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    Stinking Desperation

    With the announcement of dates for the Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh assembly elections the tone is set for the 2019 general elections in all earnest. And as expected the ‘Pidis’ have started barking and have already called the upcoming state elections are some kind of semi-final and test for Modi. How many semi-finals one would have? But I am not surprised. Since 2014 every election, including the Panchayat and even some dumb JNU student body election comprising of hardly 4000 odd freeloaders as voters who otherwise are referred as students by our liberal clowns, was termed as a test for Modi’s acceptance. It is a different matter that post each debacle the same ‘Pidis’ have crowded different TV studios to explain how state elections hardly reflect the national sentiment, whatever that means. I had never seen such rapid change of goalpost that these ‘Pidis’ have managed to orchestrate. Absolute cluelessness. They were a clueless lot since the beginning because they have nothing noteworthy to offer for an explanation except some mindless whining. Along with being clueless they have turned utterly desperate and hopeless too. The desperation shows, starting with Rahul Gandhi and down. The crawlers of 10 Janpath have become viler in their attacks. They have started concocting stories to substantiate their falsehood.
    In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned how Congress and its slaves are desperately looking for a scam to attach against Modi Sarkar. Rafale is one such instance where these ‘Pidis’ have dished out more garbage than facts. Couple of months back RG was there in Singapore to deliver some keynote. I don’t know who on earth would want to listen to this dumb but that is for some other time. So when Pappu was asked to explain the Rafale deal, he was clueless on what to answer. But that isn’t his fault. He is a dumb noise maker by birth and buffoonery is his only forte. In fact, his IQ has now become a national joke. Failed to comprehend a clear answer little Pappu agreed to admit something that we always knew – I know nothing about Rafale deal, said the clown. Let alone Rafale, he knows nothing about many things, including politics. Honestly I am least bothered for his dumbness. That said, what actually bothers me are his buffoonery. Back home he goes around blabbering and calls Rafale a scam. From 30000 crores Pappu has escalated the scam amount to some 150000 crores in about fifteen days time. I don’t know from where he fetches these numbers when he himself has admitted that he knows nothing about Rafale. Just like the master his slaves routinely join the cacophony without an iota of idea on the deal. From nowhere they got hold of some French tabloid that claimed the ex-French president admitted to have a foul play in the manner Reliance was roped in the deal. It was a field day for weeks for Pappu and his cronies to shout ‘scam’ every second minute. Their plan was foiled when Dassault system clarified in their official statement that whatever these 'Pidis' are jumping about is plain rubbish.

    But can Congress let go so easily when they have invested so much in Rafale to build a scam story? Certainly not. It has become a Déjà vu situation for them. You know, that ‘Gale Ki haddi’ type? They need to go on out of compulsion. So they got hold of another French tabloid this time named ‘Mediapart’ to build a dream castle out of their posteriors. And what is the credibility of ‘Mediapart’ in France? To give a comparison – Mediapart is basically ‘The Wire’ of France. So who else would run their story back home after doing some shoddy translating – The Wire itself. Why am I calling it a translation job? Because these morons have put no effort in building the story. Only effort they have put is fabricating it with their lies. According to the morons, France was blackmailed to get Reliance on board in exchange of the deal. But the falsehood seems to have fallen apart quicker than it was taken to build. Dassault yet again clarified that they never were forced to choose Reliance as an offset. To have an offset was part of the deal and was mandatory, reason why they are building a facility in Nagpur, but Reliance was never a forced condition. That’s what even the ‘Mediapart’ seems to have written. But the slaves in ‘The Wire’ gave it a nice spin to make it sound entirely different. And these bogus media worms still claim themselves to be independent media houses. Laughable!! Look at the irony of these media thugs when one wanted to point out this intentional flaw and spin work in ‘The Wire’ reportage. Our journalism has gone so subterfuge and deceit that reporting now has been left to some ‘Bing’ translation. No study, no ground work, no fact checks and of course, no integrity shown while reporting absolute lies. And this Vishnu Som is a so called defense analyst with a traditional Congress mouthpiece. Defense analyst? My ass. Forget about commonsense – as a rule of thumb, anything that ‘The Wire’ reports can be dumped as lies and garbage of first order and you would be right 9.99 times out of 10. If one builds his/her argument based on some nonsensical lie peddling of ‘The Wire’ and some laughable ‘Bing’ translation, it only exposes the desperation than any scam.

    Rafael isn’t just the one case. ‘Pidis’ are all over the place. Only motto is to oppose anything that Modi Sarkar does. And who better to place as a case study than the Pidi in chief ‘Sekhar Coupta’? The current NSA was made the top most bureaucrat and ‘Coupta’ seems to have a lot of problem with that. He calls it as history being made in Delhi. The same moron was gleefully crawling when history was made in Delhi during emergency. The moron never had any problem when an entire cabinet along with the PM and battery of bureaucrats were reporting to an Italian Bartender in Delhi. But today, since it was something proposed by Modi Sarkar, this slave has to fire his ass and blabber incoherent nonsense. But look at the slap he got from the IPS association. In no uncertain terms the IPS association called out Coupta’s deceitful behavior. They literally called this moron an agenda peddler. No wonder Smriti Irani was bang on the head when she called this slave a ‘Wheeler-dealer’. An acutely shameless man, I must say. In fact, I haven’t seen more shamelessness than what Coupta is capable of. This is not the first time that he was publicly being slapped for his nonsense. During his nonsensical Coupe story on General VK Singh, he got the slap of his life. But it seems he hasn’t learnt anything from that escapade.

    What people like Coupta subtly prove – months of desperation has culminated in hating. It is their hate for Modi and BJP that rules their absent brains now. The hate has gone so deep that, for them, hate Modi has become synonym with hate India. Just to show Modi in bad light they don’t think twice to even insult India. Case in point is this third rated and jobless Bollywood Bimbo called Swara Bhasker. Who is financing these worthless parasites? Since Amit Shah called the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants as termites, a thug tweets that Bangladesh must thrash India in Asia Cup final as revenge. Seriously? So much hate? And who has liked it? Just look at the hate for India, so much so that even Bangladesh becomes dearer to them. I suspect these pigs would be secretly celebrating whenever Pakistan would be defeating India in Cricket. Since Amit Shah and Modi must be taught a lesson, India can go to hell. Amit Shah was correct in calling the illegal immigrants as termites but if one asks me, they are far less dangerous than people like Swara Bhaskar. People like SB are the real termites. Bangladeshis can be identified and thrown out but what about these in-house traitors? They live here, make money. In free time they get engaged in ‘Path Breaking’ stuff but hate their own nation no end. They wish ill for their motherland just to satiate their filthy and rotten political ego. If this is not treachery then I am not sure what it is. By the way, worthless morons like Swara Bhasker are very dear to the entire fleet of liberal thugs.

    Another Bimbo follows suite. Didn’t I just say – these rascals have problem with anything and everything that Modi Sarkar does. Even ‘Ayushman Bharat’ is a problem for them. And keep it in mind; these ‘Pidis’ are perpetual Rudalis for Poor and marginalized cause as part of their side activity. And how this Bimbo proves AB as one bad move – yes with her utter dumbness. Before we move ahead, please be noted – people like Coupta or this Rupa Subramaniya are from the media syndicate and when it comes to our pathetic media, my basic assertion of these leeches stands tall – our media chaps aren’t very bright people. They in fact are outright dumb. So what this ‘Dumbassri’ was expecting? Entire 1.2 billion plus populace to fall ill immediately and that too within an hour of the scheme being rolled out? Or else, the scheme/policy is useless. Now I doubt where this moron has kept her brain, if at all she had one to begin with. Dried money has filled these charlatans with hate. Now these faggots hate everything that is not in favor of their masters; be it average people of the nation, Modi, BJP or for that matter the nation itself.

    Exhibits of this hate filled ideology and desperate nincompoops are aplenty today. Most TV studious are filled with these slaves. Elsewhere I read, Javed Akhtar is going to support and campaign for Kanheiya Lal in Bihar. Where this love for a ‘Tukde Tukde’ thug came out from? It certainly doesn’t look like love. It has to be something else. Is it another case of acute desperation? A year and half back the same JA was very fond of Nitish Kumar and was praising his model of governance. It is something that other states must emulate, the tout blabbered somewhere. What was it that suddenly changed? What happened to that oozing love for Nitish Kumar? And the answer lies in the abject bankruptcy in ethics that most ‘Pidis’ like Javed Akhtar possess. Since Nitish Kumar was not with BJP he was good and praise worthy. Now that NK has moved back to NDA, my skewed personal agenda doesn’t allow me to love him anymore. Now I would sower my love on a ‘Tukde Tukde’ pig. This is how most ‘Pidis’ carry themselves today – no ethics, no value system, no moral, no credibility. It is plain hate. Hate for Modi which in turn must be hate for India too.

    The initial photo of this post explains these slaves. They care for none. What matters to them is their personal agenda and gain. Since the onset of Modi in pan India scene, the free money that was flowing unobstructed has dried up. Nobody is pampering these freeloaders any more. No free scotch either. Desperate time; calls for desperate measures. Just like the placard holder in the photo – these slaves display no shame in their respective stale behavior. I can foresee few of these morons killing themselves when Modi will return in 2019. A Modi return would ensure that the filthy ecosystem that Congress has built over the years, exactly where these ‘Pidis’ were enjoying till date, will be uncharitably dismantled. There would be nothing left for the ‘Pidis’ to make merry. Their source of income would go to naught, so as their source of survival. These filthy creatures are simply incapable of living a life of decency. They don't have that within them as an average you and me has. They have lived a life of lie and skulduggery and they would die a feral death. Suicide could just be the way to get rid of their respective grubby lives that they lived.

    P.S – Few of my readers asked me to write on the recent #MeToo nonsense that is going on. Here it is – How come all the #MeToo references are coming from either Bollywood or media? There has to be reasons. And the reason is; you don’t require extraordinary IQ to get into these two fields. In fact, the dumber you are the better it is. And dumb people get exploited easily. It is an across the globe phenomena. Can’t help and there isn’t much to write either. Each one of the women was aware to what she is getting into. Crying 'rape' today hardly would change this fact. Had the incident offended you that much that you still carry the stigma till today, you should have revolted back then. You were touted as brave by many today. How I wish you showed some bravery back then when it was required the most.

    And by the way, sorry for being irregular with my posts. Was stuck with a lot of work in last few months. Would try to be more regular henceforth. 

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