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    To Hell With The Games, Let's Set Our Basics Right !

    Enough mud is thrown at our face for the poor organization of CWG and our ability or the lack of it to organize such mega events. Mud was thrown both from the international communities and our own homegrown frustration at the same time. Countries like Antigua, Lesotho and Suriname, which we never knew existed, are giving us lectures on management and professionalism. Hope we learned our lessons and move ahead and do something so that such things don’t get repeated. Now it’s time we forget what we did or didn’t and pray to be done away this wretched Games somehow without inviting further humiliation.

    It always boils down to the basics at the end of the day. doesn't it? Honestly, the CWG just projected us Indians in terms of the un-imaginable corruption level on the world platform. When the world discovered this just recently we were aware of it from ages and did nothing about it. Hence we learned this lesson the bitter way. Because this is an international event, all the dirt came out in the open and people started washing their dirty linen in public to protect their own ass. Think about what goes on day-in and day-out in all our government offices. Aren’t we aware of the rampant corruption and the daylight robbery that we are almost used to? Don’t we guys face this corruption in our day-to-day life, most of the time negotiating with it? Aren’t we guys corrupt in every field – from production of baby foods to our moon mission? Have we done anything to get rid of this malice? Have we ever cared, in what form we are going to present our nation to our next generation? Certainly not a nation full of corruption, deception, incompetence and above all full of jokers. The Commonwealth Games is just a mirror which showed us the true picture of where we stand as a nation and served as an alarm bell for all of us to get out from our deep slumber. If still we will push the snooze button and go back to our sleep then we are for sure heading towards a disaster.

    The Kalmadis or the Bhanots are just clones of us Indians. These are Frankenstein created by us only. Corruption is the call of the day for most of Indians. Either we are corrupt or make others corrupt for our gain. Have to wait 3 hours in the queue for my driving license form deposition? Hell, no, get hold of a tout and pay him Rs 300/- and get your job done without moving your butt from your Air-conditioned rooms. Have you ever noticed how we have to grease the already greased palms of the Babu to get our Ration-card application through? Even to grease Babu’s palm we might have to grease the palms of his peon to begin with. Irony is we do it with ease and without much fuss. Shamelessly we have made a mandate – want to get your ration-card. Total extraneous cost is Rs 500/-. Hundred for the peon and the rest for the Babu. To expect your pregnant wife to get the basic and required attention, you have to bribe – starting from the mid-wife to the doctor. The ambulance guys ferrying the critically ill patients are no exceptions. Hell, who cares, who dies or who lives another day. Driving you from here to hospital is what Rs 200/- we are charging. But before blaming any of these vultures – just sit and introspect. You will find all these rascals are our creation only. It’s just those jokers like Kalmadi and Bhanot climbed the corruption ladder a little too quickly and displaying our true color on international forums. But on ground reality – Given a chance, all of these vultures are prospective Kalmadis and Bhanots.

    The lack of accountability and no fear and respect towards the rules of the land is what propels all of us turn corrupt on the first chance that comes across. The frustrating part is that we Indians have taken this incompetence and corruption as part of our life. We are so corrupt that we even haven’t left our God out of it. We try to bribe God in the name of Puja and we even bribe to fix the biggest of our social institutions – our marriages, in the name of dowry. To top it we even get envious on the mother who boasts about the amount of dowry her son fetched and how we equate the truck full of goods been sucked out forcefully from the girl’s hapless parents to the caliber (‘Auquat’ in Hindi) of her son. More than feeling jealous on the guy who marries without dowry, we start to doubt on his standard and caliber (both economically & physically). This is how we are bankrupt in our social values and corrupt to the core. Uncountable numbers of brides are burnt alive in the name of dowry every year but none cares a penny for it. I won’t be surprised if a section of the society vouches in favor of these heinous acts. This is where we stand in our moral values. So among all these nonsense and scoundrels why blame Kalmadi and Bhanot alone? They just showed the world our collective pictures.

    Big words like – zero tolerance towards corruption, won’t take us anywhere either. Let’s face the reality. There is no country in the world which is corruption free, for that matter the Vatican or Pope’s palace administration team can’t be an exception. But there is a catch when it comes to India and corruption. Even if there is considerable amount of corruption in China, they deliver among all this or they execute the person. But in India, neither we execute the project nor the person responsible. We are so corrupt by now that we might just need a similar clean-up job that China did back in 1978. Make a list of all those who are corrupt (proven or otherwise) and execute them mercilessly. I know this act of ours might disturb our social fabrics, but it’s better being hounded by this malice every now-and-then than just get rid of it at once. As such already our tiger population is reduced to 1410 as Shera reportedly fled the country out of shame. So let's change ourselves for better for our national animal at least.

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