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    Is Burqa Banning Correct?

    When a sovereign and prospering government like France does the unexpected, which many might term as a nasty piece of cynicism and an overdrive towards sabotage of one's personal belief and choice, it definitely invites some discussion. But what's there to discuss? could be the reply from the guys at the top of French helm of affairs. When it comes to our national security and when things boil down to make sure that all our citizens remain safe, we are answerable to none, is what one senior minister was seen briefing the media.

    More off, we are an independently running state with our own set of priorities and rules, so would appreciate if none shows any uncanny interest in interfering in our internal matters, he added. Fully accepted. On a second thought, isn't the commission which would monitor this new rule is somewhat similar to few groups present in India? It is just that here we call them Sriram Sene.

    Jokes apart, does the whole argument of national security hold any water on this context? Many including me would perhaps say yes. Thanks to sudden rise of modernity and communication system, no place in the world remains unreachable. When the whole world has turned into a big chaotic fair like the Kumbh Mela, we the visitors need to take guards against the pickpocketers. That's exactly what the French government did: saving themselves from a bunch of fanatics which in Kumbh Mela terms could be addressed as pickpocketers.

    Having said that, I am still not fully convinced, how in earth burqa could be synonymous to terrorism? Are all burqa clad entities terrorists? Of course not but they represent a community who are pioneer on that front could be the counter argument. We are just taking precaution without thinking much beyond is what the rational behind this French government's decision. This reason sounds somewhat convincing to me. Think of the irony of the security forces at various airports when they had to screen a burqa clad woman. With all respect, it even brings about a question mark on the gender of the person behind it. Don't believe? then just ask the Indigo flight crew member who raised an alarm doubting the gender of the burqa clad entity on board resulting in an emergency landing of the flight at Kolkatta airport. Even if the incident might look bizarre, the facts and the anxiety remains there. It is just that we are not following French footstep doesn't mean we don't share the same fear which the french authorities do.
    Your faith and belief is one thing but to be a matter of concern for many, either intentionally or otherwise is another thing. With all respect, Muslims around the globe should introspect on this global psyche which might not be entirely correct, but definitely have substances attached which needs some serious considerations. By banning burqa at public places, the french government has no way insulted the Muslim women but took a precaution against all those religious fanatics who might take advantage of the burqa to carryout their nefarious activity. I don't see any harm in doing so either. On the same line when the Khalistani movement was at it's pick every Pagdi top Sardar was seen in the same light. You can only feel sorry for the innocents getting snubbed off because they belong to a certain community but can't help much as by nature we humans believe by example.

    Before blaming the French or Belgian government, it is high time some introspection needed. Many might term me a religious bigot, but honestly when I can't come out from my own set of psyche on the whole issue, I just can't blame the french for theirs. I would feel much safer if I don't see a burqa clad entity on board when I am flying than the other way. If someone thinks his/her faith and believe is his/her priority then so as my and my family's security to me. The equation couldn't be simpler. In nutshell I am fully in line with French government's decision and if it had caused any agony, insult, humiliation to someone or some sections of the society then I am extremely sorry for that but my security is paramount for me and need none to ask me why is that so. Thank you so very much.

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