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    Rahul Gandhi’s Interview – Intellectual’s Nightmare

    I always said Rahul Gandhi is the biggest casualty for the Congress party. Every time he opened his mouth on anything he embarrassed Congress further. But for some unknown reason the sycophants always hailed Rahul Gandhi as something beyond anyone’s imagination and perhaps the biggest thing happening to India. This very sycophancy didn’t even get maligned after prolonged failures of Rahul Gandhi as a leader; an orator; an inspiring charecter or even as an average human being who is expected to have that basic sense of maturity. Though whatever Rahul Gandhi touched he turned them into a Sreesanth in double quick time, the sycophants always rallied behind him and hailed him even for his utter failures. This shameless display of buttering and posterior licking transformed an already intellectually challenged individual to an absolute nutcase and he continues to remain in that state till now. If you have doubts creeping in your mind on how big a duffer this Gandhi scion is then you either haven’t seen his interview with Arnav Goswami or you are a diehard supporter of the party and this family with a borrowed surname.

    Before we get to the interview part we must first see why Rahul Gandhi agreed to give the interview to begin with. RG is in public life for last 10 years almost doing and achieving nothing except his trademark gimmicks. He seldom appeared before cameras to give interviews or take questions from the media. He was never seen talking to media on one-to-one basis. Hell, he never even held a press conference of his own. Now one wonders, what was that burning necessity for RG to agree for an interview and that too at such a late stage where the battle seems all but lost for his party? This is even more surprising when he agreed to have the interview with Times-Now, a channel little hostile towards Congress unlike their rabid mouthpieces like NDTV or CNN-IBN. There seems to be too many puzzles which are excessively incoherent among themselves to fit in together. Does this have anything to do with the latest 500 Cr expenditure plan of Congress to build up the nonexistent image of RG? Quite possible since RG was never seen talking to people directly on many issues where one expects a true leader to engage with. He was silent during 2G. He was altogether absent during CWG. He went to hibernation on Coalgate sage and during Adarsh he preferred to vacation around Spain and other parts of Europe. Bottom line – RG never behaved like a true leader in any of the issues mentioned above. Such repeated silence for sure never perceived in good spirits by the populace and treated RG like a joker whenever he opened his mouth elsewhere. From the aspiration of becoming a serious leader Rahul Gandhi ended up being the biggest clown of our political circus. Looking at where RG as a leader is heading, the PR team that is employed to improve the image of RG must have advised the Shezada to let go his deliberations and face the cameras straight. The PR team must also have advised to go with a little hostile channel since the entire nation knows how filthy and sold out pimps are these NDTV and IBN types are. So there you go; Arnav got the pie without working too hard for it and thanks to him that post the horrendous interview most of us were able to stamp the joker tag to RG one final time.

    Not sure about others but for me those 75 minutes were quite a torture. Listening to answers which were exactly south to what the question was, is just a part of the torture. The other part and perhaps tougher of the two was listening to the man himself. All through those 75 minutes RG showed us all how big a moron he is. He also confirmed how he absolutely has no idea on what he is speaking or for that matter why he was there in front of Arnav Goswami. Every question of Arnav was answered with prolonged and highly incoherent replies, most of the time having no correlation with the question. All that I heard the Shezada uttering were these four words – “RTI”, “Women Empowerment”, “Opening Up The System” and “Fundamentally”. Ohh yes, he also spoke about his grandmother and his father even when the discussion was about his college degrees. I am not sure how RG managed but he somehow managed to answer every question of Arnav only by using these four words. I guess Ajit Ninan couldn’t have put it any better. 

    The irony all through was the fact that, here is a joker who believes he can lead the nation and for that he has a simple answer to everything, including the Indo-Pak relationship, and that answer is RTI. Here is a man who feels every problem of India can be solved by rolling out dolls like MNREGA. Here is a man who has no vision to bank upon but talks big on issues like 1984 Sikh riots or 2002 Gujarat riots. Here is a man who is shameless enough to say that the then Congress government acted against the 84 Sikh rioters whereas Modi government corroborated with the nuisance makers in 2002. How that single example of intellectual bankruptcy has blown on his face is a different story and we will get to that in the course of time. But before we go there, how about judging the Shezada and his vacuum top tire from few of his replies?   

    Arnab Goswami: Specifically speaking how is Narendra Modi, your party criticised him for the 2002 Gujarat riots, and how can you do that when he has been given a clean chit…. Do you believe that strategy of your party is fundamentally wrong?  
    Rahul Gandhi: The strategy of the party is very simple. Everything we have done over that last 5-10years, in fact if you look all the way back to the freedom movement, every single thing we have ever done is empower people. We empowered people in the freedom movement, we empowered farmers in the Green revolution, and we empowered the citizens of India when we did the telecom revolution. We have empowered millions and millions of people through frankly the most powerful legislation that has ever taken place in this country called the RTI- Right to information. Things that used to be closed, things that were in closed doors which nobody knew about.

    Now one should tell me how the Gujarat riots or for that matter any riot could have an explanation starting with our freedom struggle? When the question was why Congress party along with few thugs masquerading as NGOs have systematically acted in alacrity against one single person and continue to do so even after the courts pretty much sealed the case, the prince has this bizarre explanation of how they have empowered people. Since when empowerment is equivalent to rotten political vendetta? And how that RTI finds a mention in the nefarious ideology of Congress vis-à-vis Gujarat riots and Narendra Modi? If one hears the answer and asked to formulate the possible question, he probably would commit suicide once he sees the original question for which the Yuvraj continued with his senseless blabbering for good 10 minutes. Is this the man who is aspiring to be the next PM of this country? Is this the man who doesn’t have this basic IQ to comprehend the question at hand and come up with some kind of answer that makes sense is what this loathsome Congress party is offering to the nation?  

    I am fine with the idea of evading one question or the other. That could be one of the strategies and it certainly reflects that the person at least understood the question unlike in RG’s case where he never tried to be evasive but he simply didn’t understand the question he was asked. He carried on with his style of ridiculous jabbering which he is so used to for everything. Let’s check another piece from this IQ less human being.

    Arnab Goswami: Are you avoiding a direct face-off with Narendra Modi? Is there a fear of loss Rahul because this election is not looking good for the Congress party from overall estimates? And the growing belief is that if Rahul Gandhi has not picked up the challenge officially that means that there is a fear of loss, he is avoiding a direct one on one battle with Narendra Modi, you must answer that?  
    Rahul Gandhi: To understand that question you have to understand a little bit about who Rahul Gandhi is and what Rahul Gandhi's circumstances have been and if you delve into that you will get an answer to the question of what Rahul Gandhi is scared off and what he is not scared off. The real question is what I am doing sitting here, you are a journalist, when you were small you must have said to yourself I want to do something, you decided to become a journalist at some point, why did you do that?

    Again a set of nonsense for a very pertinent question. To begin with he advises us to understand what Rahul Gandhi is all about. Isn’t that laughable? Does the Shezada thinks that we all are as useless as him to have nothing better to do than understanding what an absolute nutcase could be? With all honesty, RG could have easily avoided this question by simply denying answering on that. But for that to happen, he has to understand the question and by looking at the nonsense he delivered as an answer I am sure he didn’t understand the question to begin with. That’s why the answer went nowhere near to be even considered as a remotely related reply. It was just plain regrettable munching making no sense whatsoever. But ask the sycophants, they will term the answers of RG at par with those of the best statesmen the planet has ever seen.

    The best from the prince came a little later. Like his great-grandfather, who was master at messing up things, RG stood to that rotten legacy and blew up the 1984 Sikh riots on his own face. I am sure the sensible brains in Congress must be ruining on the fact that they allowed such a brainless hack to go for an interview. The much preserved secrets of Congress are now in open and in all likelihood the stupid oratory of RG has yet again brought enormous embarrassment for the Congress party. The 30 year old case from nowhere raised its ugly head and that too in the election season leaving the Congress clowns scattering around like a bunch of mad dogs for cover. That is the grandiose of the Rahul Gandhi stupidity. He not only made mess of everything that is we call sensible but also made the lives of his colleagues more miserable by his appearance in front of Arnav Goswamy. I am sure, the Congress goons in secret must be hunting out that idiot who proposed such catastrophic idea at the first place.

    I can go on and on because each line of RG that day is worth a paragraph of explanation. Such is the veracity of his stupidity that it just can’t fit in a single blog. You may have to come up with a catharsis to explain how clownish the Shezada was that day; not that he ever appeared smart in his life though. Any attempt to elaborate the entire self-humiliation of RG in one single piece of blog would be grossly a futile exercise and I am for certain not attempting on that direction. Rather let me try to sum up that unfortunate incident, as far as Congress is concerned in one single line. 

    So to bundle it one line – Rahul Gandhi’s interview is just the kind of nightmare the intellectuals would never appreciate. 


    1. Ha ha ha. Did you expect anything better from this college dropout? I am sure you must have marked the nervousness on this joker's face when Arnav popped up his degrees and all. He was like that idiot who was apprehended from a rave party. Sulking and searching for avenues to tuck his tail between his legs and run away. Nonetheless, a great piece as always.

    2. This INTERVIEW by Rahul Gandhi kindled more laughter in me than even Kapil Sharma's best standup comedy.

    3. For once , to be honest i was expecting , some sense coming out of RG's mouth. But while watching the interivew i was amazed at the risk apetite of congress by allowing Rg for a solo interview and that too to Arnab . One could easily gauge body language of both . Arnab was itching to break loose and tear RG apart but refrained him self . I am sure he must be pullung his hair as well after hearing Rg's response to his questions .. :)

    4. Thanks for writing this up.. I know anything written here is very less.. I agree you cant describe a loser for each his wordings. But i must agree with you he is just dumb. Congress has to thank Arnab on that day. If Arnab was real Arnab, Rahul would have peed on the show. Arnab didnt go deep into price rise, growth, how to empower, how to open system to people.. Even he didnt goto Robert Vadra.. On that Arnab didnt cross fire what he does normally.. like e.g.: Rahul said we must stop corruption. but why did he made deal with Lalu? Rahul said: Power should not be in single hand.. fine Arnab didnt ask how come power is only with Rahul's family? or only with Rahul? not even useless MMS. If power is not in single person, how come cylinders went up to 12 immediately after his speech?

      Filthy congress and dead dumb Rahul..

      What i like in show is.. how Rahul was nodding his face when Arnab asked.. like i dont know whats he asking.. shall i say RTI this time or Empowering women?.. :)

    5. I am telling you man, if this person becomes PM of India (this is the last thing i would expect to save life life after trying all possible solution available under this sky) then I am planning to apply refugee visa for permanent residency to any country possible...

    6. Fyi NaMo left the interview midway with Rajdeep of IBN while Rahul still completed the interview properly.
      Why Modi does not hold Press Conferences ? Is he scared or ashamed of Media that will expose him Naked to the core if he holds such one ?
      Think abt it.
      Modi got clean chit bcos of huge backing of biz men like Adani n Ambani. Once he loses the backing, SC will send him to gallows for his heinous crimes.

    7. oh is it. so u mean to say that SC is influenced by Adani & Ambani. Then who influenced SC in 1984 riot cases. Come on aditya. R U part of RG's youth force, then we can;t help.

    8. Ok, leave aside that. Why NaMo left halfway the interview with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN IBN ? Was he uncomfortable with questions asked ? Why off late, Modi does NOT hold any press conference to discuss his plans on being PM Candidate and current CM of Gujarat ? Is he afraid that Media will expose him left, right and center ? Or, he does not have answers to uncomfortable questions like --
      1. How such a Masscare took place in 2002 without State Govt. sponsorship ? Who set the fire to Train that killed Karsevaks ?
      2. Why NO Lokayukta is present in Gujarat for so many years ?
      3. If you are Single, who is Jasodaben ? How she knows you ?
      4. Why Precious Land in Kutch was given at throwaway prices to Adani by You ?
      5. Whose CM he is, of People or of Corporates ?
      6. What is APCO, and how they are helping him in his so-called Brand Building ?
      7. Why do you wear Expensive Clothes and Accessories of Reputed Brands, unlike Rahul Gandhi who wears a simple Kurta Pyjama ?
      8. Why ministers convicted by LAW, such as Mayaben Kodnani and Babubhai Bokhiria still part of your Cabinet ?
      Modi will have a TOUGH TIME to reply to these questions.
      He may not have any answers, as he will be caught Pants Down, like what happened in Nayak when Amrish Puri the corrupt CM was questioned by Anil Kapoor, a Honest TV Reporter.
      Saale ki Hawa nikhal jaayegi . Phategi Uski !!

    9. 1. What happened in 2002 was not a massacre, but riot, for your kind information. What happened in 1984 was massacre. Do you understand the difference? AND whom are you asking about who has set fire to the train? You must be asking your Sicular brigade on this.
      2. Don't you have any better question to ask on the Lokayukta in Gujarat ?
      3. How does people of a state a CM? If some one knows you, does it mean that you are not single? How stupid !
      4. What about the Coal mines allocation at throw away prices by the UPA government?
      5. For this, just visit Gujarat and check with the public whether he is the CM for them or the corporates
      6. It must be CAPCO, where the first letter C stands for Congress
      7. Another stupid question, this time, on clothes
      8. Better you question the UPA on Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler

      Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgadh aur Delhi ke assembly elections results ke baad kiski hawa nikalgayi, woh poora diniya jaanti hei.

    10. You are behaving like a Joker, aren't you? By the way, the Modi episode that you were talking about is not with Sardesai but with the scumbag Karan Thapar. And if you really want to know why Modi denied the interview with that scalawag then please read through this http://www.beingcynical.com/2013/11/open-latter-to-karan-thapar.html

    11. IF you listen to NaMo, You might want to vote for BJP.
      But if you listen to RaGa, even once, You would become impatient to vote for BJP.

    12. Amazing writeup DJ.
      It was so annoying to watch that Idiot blabbering vaguely to the questions.
      Felt like a blow-average university student, who hasn't studied at all, answering the final question paper. Writing some non-sense to 'fill the pages' so that he can get a few marks and pass the exam somehow.
      And the fact that he couldn't maintain eye contact in the interview shows his fear and lack of confidence!
      Him being the PM will the last nail in the coffin for all of us!!! :@

    13. There is a conspiracy theory going on. It is believed that Robert Vadra had advised Priyanka to arrange Rahul's first interview with Arnab Goswamy so that people can see what a fool he is. It will raise a clamour in congress for leadership of Priyanka and her dynasty takes over the mantle. Rahul was a sacrificial goat and a stepping stone for Priyanka and Vadra.

    14. Very funny.What a fool u are and stupid to the core like RAGA.When did Adnani&Ambani became judges and how they can influence .What a great idiot u are.

    15. OK, I agree its Karan NOT Rajdeep.
      But still, he should have handled it Maturely without exiting midway. Thats rude, considering he being CM of state and now PM candidate. Aise beech main thodi koi interview chod ke jaata hai.
      What about my questions ? I haven't got any answer. Instead fingers are only pointed to Congress.
      I need answers to my list of queries, without mud slinging on the other side.

    16. Arnab goswami to be booked for murder of a minor rahul gandhi during an interview on national television

    17. It was hilarious to see Arnab Goswami laughing in another panel when somebody pointed out ppl are accusing you of "Child Molestation" after the Rahul Gandhi interview!

    18. It was hilarious to see Arnab Goswami trying to control his laughter in another panel when somebody pointed out ppl are accusing you of "Child Molestation" after the Rahul Gandhi interview!

    19. Priyanka wil hv to explain Vadras shennigans.....before she even dreams of coming center stage

    20. 1. Hundreds of such riots have taken place in India since 1947....all in congress rule.....How did that happen????

      The people who set fire to the train have already been convicted by the courts?????Are u zzzzzzzzzzzzz??????

      2. Will u tell me whether Kashmir/Himachal/Haryana/UP/Bihar/Uttarakhand/Maharashtra/Andhra/Assam/All the NE states...have Lokayuktas......AND IF YES WHAT THE HELL IS THE LOKAYUKTA DOING????Are u telling me that these states have Ram Rajya????

      Do u see what the Lokayukta in MP is doing?????Lokayukta police raids govt servants...Do u hear it on TV.

      Did u see what the Lokayukta in Karnataka did????A CM resigned!!!!

      Have u heard of the Lokayukta police in MP and Karnataka?????

      Why do u dont have such Lokayukta police in Cong ruled states????

      3. A single man cannot know women?????
      If u utter one more word against Jasodaben...she can file a complaint against u and u can go to jail as per the new laws made for women....MIND U!!!!.

      4. First u ask Robert Vadra to tell us how he got all the land that he has got until now.....!!!!! Then u question Modi...!!!!!

      5. U ask that question to all ur CONGRESS CMs and then ur sillly PM!!!!!

      6. ...NOBRAINER....Does not need a reply.

      7. SIMPLE KURTA PYJAMA../???? An entire lifestyle is financed by scam money and u r talking about simplicity!!!!

      8. Mayaben is in jail !!!! But Tytler and Sajjan Kumar are not!!! Vadra is not!!!
      Babubhai Bokadia has got a stay from the High Court on his conviction!!!!

      Ab bol teri gas kyon nikal rahi hai?????

      Kahi aur jaaake chod.....yahan baaaaaaaaas mat maaar!!!!

    21. Journalists are not GOD!!!! They have an agenda and that is profit!!!! TV Channels are not doing social work!!!

      When profit is ur agenda....u will be biased.....

      That is what most journos are!!!!


      Check out NDTV scam!!!!!

    22. one main reason for NaMo leaving the interview was bcz he is not comfortable with english language. now u will say he doesnot know english so he cannot become PM, then i would suggest u to ask all the PMs of countries like japan/china/germany/russia etc,how did they become PM without knowing english..in india many people confuse knowing a language with IQ..

    23. why u only have queries for BJP. all questions asked about congress, vadra, RaGa, scams dont interest you? even though they are all current news. only 12 year old episode catches your interest?

    24. Modi has finally admitted in his nomination for LS election that he had a wife ie Jasodhaben and he was married to her at age of 17 . Why he did lie about his Marital Status so far? Is this how you respect women by deserting them, leaving her in utter poverty while he enjoys all luxuries of Power. Think about it.

    25. The fake Gandhi family had several decades of opportunity and they made a mess of it. Let us give Modi one chance. I am sure that it will not be worse than the fake family.

    26. Aditya k 's posts remind me rahul's IQ

    27. R u rahul's fake. .IQ appears quite similar

    28. only one response to this q that perhaps u have not seen that interview.............don't say Rahul still completed the interview properly.