to spend much time in your research to find the anti-Hindu characteristics of the Congress party. How anti national the party is, one can only write as much in the previous paragraph.

    As far as I am aware Modi Sarkar hasn’t brought a single legislation that was against the minorities. So what these morons are whining about? Rather the Congress party was abjectly communal during their tenure. Even terming them as communal is an understatement. They were/are outright anti-Hindu. They even brought something as dubious as the communal riots bill which was grossly against the Hindus. Sensibility prevailed and the proposed legislation was junked in the nearest trashcan. Had it not for the opposition of BJP and many likeminded parties, Congress was almost successful in pushing their Hindu hatred in our constitution. Nothing can scale beyond Manmohan Singh’s idiocy in dedicating national resources for the minorities. With such a history behind them it was little rich of ST to do a Rudali and accuse others of destruction. If not for dishonesty, I am not sure what made ST to rant like a crack pot addict.

    The real motive behind ST’s nonsense got evident in his second statement, not that something that we weren't expecting. as was guessed, It was not for the constitution but for the vote bank.

    And that will enshrine the principle of Hindu Rashtra, that will remove equality for the minorities, and that will create a Hindu Pakistan...and that is not what Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad and great heroes of freedom struggle fought for

    This comes from the same man who had once infamously dubbed India as cattle class. Beyond his regular crass statements ST here seems to have crossed the limit of basic articulation. What is a ‘Hindu Pakistan’ by the way? Post-independence the nation was divided on religious lines to safeguard the greed of people like Nehru. Though the morons then declared India as not a Hindu nation they never said what then India is. The nonsense called secularism was introduced long after that. If the pointer was that a ‘Hindu Rastra’ would render the phony secularism narrative in danger, then I am sure one can’t be more stupid that ST. India is a secular country because Hindus are in majority, and it is a fact that no one can dispute, not even acute Hindu haters like Sashi Tharoor. Pakistan has reduced its minorities to almost naught from 16% since the partition while in India the Muslims (because no other minority count as minority for the Congress party) have grown to 25% in the same time period. Almost a reversal in the population alone. So which ‘Hindu Pakistan’ equivalence ST was trying to establish? This is how the rogues in Congress regularly undermine the Hindus for no reason. By comparing Hindus with the Mullahs of Pakistan, people like ST regularly try to show Hindus, the core support base of BJP, in a bad light. And this has been the plot of Congress party for a long, long time, more so after 2014.

    Hypocrisy is another big part in ST’s life. In fact most in our liberal circle suffer with this problem. Other times their love for Pakistan knows no bounds. They simply love everything about Pakistan. They never would talk about an existing ‘Muslim Pakistan’ while going on a hugging and kissing spree. They rush to Pakistan for every bit of soundbite. Usually you would hear these morons advocating for people to people contact and many such similar sounding nonsense. Most of them even hail Pakistan and their society as one pious thing to emulate. Few even requested Pakistani establishments to overthrow Modi and bring them back to power. ST himself is a great exponent of the ‘Aman Ki Asha’ nonsense. If I remember correctly, ST was once a moderator in a debate between people from both the countries under the AAA flag. Other assorted morons aren’t too far behind ST either. Most find the grass unusually green there. Manishankar Aiyer in fact when is free from his usual ‘shitting through his mouth’ syndrome spends his time in Pakistan. Basically when the time comes clowns like ST leave no stones unturned in praise of Pakistan and its people but in other times they draw Pakistan equivalence to subjugate Hindus. I am not sure if anyone else has used a rogue nation like Pakistan so effectively in their fraudulent narratives as our in-house liberal frauds have done. And yet still these buffoons wonder why they are being labeled as high grade hypocritical morons.

    That said, I am not sure why I smell a political plot in ST’s nonsense. My guess solidifies more when I hear someone like Hamid Ansari in a known Congress doormat called NDTV. ST blabbering and Hamid Ansari blabbering the same nonsense in a different way on a paid platform of Congress a day after can’t be a coincidence. While talking to Nidhi Razdan HA was critical of the constitution as much as ST was. He said – there is a realistic danger of India turning into an illiberal democracy. Fantastic again!! I am glad that this man was thrown out of vice-president chair. This faggot who runs Madrasas that teach hatred and intolerance for all is preaching about liberalism can easily be the biggest joke of this century. The same man also attends functions of known terror outfits like PFI as chief guest and today shamelessly conjures unbelievable defiance in shaming shamelessness itself. And such morons usually get their air space in NDTV type ‘Jholachap’ channels. As I said, this just can’t be a coincidence. NDTV, the Pidi-In-Chief of the Congress party, won’t invest any time on absolute irrelevant screwballs like Hamid Ansari without being told so by their masters in 10 Janpath. Each time NDTV was busy peddling the agendas of Congress in the name of journalism it usually has resulted in massive lie peddling across the liberal cabal, and precisely that is what is happening now. So the presence of a stinking plot is almost certain.

    As I said, all this is a plot for the 2019 general elections, make no mistakes about it. A desperate Congress, failed in most of their earlier thuggery, has resorted to one more charlatanism; probably the final effort at resurrection. Now it is the time for the constitution to be milked. A hopelessly disjointed Congress now resorts to the worst possible manifestation of public discourse – scare mongering. After Christians in danger and Muslims in danger failed miserably, now is the time for – constitution in danger. Like all earlier instances, the ecosystem is activated. That is why all recognizable Pidis are barking at the same time in similar tunes. Be it Sashi Tharoor or Hamid Ansari, it was instructed in clear terms on how the Pidis should act till the 2019 general elections. And these clownish footsies are just doing as instructed. May be another plot of ‘Cambridge Analytica’ that these slaves are tutored to play out.

    So brace yourself for more drama, skullduggery, hypocrisy and idiocy coming out from every notable slave of the Congress party before we hit the 2019 election time. Congress is a known offender in matters involving elections and democracy and they aren’t shedding that dubious tag in a hurry. So, watch out!! 

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