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    State Inside A State :- Gujarat It Is.

    Every time NaMo gets into muddy water he brings out the state vs himself saga. The equation he tries to assert between himself as equivalent to being the state of Gujarat itself is somewhat stupid. Other than his own perception even few congress sleuths like Ashok Chauhan think in the same line. More stupid is not chairing the same dais with AB for AB being the brand ambassador of the state of Gujarat . This funny act of Mr.Chauhan vindicated the self belief of NaMo a big way.

    NaMo is always a smart chap when it comes to gain from even the worst of situations. More than anyone it is NaMo who always knew the 2001 Ghodra riot is going to hunt him time and again as per the convenient and political benefit of his opponents. No wonder a smart fellow like him was always prepared to handle the Ghodra storm. It is a fact that NaMo is a great administrator and the growth of Gujarat under him could make chief ministers of other states an envious lot. As they say there is a hidden stupidity behind every great brain - NaMo is no exception. The first line of defence for him is to equate a personal attack on him, or his party or his cabinet is an attack on Gujarat and all Gujjus. That's quite bizarre. I am sure you can do better than this piece of jingoism every time you are in the firing lines NaMo.

    Amit Shah is the latest storm which NaMo is trying to negotiate. Touted as his right hand Mr.Shah did no help to the already tainted (if congress folks are to be believed) image of NaMo by getting himself arrested for some stupid encounter (read fake) of a seasoned crook and history sheeter some 4-5 years back. This piece of arrest by CBI has got nothing to do with Ghodra, for a change. NaMo in decks and the reason is not Ghodra - strange I must admit. Money makers like Testa Setelvad should search for other avenues to make money as it is proved now that NaMo can also be be put into all short of troubles by opposition without the help of Ghodra.

    It might be politically incorrect - but I don't see the utility of a guy like Shorabuddin (who was apprehended with more than 15 AK-47) in the society at the first place. Fake or real the encounter did served a great purpose to the society by eliminating a hardcore criminal. We should congratulate Mr.Shah and team instead than going around arresting them. Would you stop your blabber and give your smart ass a much needed break - I hear the CBI chaps say. We are not investigating the social stature of that idiot Shorabuddin. What we are investigating is how that rabid mongrel was associated with Mr.Shah in a money extortion racket and how Mr.Shah promptly cleaned this junk from the planet as the dumb ass tried to spill the beans of Mr.Shah. Before you open your rotten mouth again with another of your questions, let us add - we have concrete evidence on this theory as one notoriously maligned character builder from Ahmadabad did confirmed how he paid some 70 odd laks to save his filthy ass from the bullets of state police, who were acting on behest of Mr.Shah. Thank you CBI for divulging these details. I am keeping my mouth shut and you carry on with your investigation - investigating nothing.

    OK now the scene is clear - the home minister of Gujarat was the king pin of an extortion racket where an innocent chap with the name Sarabuddin was doing the collection activity by pocking a gun on prospective client's head. He also has a strong affinity towards AK-47 and things like those. Once the collection agent threatened to strip Mr.Shah out of his dhoti, hence the poor chap is eliminated with the help of the state police and the cover up was an encounter of a dreaded criminal who was in a mission to assassinate the Gujarat chief minister. If there is some truth in this bollywood type story then for sure NaMo have a much bigger problem than he perhaps can handle.

    But it is still not clear to me how in all this Gujarat was attacked? Where somebody attacked the value and ethics of Gujaraties? NaMo this time you went wrong on the dais where you asked the center if Gujarat is part of India or not and why Gujarat is intentionally attacked. You should be the last person to have any confusion on the geography of Gujarat. It definitely is a part of India, let me clear it, if none of your party members haven't yet confirmed this. A child can know that a single medicine can't be a cure to all deceases. So the Gujarat card might not work always and I am surprised it is still not been understood by a seasoned politician like you. I suggest you to be a little constructive and if you are so sure that your right hand man is a saint incarnated, then get your acts together in proving him innocent and get hold of all those buffoons who are behind this conspiracy as claimed by you.

    All the while the CBI is busy doing their interesting bit we have yet another issue to waste our time for. Mr.Kalmadi and Co have gulped down a considerable chunk of public money just like that. I am least bothered about the exact booty that was shared among the organizing committee members but dieing to see the Rs.4 lk air conditioner that our smart guys paid to get their hands on the rare beauty. Oh yes the 8 lks worth tread mill is another of my fascinations to have a mild glimpse at. So let the CBI be at peace and go about their investigation throwing more surprises at us on daily basis. In the mean time we have enough other ingredient to waste our time.

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