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    Oops, I did it Again

    No this is not Britney Spears I am referring to. It is our own Sashi Tharoor, who would be singing this phrase somewhere in his washroom. Along with Mr.Tharoor, even God would be going crazy off late on the ability of this person to land himself in deep shit almost everyday. At times twice a day. A real desperado unlike Antonio Banderas, the reel one.

    Technology has got a huge downside and the sooner Mr.Tharoor realizes this is better for him and for all those media greyhounds who never take their cameras off from him. Irrespective of him doing anything good, bad or ugly he lands himself into muddy water and if that's not enough he goes ahead tweeting all about his latest self created mesh, still with the mud in his shoes. In the process of his strong affection towards Tweeter and his self formulated belief, he just can't go wrong he ends up creating truck loads of shit, both on the cyber space as well as in his cabin in Shastri Bhawan and his boss S.M.Krishna's cabin adjacent to his, giving Mr.Krishna a constipated look on daily basis.

    In any case exposing (I am not talking about what happens on celluloid) too much could be grossly injurious to your health. A line on what you are saying and what you wanted to say to begin with should be drawn. You just can't wake up one fine morning and start tweeting your latest experience in the loo some five minutes back. How much you dropped down the hole in grams or Kgs, with which short of gas you produced in what ratio alongside your drop is definitely not what Tweeter's inventors have thought their tool to be used for or least your followers expected early morning. This tweeting habit has more serious effect when you try to picture it a global phenomena, that it is not only you but the whole world do shit around at least for once in every 24 hours. When you unfortunately do it : either out of excitement or lack of foresight, there where all problem starts and if you are a public figure then the media even joins in eagerly to know the details of your shit effect. No this is no where closer or related to C.V.Raman's Raman Effect.

    The classic cattle class tweet in response to Sonia Gandhi's austerity pledge didn't went down well within the Congress party or in general populace who travel by that class. The fuming media along with a handful top brass of UPA made Sashi did some jingoistic apology for his unethical literature. Far from learning anything from this Mr Tharoor again rubbed his bottom with a porcupine when he allegedly tweeted about the Visa norms, questioning the whole policy framework of the ruling coalition. Some insider confirmed, this time around the politician was strongly reprimanded by none lesser than the PM himself.

    The latest controversy surrounding Mr.Tharoor more than his Lungi does on odd days is for a change the tweet of Lalit Modi not his own. Modi has charged (tweeted) Tharoor, indirectly having a direct hand in accruing a staggering 18% of the last franchise sold out in IPL, through a lady who happens to be very close to Mr.Tharoor and touted as his future wife. Now both the parties are threatening to sue each other, God knows for what? End of the day one thief caught another with his pants down and the thief with his pants down is not admitting he is actually semi nude but ready to cry innocence from the roof top. Thank God the UN was spared from this tragic.

    Tweet or no Tweet. Tharoor is a man class apart from the rest. Disclosing the activities of MEA openly in tweeter is one thing but defending his misdeeds when caught as absolutely fine is another thing. This makes us feel: this guy is not going to change. Not at least soon. Hope somebody would term this latest encounter of the minister with the technology as enough of nuisance and take adequate steps: either to ban tweeter in India or show Mr.Tharoor the door politely. For once at the end one of the clowns, either the tweeter (Modi) or the tweeted (Sashi) have to sallow a bitter pill which I feel would give them a constipated look for sometime to come.

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