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    Massacre Of Democracy In Ramlila Ground !!

    Right or wrong, the incident at Ramlila ground yesterday was a dangerous precedence over a lot of things. It not only sabotaged the right to protest, right to agitate against the wrong, fundamental right of one to show dissatisfaction in nonviolence manner but also damaged the very framework of ours democracy. More than the action, the manner in which the whole enforcing act was carried out leaves a big question mark on our democratic existence. It is time we take a pause and ask ourselves - Are we still remain democratic post yesterday night’s heedlessness?

    Baba Ramdev might be wrong in many ways than one but at the same time the members of the dirty tricks department who are now taking high moral ground are no saints either.

    The persistent demand of a strong rule to curb the corruption and send the crooks behind the bar seems to have not gone down well with the colony of crooks that fill the majority of our political circle. The demand of bringing back the huge amount of money stashed outside, having a strong rule to tackle the corrupt or have a framework to make sure of minimal corruption in our society is not what should have been forced with the type of treatment that we saw yesterday mid night. The callousness shown towards the safety of the peacefully agitating masses on the Ramlila ground is left lot to be desired. If one wants to draw the parallel between the infamous Jalianwala Bag massacre and the events of yesterday, except the bullets in the former case there isn’t much to differentiate.

    Incidences like these are going to leave many in a bad taste for a long time to come. In no way a democratically elected government should behave where they go ahead beating peacefully the agitating protesters, dragging women and old of the congregation, hurling tear gas at the masses for no apparent reason. While many are running all over the place to find the mistake that Baba and his supporters possibly might have committed that they were exposed to such barbaric treatment, the dirty trick department is already out in the open to talk nonsense in the media. The false excuse of the possible law-and-order situation as given by the dirty trick department is laughable. Yesterday’s inhuman act confirms us in a great length about the absence of any law or rule in our country to start with, so where is the question of the law-and-order going haywire by some peaceful agitation makes one wonder. The same set of people who made a joke of our law and democracy are talking about the wellbeing of the same law-and-order, is anything but scary.

    The people from the government who are jolted to the core by such mass movement have shown again their sense of immaturity, lack of concern for the nation or its democracy and their anxiety for being exposed of their misdeeds by such agitations is only evident from such reactions.

    Kapil Sibal and Diggy Raja who many thought are specifically posted at the fore front to malign anyone who dares to talk against the rampant corruption the current government is either committing itself or conniving with their allied crooks to materialize is only confirmed beyond any doubt post yesterday night. Before Kapil Sibal gives Baba advice on what he should or shouldn’t do, he only needs to understand his responsibilities first. It is no fancy for one being a highway robber to stand up in front of the camera and accuse someone who wants the very thugs like him to be exposed. I wish Kapil Sibal and his entire brethren should have walked the talk on how one should confine himself/herself to the purview of what he/she is entitled to do. If Baba is not supposed to do political Aasans being a Yoga Guru then Kapil Sibal and people like him should also only serve the nation not loot it.

    The same people who possibly have voted this party to power are beaten mercilessly by the government they have chosen. It is a shame for the whole of India to see being the largest democracy of the world been subjected to such autocratic precedence. People in the government can loot the nation, have double standards, play around with votebank, fool the masses and do all that our IPC talks about but none from the civil society is allowed to raise his/her voice against it. As long as you are not taking the side of the government by your acts and actions or you don’t fall into their votebank, you are forced to keep quite.

    For the current government it seems people who are there to disintegrate the nation and its national fabric are dear to them. The same government doesn’t think twice to send a team with all the feeding bottles with nipples to pamper the stone palters in Kashmir, give all the platform and security to rascals like Shayed Ali Shah Ghilani to organize anti-India seminars right under their nose, have people in their committee who are sentenced in sedation charges but find an honest yoga Guru who wanted good for the nation as a threat to the law-and-order of the state. For them all those who openly say the truth about the government being highly corrupt are not only threat to their party but also to the nation. Disgusting is an understatement.

    The same people who talk big about the democracy are least bothered on the type of language they use to describe the motive of Baba Ramdev. For Diggy Raja, Baba is a thug but A.Raja is honest and saint to the core. Perhaps Raja was not only filling his own chauffer but also Congress chauffer and hence he ought to be a saint but Baba is not doing either but rather questioning the authenticity of the money accumulated by Congress and many rascals of the party. So no doubt Diggy Raja finds Baba a thug as he is trying to hit Diggy Raja and his party where it hurts most.

    Perhaps this could be a bolt on our democracy. This is a black chapter in our democratic framework which will embarrass us for a long time to come. Crooks of the dirty trick department can run all around the place defending their action on the false pretext of some nonexistent concern but the fact remains – Baba was becoming a threat to the nefarious dreams of the Congress on which their very existence is founded. Nationalistic views should be swept away by sheer show of atrocity and force as it was a danger looming large on the current government and their dirty tricks. Hence they thought to behave barbaric and inhuman against a set of peacefully agitating people. After all, hell with the country. None can question our loot or ask us to stop it, because that is what we are doing since independence.

    I wish there is some shame left with the people in the government. If so then they should waste no time but hang their head in shame and resign from the government. If possible shoot themselves or jump of a cliff. They have now no moral authority left to remain in the government. Hope idiocy has a limit and if so then this could be that.

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