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    Cut Motion Or Loose Motion ?

    I never had an idea on the existence of such an option in our constitution. It was only around 1946 that it was used for the first and last time, that too failing to bring it on the floor. So technically speaking this option was never exercised by our able oppositions in the 60 years history of our democracy. Not only my generation but the people of my father's generation were also caught with surprise when the 13 party non UPA front all of a sudden brought in not only one but two of these cut motions in one go. Only my grandfather showed some smile with an unspoken expression of 'Old Is Gold' philosophy for having knowledge on something which our generation of Google, Tweeter and Facebook didn't have.

    When I first heard about it and the subsequent discussions on the whole thing in media, I thought, Boy oh Boy. My first real accountable knowledge. A watershed event in our post independence history, only to be disgusted seeing the horse trading gone behind the close doors. Is it a real phenomenal tool as suggested by one of the leading political critics or another scope for touts to accomplish some personal gain in a hurry?

    To give a bit of background on this, it is a subset of no confidence motion. Some might say it may not be as aggressive as the super set but if any government fails to pass this then they stand no moral rites to continue in power. Moral rite? with our politicians? It seems the whole basics of this rule is non applicable on our current set of politicians at the first place. Leaving aside the non existent morality and who would do what, still the veracity of the rule is saviour, argued one.

    The back breaking price rise of essential commodities and roll back of the recently increased petroleum and fertilizer prices did brought about this historical phenomena before the general populace, only comparable with seeing Hally's comet, that too in every 76 years. As usual no sooner the ball started rolling, crooks get onto their act of manipulation. Few to save their backs and few others to kick the opponent's back.

    First to fall into the 'I scratch your back, you mine' theorem was none other than the lady with a purse: Shushri Mayawati. The stage was set for a nice little honeymoon period between UPA and BSP, when the CBI along with our solicitor general asked the supreme court to drop the case of disproportionate asset against Mayawati as they don't have any credible evidence to believe so. Goodness me! haven't the CBI sleuths seen the elephant zone park in Lucknow? Is the 1000 rupee garland saga too old to forget? The lady who was hellbent on intimidating the central government or congress in particular and seen snubbing congress general secretary as early as 14th of this month suddenly turned one angle and a strong believer of forget and forgive philosophy. She gave a reason of not entirely interested in allowing communal forces like BJP to comeback into power and hence would support UPA on this motion. For Gods sake can somebody educate this lady that the whole motion was related to price rise and it has got nothing to do with one being communal or secular. Being a true politician, she just can't admit the joy she got on the clean chit to her disproportionate asset, which is in fact out of proportion. So lets give her this liberty of being a little hypocritical.

    Once a Yadav, always a Yadav, is the mantra of Lalu & Mulayam together. Ever non trustworthy as usual and masters in back stabbing. All those hall-gulla for last seven odd days by these two gave an impression as if they are dead serious in giving some much needed relief to the common man, in the process, doing something good for the first time in their life for a change. They thought to display their displeasure on the ruling coalation by walking out rather than voting for the motion. When quizzed, this neanderthal man from Bihar gave elaborations on how he is still the one caring for the common populace's misery and how he would have supported the move, only if BJP wasn't a party to this move. Again, please someone educated this perpetual bugger, that without BJP the whole move would have been a non starter, let alone getting 201 vote in favour of the move.

    While all seems to have baked their cakes in the process, there is at least one casualty. One gentleman called Sibu Soren got hit badly at the wrong place during the scuffle & chaos of the cut motion. He might be the single fellow who has to suffer the loose motion due to this cut motion. The gentleman in the loo currently has done the mistake of voting for the UPA government while still having a coalation in Jharkhand with BJP. If his son Hemant Soren to be believed then his father's gimmicks are not necessarily an intentional one. Blame it on his father's short term memory loss problem which lead him to forget to which party he is currently associated with and end up pressing the wrong button, he added. Far from believing this the BJP thought of terminating their association with JMM and give Mr.Soren a very unholy farewell. BJP strongly believes the memory loss of Sibu Soren is just another classic case of under table (Horse trading) deal between Congress and JMM. The fate of the state of Jharkhand can only be known once Mr.Soren comes out of the loo.

    The motion, irrespective of being cut or loose has more than just voting or few guys behaving strangely at the last moment. Whole of media was busy analyzing the misuse of CBI in this whole farce yesterday. This is what is much more serious than the motion itself. I strongly feel, there are institutions which should function over and above these political paradigms. CBI is one of such institutions for certainty. The fact that we had to discuss the chastity of such organizations at the first place is disturbing and reflects to which low we have stooped to for our personal gain and never diminishing power hungriness. Nothing much to write as it is just the beginning of the end.

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