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    Aamar Baadi Kothaye?

    Delhi ki aamar baadi (Is Delhi my home?) is what the obnoxious explanation Mamta Didi gave when hounded continuously by the opposition for her prolonged absence from the responsibility of Railways ministry of which she is the big boss. Let me assure you didi, none is disputing where your baadi is, as it is quite evident from the ascent you carry and more off none is bother an ounce if you belong to any part of the world or for that matter planet Pluto even. For God's sake, the question is about shouldering responsibility for which you have taken an oath in the name of our constitution and how fare you are to your commitments, not to which place you belong.

    Your second argument in favor of your acts is funnier even. The very question on why you should loiter around Delhi when there is no parliament session going on makes me confused - whether to laugh or cry. To clarify the matter further, let me remind you, the railway ministry or the railways are not your personal property and you are just an employee of it. Hope this message gets straight into your already seven layered sealed head. If a normal member of parliament without any extra responsibility (other than hurling chairs, mikes and abuses against rival party members) says his presence/absence depends on the running of the session, still makes some sense, if not great deal but a cabinet minister handling a huge ministry of the magnitude of the railways, which many argue a government in parallel, go ahead and give the parliament session as an alibi for her non availability is certainly criminal.

    The thousand of trains that run around daily, the stamped at stations, the strikes of motormen, bringing Mumbai to a halt, the blasting of train tracks by Maoists are certainly non dependent on the parliament session and more worse can't wait for the session to begin so that the big boss would honour all with her presence and take a stock of the situation.

    When none requested you to leave your baadi and head for Delhi to take up this job at the first place, then the explanation on the geography of your baadi is bit bizarre. If I may dare to ask : where were you when Mumbai was brought to a halt by some errant junior colleagues of yours? Shouldn't it be your prerogative to take the matter on priority and get to a solution, sooner than later, irrespective of the running or non running session? To say the least, you thought otherwise and was seen busy in campaigning programmes for the upcoming civic polls of your state. More than your absence at the time where your presence was solicited the most, it is the very attitude that as if you have done a great favor to the nation by honoring the position by your gracious acceptance is disturbing. You are not doing a charity. Are you? There is certainly much more than hurling abuses and chairs and going on a CPIM bashing attached to a people's representative. Sooner you learn this bitter aspect of politics is better for you and the nation at large.

    Didi is unfortunately not an honourable exception with the current set of ministers of UPA-II. Our fertilizer minister Mr.Azargiri is another feather in an already proud cap. Mobility is a phenomena seems this gentleman was born with, much like Karna of Mahabharat era with those Kawach and Kundals. When someone took the pain in going through his itinerary over the last twelve months, it all came to light how this gentleman fly every alternate day. Too mobile I must admit. If I am not wrong with my mathematics then he might have spend close to 4 months at 30000 feats on tax payer's money. Why this luxury Mr.Minister? like didi none I remember has ever requested you to take up this job in Delhi. None has asked you to leave your potential chief minister's seat to your step brother M.K.Stalin back in Tamil nadu? Thankfully he was never seen explaining his fascination towards flying much less telling 'Delhi ki aamar baadi?' or a Tamil variant of this. He being the son of a big allay of the current government certainly doesn't justify his high head attitude towards his ministry and definitely doesn't make it official that he would carry on with his charity work.

    I always had an impression that your job demands you to be present in your office (thanks to didi, it cleared a huge wrong belief of mine). Unlike IT companies I am sure our ministry doesn't float a work from home culture, as the plight and need of the common man can't certainly be addressed over the cyber space. It demands guys to be at the ground level taking a note of anything and everything that benefits the common man. I hope to get hold of that dialogue delivery clip of didi and head straight towards my manager's cabin and through up this counter argument and runaway to my hometown to enjoy some yummy home food. Amod: Hang on, I am right away coming with the CD.

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