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    Dalit Sandwich

    No, this is not any special sandwich you are hoping to lay your hands and dig your teeth on any Subway outlet. First thing, it is not an eatable one, or if so at all then it is purely deshi, unlike the Subway ones, conceptualized and conceived in a foreign land.
    The recipe is simple and entirely home grown. Only thing different here is the absence of bread. Take some drama as one leaf and another a mix bag of pseudo sympathy & crocodile tears. Put a generous layer of vote bank instead of butter and of course as the name suggests, you need a Dalit in between. Put it into grill for sometime and have it hot with some tomato & chili sauce. Yummy, isn't it? At least few BSP and Congress leaders would agree to it, as far as test is concerned.

    Who are these Dalits and how on earth they become an integral ingredient of Indian politics or sandwich, if you want to continue with it? To answer the first question: they are a special category of entities whom Mahatma Gandhi fondly termed as Harijans some six or seven decades back. Well thanks for the info, but this doesn't justify them being so important in contemporary politics. Mahatma might have fondly termed many items with different names, but those certainly doesn't feature. For example Mahatma seriously equated honesty with leaders and leadership, but honesty is far fetched from our leaders these days. Why our so called leaders are so much interested for a particular synonym coined by Mahatma? Why this selective love and respect for the great soul?

    There is no definite answer to this but close to a million possibilities. Majority of these Dalits are not educated enough to decide the good, bad and ugly for themselves. Some say this ignorance of the three items actually is a medium of exploitation for them by the crooks in every walk of life. Let it be the guy providing them some income through the NREGA or their Chief Minister, whom these guys believe is the last person caring for them. To keep this exploitation to be exploited, all the crooks who are benefiting, make sure that the last thing reaching these Dalits is the education.

    These half starved, fully illiterate dalits never come into any one's activity radar until their is an election. So mathematically speaking and if the political situation allows, then these guys are remembered by our Sarkar, Mantriji, all his Chamchas once in every five year. OK, I exaggerated. In an average not better than once in every three years or odd days like the birth and death anniversary of Ambedkar or off late with the grace of Mayawati on birth and death anniversary of Kansiram also. The same guys who promise to gift the Chanda mama to them along with making their respective villages no less than New york or Chicago, before election were never seen approaching them till the next election.

    Even on these couple of days a year also none seems too interested in them beyond a tokenism. In the name of dalits and their icons like Ambedkar or self proclaimed icons like Mayawati, the politicians get busy with the nude display of their power and ego. You don't need any better example than what happened today in Ambedkar Nagar to authenticate my claims.
    Rahul Gandhi with his new found sudden love towards the dalits decided to honour Ambedkar on his birth anniversary along with flagging off something called Chetna Yatra on the occassion of 125 years of Congress. Quite few things rolled into one. Mayawati, who is not very fond of Rahul Gandhi or this never heard of Yatra coupled with the fear of loosing few dalits to this new found lover of them and her belief that all dalits are her personal property, decided to show a big thumb to the congress general secretary. What followed is cheos of highest degree with Rahul Gandhi denied to do the garlanding of the statue, at least not before Mayawati does so.

    Was the respect to Ambedkar was on the agenda or who first shows the respect to him was? I guess the later. Shouldn't it be termed as crocodile tears. In the name of showing respect these two human beings fought hard for their self respect. Ambedkar could wait for sometime. Time lines were drawn and the Gandhi camp was directed to wait with their set of plans till Mayawati gets over with hers. Good for Ambedkar that he would get a phase wise honour on his birthday. Ambedkar can't ask for a better birthday than this. Could he?

    By the way has either of the camps ordered for a cake and few candels? And yes don't forget to get that knife to cut the damn cake in front of all those dalits, where one of their icons thankfully getting honoured phase wise. Taliyaan!!!

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