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    Afridi's Big Mouth

    The mouth that once tried to take a much larger bite of the cricket ball that possibly he can chew is wide open again and spewing the dirty secrets of a bunch of clowns whom we used to know as Pakistan cricket team. Thanks to the leaked tape of Saheed Afridi's interview with the PCB officials by the express TV, the dirty truth with the smell of an unlaundered socks is out open in the streets for all to see and smell as well.

    According to his version of things, it is they who lost the crucial matches in recently concluded T20 world cup more than the opponent winning them. I am not at all shocked with this revelation. The inevitable did happened finally when I was never able to associate Pakistani team of any period with decent and fair play. Starting from ball tampering to taking a bite out of the ball, from travelling with Hashish and Cocaine in their bags to fixing matches behind closed doors, it is this team which was always a front runner and would remain one if ICC doesn't take some corrective measures in a hurry. Their self ascertained legend Imran Khan has admitted of committing the first ball tampering of the history with help of a Coca-cola cap, to get that much needed reverse swing which these Pakistanis claim to be their invention. No wonder when a so called legend can dig himself to this level, nothing better can be expected from lesser mortals like Kamran Akmal. When Afridi has to say that the players were more interested in giving autographs and ogling women spectators in the crowd is bit laughable. Not because few young men ogled some pretty faces but because the captain has that much of time in his disposal to mark these finer points during a match. This statement of Boom Boom Afridi reflects the whole chemistry these players share among themselves. Hang on: What is that Boom Boom stands for by the way? Is it another useless jargon to over hype a perpetual under performer?

    Many would say Pakistan cricket team and controversy? Spare us and tell us something new. Even if we can accept the match fixing thing as part of the game in worst case scenario, but a player flying around with drugs in his bag and when asked, showing disbelief by saying it is not mine and is a handy work of some conspiracy is bit too much to digest. Please someone educate Mohammad Asif, that the packets of drugs certainly doesn't have a pair of legs to walk into his bag of their own and if the conspiracy part to be pondered, then none would be interested either to frame a not so important or prominent player like him. Guys have better things to do, let me assure you Mr.Asif.

    If not anything I am quite sure the whole team is rampantly attached with match fixing. Not now but from the infamous days when it was all about match fixing more than a game of cricket. Remember our very own Azharuddin and Jadeja? The chaps who were unceremoniously booted out, taking Hansie Cronje along side? In one such match of that era both Azhar and Salim Mallik have bribed themselves to throw away the match. Being loyal to his commitment Azhar promptly gave at least four catches to Mallik who was at slips. You guessed it, none of them were taken as Mallik was also equally committed to his promises. If some insider to be believed then there were as many as 9 players from that side of Pakistan were actively involved in match fixing.

    So whom Afridi was explaining? The PCB bosses, few of which might be taking their share from the illegal income? All countries have taken concrete steps to curb down on match fixing except Pakistan. Even if that was not enough, the whole team is rapidly turning out to be a big embarrassment. not only for PCB but for ICC also. Much like Shoaib Mallik who hasn't done anything worth mentioning in last couple of years, other than marrying an over hyped tennis player (If I may call her so), this Afridi is another nuisance in the making (If he hasn't already become one).

    More than PCB, it is the ICC who should consider enough is enough and reprimand, starting with the PCB and down. If things are actually as hopeless as it seems, then it oughtn't be a penny of an issue if a carpet ban is imposed on the whole team till a period some sanity returns to the game. Whether acceptable or not, it is for better that the set of rotten apples be taken out from the lot and don't allow the fresh and good ones to follow the same fate.

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