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    My sympathy goes to Madhuri Gupta

    Is Madhuri Gupta anything different from others? Has she done anything out of the blue which we Indians are not very accustomed to? A close introspection to both these question would promptly yield an answer as 'No'. If so then why we are so surprised and bewildered on account of her so called anti national activity and terming her as: 'An Indian as Pakistani mole'?

    Being from India, featuring in the top 10 corrupted nations of the world for last couple of decades continuously, we should be the last set of citizens getting surprised by the unethical practices of Ms.Gupta, more so when ethics is the last word in dictionary that we learn or the first word in dictionary that we give a miss. Close analysis of the event would suggest a frustrated government servant not entirely happy with the working conditions got corrupted. If you ask corruption, what is that? then I better stop this blog here itself. If I don't here anyone asking this, then I have all the sympathy for this lady on two accounts. First for getting corrupted, irrespective of whatever the scenario and second being leveled as anti national and queued alongside Kasav and team.

    Is she anything different from all other government officials? Yes of course she is. Technically she got corrupted by help of few outsiders. But isn't it just that she has to be posted in foreign land on account her nature of job. If she would have been posted in India she would have been equally corrupted and giving all her favors to insiders only. As long as someone is selling the country to dogs, then it hardly matters if the dog is our citizen or not.

    So why this selective amnesia towards Ms.Gupta? When we as a society are corrupt to the bottom and there are more thugs than gentlemen, then why single out Ms.Gupta? Remember the effort needed to get a ration card? You need to grease the already over oiled palms of the Babu to get this. Even to be eligible to grease his palms, you first have to oil the palms of the peon with a smiling Gandhi before you could enter the holly cabin to continue with your greasing work. Try approaching the local RTO office for a driving licence all of your own without a tout beside you. The lady behind the desk would give you that unspoken impression:'Can't this idiot just get hold of a tout to get the work done?'. To get the license you need to fine tune all, starting from the lady behind the desk to the babu known as RTO. Corruption hasn't spared our temples even. Pay Rs.100/- to the pandit in Jagannath temple Puri and he would make sure that you enter from the back door to get a glimpse of lord Jagannath much before the door opens for the lesser mortals waiting outside. Want your pregnant wife to get at least the required attention in a government hospital, you have to bribe: from the midwife to the sweeper and at times even the gynecologist.

    In this collection of crooks why then blame Ms.Gupta? Only because she got corrupted in a foreign land? The other day in a discussion over this spy gate one of the jurnos was describing how the Pakistan foreign minister clearly washed off his hands from this. I couldn't understand whether to laugh or cry. What the juron was expecting: the foreign minister would come forward with open arms and accept their involvement in making one Indian corrupt and beg apology from us? Our media has turned into a big kids show. When the guys at the other end could easily term the most powerful of evidence in 26/11 as nothing but set of literature then are they going to admit their involvement in turning one frustrated Indian to a corrupt Indian?

    When our national character is questionable, then lets not point our fingers to an individual only because she was caught doing the act. I am sure there would be millions of such Guptas who would be doing more heinous of crimes behind closed doors. When we can find one of our ex prime minster's name featuring in scams involving the purchase of defence items and do nothing about it, then we hold no moral authority to question one individual who happens to be a Urdu translator in a foreign office. As I said before: From the colony of buffoons one thug was singled out and I have my sympathy for her, not because she was caught or because she was singled out but it is giving chances to other thugs to be sitting on their posh living rooms and giving gyan to their teenage sons on patriotism and how not a responsible citizen should behave taking Ms.Gupta as an example.

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