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    Mr.Prime-Minister - Could You Please Answer These?

    Our Prime-Minister must be joking when he said the incident of Ramlila ground was unfortunate but inevitable. The oxymoron used to defend the unimaginable stupid act only shows the nervousness and total lack of foresight on the part of the government. In the simple equation of probability, if something is unfortunate it must be avoidable, except if it is not death that you were talking about. Other than death every other unfortunate occurrence is avoidable as long as there is a will to look beyond the options that suite you.

    If someone like the Prime-Minister of the nation stands up before the cameras and shows his helplessness as he thought, beating, hurling tear gas, thrusting upon a whole battalion of Delhi Police and RAF personnel and dragging innocent people in the middle of the night for no apparent reason or fault of theirs is all that best he and a democratically elected government could do then it only reflects the sorry state of affairs of the nation. If this is what democracy has stooped down to and that too being the largest democracy, then we better advise those agitators in Syria or elsewhere not to pursue further as they won’t be in any better position in future than they are currently in.

    In the age of scams and bigger scams the populace at large has long lost the faith on the governance or the people they have chosen to serve them. When there are instances of crooks looting the nation by both hands and yet not been acted upon but defended on the pretext of coalition dharma or some nonsense to that effect, it leaves little choice for people but to hang on to individuals or citizen movements where they feel they can be heard of their legitimate outcry. The enormous support for Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev is nothing but a classic example of failed governance that people feel is currently installed at the helm. The lakhs of people lining up to join these movements, either at Jantar-Mantar or Ramlila ground is a testimony that none seems to believe an ounce on what the politicians has to say as over the years these politicians have only betrayed, looted and conned them; either in the name of religion, family oriented politics, borrowed surnames, false promises, votebanks and what not.

    While such movements should have ashamed the government and forced it to search for ways and means to resurrect itself, it rather believes in Laathi-charging innocent people in the middle of the night, because this is how intolerant the current government is to its own mistakes.

    The bad message that this elected government tried to send across the nation is; either mend your ways that suites us and talk our language or else we will mow you down just exactly we did at the Ramlila ground. Mr. Prime-Minister, you need to answer few tough questions. If the government thinks it can easily getaway (or allowed to getaway) after behaving such barbarically on people who have legitimate and honest demands, then either there is a whole lot of rot within our system or there are plenty of overhead and foolish entities within the government who don’t have an iota of idea, what the very framework of democracy stands for.

    Mr. Prime-Minister, the list of questions that you must answer could be little embarrassing for you but it is the law of the averages that takes over at the end of the day. Isn’t it? When you have embarrassed us a lot many times with your uncalled for show of helplessness, it is about time you share some of the embarrassment yourself. Hope whenever you get time from your daily routine duty of turning into a Ping-Pong ball between 10 Janpath and governing the nation, you will ponder on the set of questions and bother to answer them with some sincerity. Here I go -

    • Mr. Prime-Minister, why to arrest a peacefully agitating Yoga guru at the first place? Even if you had to, you could have easily arrested Baba Ramdev alone, as the grey heads of your party thought he is becoming a matter of security concern for the people of Delhi. What made you send an entire battalion of Delhi police and other paramilitary personnel to a place where innocents were sleeping? What was the fault of those thousands of innocents who were dragged and humiliated? They were not even armed. Was it a fault of the people if they demand a corruption free and honest society? Can’t they agitate so that they can make sure to handover a much refined and honest nation to their kids? Ridiculous and disgusting is an understatement for the way your government responded to the plight of the common man. Isn’t it strange and atrocious on the part an elected government who claims itself to be matured and are concerned for the Aam-Aadmi to the core?

    • According to Digvijay Sing, Baba Ramdev is a thug. May I ask, if so then what were your senior leaders including your second-in-command, Pranab Mukherjee doing with a thug at the IGI airport? The general rule of grouping suggests – only thugs can have such close acutance with another thug. Either the entire party cajoling at the IGI airport, including your trusted generals are thugs or none. Now please think over and confirm the truth for the benefit of all.

    • As far as you and your party is concerned, the unfortunate incident at Bhatta-Parsaul is police atrocity but for some strange reasons, great thinkers like Kapil Sibal feel the actions at Ramlila ground are fully justified. Why this double standard? Why don’t you ask Rahul Gandhi for a second opinion as he was very much concerned for the Bhatta-Parsaul farmers and even pillion ride to their help but seen nowhere near the Ramlila ground to show his concerns for the injured innocents. Could your party for once leave hypocrisy and accept the facts unbiased?

    • Won’t you think Digvijaya Sing has crossed all limits a long time back? A person who addresses OBL as Osamaji and demands for a respectful religious burial for the most dreaded terrorist of the world can utter filthy words like Thug for Baba Ramdev and yet none at your party feels it as offensive. No one thinks he should be reprimanded for such uncivilized utterances. Hang On - Or calling Hindu gurus as thug is another of the criteria that makes one a so called secular? Before questioning Ramdev please educate your trusted lieutenant to stop visiting the homes of convicted terrorists in Azamgarh for votebank.

    • Why it is always the people who are in a mission to disintegrate the nation are dearer to Congress? You send a bunch of interlocutors with feeding bottles to pamper a set of anti-nationals who were hurling stones at our own security forces but here you feel a battalion of police is just the need of the hour to beat some sleeping innocents black-and-blue. You not only allow anti-nationals like Shayed Ali Shah Ghilani to organize his anti-India seminars right under your nose in the national capital but also welcome him with open arms and provide security so that he can deliver his anti-India rants uninterrupted. In the same time you feel Baba Ramdev is a threat to the citizens of Delhi and deport him back to Hardwar. You have people who were convicted on sedation charges are part of state committees but a person who wants the corruption to end becomes a threat to state machinery. Won’t you think such procrastination is utterly shameful?

    • You at one point say terrorism has no religion but can’t stop your general secretary to utter Sangh terror every now-and-then as it is not going to hurt your votebank. All from your party seems to have parroted a single line of defense – ‘Baba Ramdev was backed by RSS’. So what? Is RSS untouchable? After all it is also a democratically recognized and legitimate party like many. So what could be the problem if one gets associated with RSS is best known only to your elite party men it seems. When your party can back a certain H.R.Bharadwaj to destabilize a state government, then why in earth RSS can’t back Baba Ramdev to table few legitimate and concerning demands? And for heavens, let’s not bring religion to terror or else the net outcome of the list showing the religion versus terror graph not only would be embarrassing for a particular community but also would hit your established votebank the wrong way. So please refrain from such exercise for your own good.

    Hope, Mr. Prime-Minister to get some kind of reply on these questions of mine. With sincere apology, questioning the Prime-Minister and his real intentions on such nationalistic issues to begin with is unfortunate but for sure as inevitable as beating hapless citizens at the Ramlila ground.

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    1. Manmohan Singh's answers are probably under review by Sonia Gandhi and then final check with done by Raul Ghandi. Please wait patiently till 2014..