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    550 Days And Counting!

    With due respect to our honourable court and our criminal justice system, I must say we flunked badly, giving justice to all those who suffered directly or indirectly due to the 26/11 mayhem. Kasav held guilty of all 86 charges was not at all surprising, but the surprise was the acquittal of both Fahim Ansari and Sababuddin Ahemad in want of evidence. Whom to blame ? the investigating agencies or the Mumbai police which failed to built up a water tight case against these two jokers or the dotted line of our judiciary which says 'Innocent until proven guilty'? For a change lets not blame the Mumbai police, as these are the guys who caught Kasav at the first place, showing some credible courage very unlikely of our police force. Whatever might be, but we as a nation failed to deliver the true justice to ourselves.

    The acquittal of these two gives us a larger picture. It rubbishes the claim that there were local hands involved in masterminding the whole affair (which I think otherwise) hence confirming the involvement of so called non state actors from Pakistan completely. No sooner our home minister announced the world that the onus is on Pakistan now to come clean along with congratulating everyone who were part of the prosecution including the investigating agencies.

    Fine, we did a marvelous job and we patted our back for that also. What next? Kasav, most probably would be send to gallows in today's verdict, after that? I hear a huge silence only interrupted by one clown named Afzal Guru giggling somewhere in between. He is not laughing because we are patting our own backs and are in a sweets distribution spree, but because he sees someone giving him company alongside in very near future adding some charm to his otherwise grim and monotonous life. Many would say what to wait for now? Just hang this idiot on the next lamp post you get hold off and leave his body there and let the vultures and street dogs take care of the rest. But this is far from happening, let me assure you. Thanks to our painfully slow judiciary, which if tweaked a bit would give Kasav at least 10 odd years to enjoy free Biriyani and the notorious vote bank.

    As our courts proved beyond doubt on the active involvement of Pakistan based militia and few of their state run agencies, what our government's next action would be? What next our government would do to come out of Sharmal-e-Saikh debacle or the latest hugging and kissing at Thimphu? Where is our stand of 'No talking till terrorism is exported', we took after 26/11? What the hell has changed since then that our government was seen running all over the places with olive branches in their hands, is beyond my comprehension. For God's sake we can't wait till Dr.Manmohan Sing gets a Nobel peace prize before we start acting. If the pressure from USA is getting too heavy to handle (which our able ministers would deny with their lives), then why to talk to proxy clowns like Gilani and team? It is the army and the ISI who call the shots in that country. When a person like Gilani doesn't even have the authority or capability to remove a Havildar from ISI's office, it gives little or no benefit sitting across the table with him. More so we should understand that USA is a self interested state, which all country are and should be, then can't we educate them to keep their involvement limited to their interest only and let us handle our own national interest? It would be interesting to see how uncle Sam would react when we would get hold of a culprit who had committed a serious crime in their country and we end up striking a deal with him as the USA did with David Headly.

    Coming back to the acquittal, it is hard to believe that there were none local party involved in the whole crime. I am still not convince that all of 10 people land in an alien country and carryout the job so clinically without any local help. When the Chabad house was even not known to the people around Nariman house, it gets bitter to sallow on how in earth these terrorists had so detailed information about it's geography. If J.P Dutta is to be believed, then the terrorists at Taj seems to have detailed information of the hotel layout, which even our NSG didn't had as they never entered any room with a single entry-exit point. If these two acquitted clowns are not the masterminds then it is another serious problem as the possible culprit might be roaming around freely and might be at his dirty tricks of masterminding another 26/11, if not more serious.

    In whole of this the trust factor is running thin for many in India over Pakistan, but our government thinks otherwise when Dr.Sing assured Mr.Gilani on how much he trusts him during his hugging and kissing exercises at Thimphu. After 550 long days at least the captured scoundrel is pronounced guilty and we all hope he doesn't turnout to be another Afzal Guru cooling his heels on tax payer's money and becoming a mockery of our judiciary and political will and as in people doesn't have much patience left to count beyond 550.

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