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    Obama's Day Out

    For Barrack Obama to say that it is India and China who are responsible for this unimaginable upsurge in fuel price as both these countries are in a massive car purchase spree, is kind of bizarre. This antique is the second shocker from US administration in as many days, the first being their concern over couple of our state owned oil companies having commerce tie up with Iran and their subsequent plan of imposing sanctions against these companies and few other who have got nefarious association with Iran.

    For them to say if our commerce is important for us then so as their security and national interest is again kind of bizarre. No doubt when many are suffering from this perennial 'foot in the mouth' decease, we hardly expect the Babus the top of US administration as well as the president himself could be spared from this highly contagious decease. Mr.President does the world forum works this way? Does the world diplomacy works with the principle: My enemy should be enemy to all those who want to befriend me? If unfortunately yes then lets start an exercises of identifying each other's enemy and lets prepare a list of all those entities cajoling our enemies and get on with our vengeance against them. Should we start with a certain rough nation called Pakistan?

    If Indian Oil getting associated with Iranian authorities purely for business purpose irks uncle Sam so much then what we are supposed to display in our reaction when guys from your side show huge volume of sympathy both in kind and money to Pakistan when we see half of your donated money getting used in anti India activities. Your secretary of state's theatrics some months back and in a verge of doing the act that might have given a scare or two to Mr. Bill Clinton, all those almost affectionate hugs which brought about the sense of humor aspect of otherwise grim Shah Mehmud Quereshi, all those millions that your administration continue to finance Pakistan, and the list is endless. Whom we should impose our ban to? The whole of USA or the thousands of US companies that are operating to maintain a low recurring cost and high quality labour? If you guys are so reserved about your own interests then so does we lesser mortals. But fortunately, things doesn't work this way. If that would have been the case then we would have banned NOKIA long back when the foreign secretary of Finland gave us a lecture on foreign policy and his strong interest towards mediating between us and Pakistan if his service is asked for.

    Why these two set of rules: One for yourself and another for the rest? If you feel pinched by your enemies, so do we. Coming back to the nonsense of we purchasing cars and contributing handsomely to fuel price and so as global warming. Mr. President either you are extremely funny or blind to some extent. Haven't you taken a note of all those fuel guzzling SUVs that run in US roads. If a proper statistics would be carried out I guess you guys might be using more fuel than India & China put together. All the halla-gulla in Copenhagen was a mere farce when it comes to implementing. End of the day it boils down to nasty blame game as exercised by you when you pointed finger to two major economy of Asia. Not only we also do have fingers and let me assure you, we are master in pointing them too.

    The latest joker apprehended for Times Square bombing attempt was an eyeopener for many including your secretary of state. She promptly threatened of dire consequences if any Pakistani link is established only to be seen putting her foot in her mouth couple of days later when the federal government denied any such threat emanating from the lady. Thanks to your media which are more interested towards your baseball and basketball player's personal life and acting funny as paparazzi and sending back intimate images from Caribbean, unlike our media who more or less do the same thing except the entities exposed are politicians, or else what went behind the close doors and how severely the hugging lady was reprimanded for her 'foot in the mouth' syndrome would have been too open for all to see.

    It's about time you guys need to get rid of your jingoism and stop acting funny. Some maturity is highly needed and needed in a hurry. Running around all over the place and blaming whoever comes your way doesn't make you guys any smarter but builds a wrong impression about your mental stability and sense of thinking. The whole world is watching and the last thing that is expected from the so called world leaders to maintain the dignity of their respective position and don't make themselves a laughing stock and a huge source of embarrassment for many. Thank you.

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