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    Defending The Indefensible

    What you do when you were caught with your pants down? Simple - just make a comparison, how others were more naked than you in the past and how your latest nudity is of smaller proportion and get away with it. Well at least this was the mantra off Manish Tiwari, who was on a mission to defend Kalmadi and Co yesterday in the parliament. None the less when he has to say the money syphoned in CWG till date is just 0.07% of the total budget, is quite bizarre.

    The collective loot that is going on in our country from the day Pandit Nehru cracked that coconut on the occasion of Bhakra-Nangal stone ceremony is unimaginable. Sameful is the fact that the amount of money that has been looted in last 63 years by our dignified public figures would be much more than the Britishers looted us in their 200 odd years regime. More shameful are chaps like Mr.Tiwari who try to weigh the individual loots in terms of the amount of money that is been pocketed in. It seems he carefully scrutinises individual loot (in terms of money), discards those which doesn't fall into the merit of being called as loot (below 100 crores) and rest are archived to do a nudity comparison later. Somebody correctly said - idiocy has no limits.

    You certainly don't need foreigners to loot you, when you have esteemed individuals like Mr.Tiwari roaming around.

    Lets not shoot the messenger - many would say. Mr.Tiwari is the spokesperson of a collective psyche of the ruling coalition. It is just that Mr.Tiwari was left to do the dirty work on instructions of his high command, lets not blame the poor chap entirely. Mr.Kalmadi and CWG is just another pair of skeletons the congress party were hiding in their closet. If not for the Sherlock homes attributes of a media house these crooks would have got away with yet another money laundering act only to be unearthed at a time when our grand children would be going around doctors to keep a tap on their respective blood pressure.

    Idiocy or not, Mr.Tiwari's confidence while defending the much blackened Kalmadi by virtue of his nonsensical logic is laudable. Laudable because - he was sure that the fool and good for nothing common man would be happy and understand after hearing that it is only about hundred corers that's been syphoned,so it doesn't deserve so much hue and cry. After all when we can gulp down cattle food and toilets of Indira Abas Yojna amounting to few thousand crores and can't do anything about it, we ought to be happy that this time we managed to hold them back below 100. Aren't we?

    It seems, defending the corrupts and scoundrels is an art where congress is pioneer at. Not long ago another bolt on Indian democracy was easily let off by the same party in case of 2G scam. The said smart chap pocketed a cool few thousand crores during UPA-I and also had the audacity to demand for the same ministry in UPA-II, which he was gracefully being obliged. None in congress seems bothered about where the country is heading, worse if it actually is heading to the drains. Another class act was the case of a minister who prefers to remain absent from parliament and fly around on tax payer's money. 70% absent and still his case was promptly brushed under the carpet by the ruling party. Another minister thinks she is doing a time pass and honour by taking up the railway ministry. She is least bothered where the railways is heading and busy organizing rallies all around West Bengal with hardcore Maoists to her left and right. Yet her voyage against our government policies were hailed as a peace initiative and defended violently by the same set of crooks in the floor. Wondering why poor Sashi Tharoor was booted out for no apparent crime of his. If he is a culprit then on the scale of crime Kalmadi and others could easily be booked under homicide.

    The list is endless. The latest jingoism of defending Kalmadi as the amount of corruption is quite less left many in bad taste, including few in the ruling government (A certain Mani Shanka Aiyer for sure). let me tell you Mr.Tiwari - there is nothing called theory of relativity when it comes to corruption. Doesn't matter if it is of Rs.5/- or 5 crore. Hope some sense prevails and you guys would take a step or two in booting out the serious bolt in Indian sports fraternity called Suresh Kalmadi to begin with. Other investigations can very well continue.

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