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    There Is Nothing Leisure About It Mr. Qureshi

    Did he said 'Leisure' or 'Lazier' ? In either case things doesn't look very promising and far from giving any picture of seriousness. Yes you are right. I am talking about the latest jibes of Shah Mehmood Qureshi after yet another round of farce (read bilateral talks) with Pakistan. As expected the funny things started even before S.M. Krishna took his ass off the ground of Pakistan in that special plane from Islamabad. Even when his counterpart was taxing around the Islamabad airport to take off Mr.Qureshi wasted no time in calling a press meet and vomited words as directed by the army and ISI, perhaps on gun point.

    The joint press meet that followed the 6 hour extended talks between these two leaders where the journos were been kept waiting, promised with some breaking news to telecast back home was funnier even. Hang on, this round of talk also going no where, I told someone, the moment Mr.Qureshi opened his mouth. I would say, either Mr.Qureshi seriously lacks the art of civic talks or he is another of those diplomatic casualties. In either case it is dangerous. Look at Mr. Krishna (another bolt on Indian diplomacy)- either he doesn't know how and what to talk or as per Qureshi he was waiting for the phone call from Delhi, directing him the exact words he should utter (Same as those set of jokers directing the 26/11 terrorists sitting back there in Pakistan).

    There you go - we are talking about such a funny bilateral talk where one party talks too much nonsense (Qureshi) and the other doesn't feel like talking as if his voice box has suddenly gone for an evening walk. At the end what was the achievement - poor home secretary Mr. G.K. Pillai was stripped down to his basics in front of the whole world. More disturbing is the reaction or the lack of it on the part of Mr.Krishna after seeing his home secretary being humiliated in front of millions. Evident was the irrational attitude of Qureshi when he left nothing for debate and fumed like a mad dog as the facts narrated by Mr. Pillai earlier was beyond his digestion power. Mr. Krishna, if not for anything you utterly disappointed us on this front. How in earth some third grade, uncivilized individual can humiliate our home secretary and that too in front of you? Rather than reacting to his nonsense aggressively you choose to do a Jim Carry act - A frown, followed by a smile and third non descript mutation of the face.

    Mr.Krishna, who had suddenly decided to go for a temporary Maun Braat during that joint press meet, did finally opened his volatile mouth once he touched down at Delhi. Please for God's sake don't prove the age old statement Mr. Krishna - "Ki apni gali main kutta bhi sher hota hai". Jolted with a sudden bout of love for Mr.Pillai, our opposition parties tried to rally behind the humiliated home secretary and asked for an explanation on the unspeakable non-reaction of our foreign minister on that press meet dais. As clownish as we can get - rather than accepting our lack of aggression even when we are provoked to the core, our ruling government did tried to play it down on the pretext that this latest fashion statement of Mr.Qureshi is just another diplomatic gimmick. Goodness me, when our government is so nonchalant towards the respect of our home secretary, we can easily imagine how considerate they would be towards aam-admi's sentiments or respect.

    If all this is not enough, we are shamelessly inviting the idiot for another round of talks in Delhi around October. Just wondering who would be the bigger beneficiary, if at all these talks bear the desired fruit someday ? is it Pakistan or India ? And just look at the reaction of Mr.Qureshi after our invitation. He wanted to show the world who has the upper hand when he said - he would only put his foot on Indian soil only if India is interested in some meaningful dialogue, as he certainly don't want to come on a leisure trip. Congratulations to ourselves, as we yet again made a laughing stock out of ourselves.

    All said and done, and if we are really serious about reaching to a conclusion via these talks then just wondering why we are talking to these clowns, when we very well know it is the army and ISI that calls the shots in Pakistan. It is a well know fact that the civilian government is only there to go around the world with a begging bowl in their hands for their survival as none would fancy providing financial assistance to the army or secret agency of a country. Keeping aside a set of perpetual beggars like Mr.Qureshi, if we are even an ounce serious about resolving the issue then we better talk to guys who matter in the scheme of things than talking to jokers of the likes of the Qureshis, the Gilanis who only know how to talk to the galleries than talking sense, as any other politician does. And hope, no more round of talks with these uncivilized entities.

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