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    A Looter Let Loose

    Now that Kalmadi was granted bail by Delhi High Court, our very own Doordarshan should do some community service. At least they should for next twenty four hours warn the citizens of a highway robber being let loose from the clutches of the law, and advise all of an imminent danger as he can strike anyone at any time without furnishing any kind of prior warning whatsoever. “Issued in Public interest”.

    This is disgusting for a nation which has the maximum number of hungry people of the world as its constituents, see a collective loot of a flabbergasting amount of eighty thousand crore is systematically covered up with the perpetrator of the loot were allowed to walk free out of the jails.
    That said I feel a country whose citizens care more for cast and religion than truth and justice; we deserve this. Now that it is yet again proved that in India looters would never be taken to task with the current set of frameworks, all those who were vehemently opposing Anna and his movement must send flowers to Kalmadi and his cronies for walking out free from Tihar.
    Isn’t this shameful when we can’t provide basic facilities like schools, hospitals, community centers, a fool proof grievance redressal platform and many more to our people but yet allow individuals keep on looting the exchequer in the tunes of thousands of crores? If that is not enough, we even don’t act on the scumbags if we by mistake apprehend one of them. We creep a lot about the burden of the financial implication if we have to implement the much needed food security bill. We can’t support our research undertakings as we are told we are running short of funds. We can’t doohickey Right-To-Education in every corner as the money needed to accomplish such herculean task is not with us. We can’t provide bulletproof jackets to our police personnel as the money required to buy such frivolous (as per the government) stuff is too big to afford. We are not able to purchase night vision glasses for our soldiers as the defense ministry is already running short of money. We can’t provide thousands of ours villages an electricity connection, a tap for drinking water or even feeding our starving kids as the cost would be too high to implement. Hell even we can’t build toilets for our girl students in our schools which will ensure a rise in the female literacy. But at the same time expediently allow clowns like Kalmadi to make merry on the pilfered crores of rupees, which otherwise could have been used to accomplish at least few from the above list getting implemented. Perhaps no words of dictionary could possibly describe such larceny and the hypocrisy that is following it for last one year or so.
    We are also a set of great actors. Aren’t we? A lot of hot air was blown by one and all when the loot was first detected by a private news channel. But little did all know that time, that it was just the millionth part of the tip of the iceberg that we now know by CWG. The biggest of the hot air came from our own Prime-minister as part of his standard oration that follows immediately after a loot is unearthed. “Culprits won’t be spared”. Really? Now that Kalmadi is a free man, Dr.Sing need to explain, what precisely he meant when he said culprits won’t be spared. And please we are already fed up more than an average prostitute of MG Road to hear the same pathetic lines once again – ‘Law is taking its course, but we assure you all, finally justice would be done.’ This is bloody exactly similar to the act and actions of that Palika Bazar tout who not only swears by the genuineness of the RayBan sun glasses he wants to sell but also goes ahead handing over a forged guarantee certificate of authenticity. And yes we are equally fed up of hearing how you were unaware that Kalmadi was shitting profusely under your own chair till it stared stinking. This is a more bizarre excuse than what the captain of the already sunk Italian cruiseline had to offer after getting arrested for running away well before the ship could sink but explain it to be complete unintentional as he didn’t ran or rather swim away but just toppled from the top deck when he was dangerously leaning below to take a stock of the situation. If someone is aware of any better reasons to issue shoot at sight orders, then please let me know.
    For a change this time we need some straight answers to our questions. As a starter, what the hell our grossly inept and indolent CBI was doing all this while? If the courts in their own wisdom had to let Kalmadi take his ass off from the hot fry pan; it is because of our investigating agencies failed despondently to link the dots and frame any credible ground against the muggers. Nine months after the fat elephant was caged, we are back at the square one because our premier investigative agency is either full with exceptionally incompetent people, who can’t even go about doing their jobs professionally or are been guided by the powers that be, all through to make a mess of the investigation so that the real big fishes on the affray are never exposed. In any whichever reason, it is time the whole CBI team is paraded atop wild donkeys with appropriate size Chappal garlands in each city center of India and be slapped left-right-and-center as an effort towards public humiliation.
    The whole CBI is a bloody official scam that is going since independence where we see it is been used by the ruling party, either for their personal gain or to beat the shit out of formidable opponents like Narendra Modi. Anna Hazare was bang on the skull when he said an institution like CBI can’t be under any government as they are equally lethargic, corrupt, cunning and good for nothing like the government they are under. Looking at what our CBI did on the behest of their real bosses on the whole Kalmadi farce, Anna seems to have been vindicated on his belief against CBI.
    The timing was little suspicious as well. Just when Pune, the constituency of Kalmadi is preparing to go for the civic election, Kalmadi was let lose to pounce upon the anti-Kalmadi Congress faction who were merrymaking until yesterday night for having a free hand for the first time. I pity those jokers as well. Fate shouldn’t be that rotten for anyone; which looks more rotten than our CBI officials landing in Copenhagen covered in overcoats like George Clooney to arrest Kim Davy but find the arrest warrant already expired. That was a unique marvel in the world of criminal investigation procedures which is only expected from CBI to accomplish. I am told, even Nepal investigating chaps rolled on the floor laughing. Coming back to Kalmadi's bail, the question remains; was this a master move from his party to throw this seasoned crosier back in action when the party is struggling greatly to remain stable in Pune? I hope people of Pune would issue some kind of Fatwa on this idiot and vow to slap Kalmadi at the very sight of him.
    All-in-all, this is a bad day for us. Bad; not because Kalmadi was allowed to go out, but because, we yet again successfully covered up a huge public money looting burlesque. In connivance with the investigative agencies the crooked circle were yet again efficacious in enforcing their nefarious wish and thrust it upon us. A bad day, because it was proved beyond any qualms that in India scoundrels would never be acted upon as long as they have godfathers in the power circle.
    By the way, I am still not able to digest; how in earth a goddamn toilet roll paper can cost Rs 4000/- when we can easily build a whole bio-friendly and portable toilet in the same price which can ensure the sanitation level increases in India. Or maybe the prices could be shooting up exponentially depending on the quality of ass it is destined to wipe.


    1. Good idea. I used to be staying constantly on this blog and I am inspired! Very much useful information specially the last part which you have posted. I take care of such information much. I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time. Now only I have got it. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Very well said DJ.
      When I saw Kalmadi on the TV, leaving the Jail, he looked oh-so-plum n healthy as if he has returned from a vacation in Bahamas taking daily massages and 24/7 in AC rooms...!
      I suppose the Jail had taken a very great care of this 17k crore idiot!!!!

    3. why can't we be like libya or egypt. can't we kill kalmadi after chasing him down the street in a mob. police will also not register a case as it can't against an unknown mob...really disappointed by the severe lacunae in our democracy ...

    4. This bastard should sodomized with leeches & hanged in public.

    5. Well as per me there are two appropriate punishment for this clown

      1. Make him watch Ekta Kapoor serials Day-in and Day-out

      2. Get him molested by Mayawati

    6. CBI is used for selective purpose and in such cases, they could be super-efficient. On CBI, Anna is 100% correct. The whole Kalmadi story is scripted from day 1, our shameless and spine less PM is most third class PM, India should have never had, it happened right under his nose and he kept his mouth shut. Anyway, Kalmadi had to come out, he acted smart and kept his mouth shut, so that name of real beneficiaries remain unknown and he was rewarded suitably, hope you are aware that there is already talks on he getting back his IOA President seat. Times Now anchors now sound like school children, they way they were outplayed despite all expose and evidence. CBI is expert in screwing up the cases to keep its political masters happy, it was already pulled up by none less than Supreme Court of this country for shoddy work done in past so it was understood that at appropriate moment, Kalmadi will seek bail, there were pointers already, and then he will come out free, eventually, claiming victory of truth. This blatant display of power is gift of CONGI family to this nation. Going by this, no big culprit will ever be punished in this country. Be ready to welcome Raja and his cronies, their days too are numbered in jail.

    7. Wish I had a terminator to slay these bloody politicians. I would have earned positive points (punya) to ensure my ticket to heaven.

    8. CBI is congress bachao institute as aptly coined by Sushma Swaraj. Those people in CBI holding thick law books know how to prepare a case so that it is too smart-proof for any judge to find any useful evidence to convict cronies of people in power. The problem is how can CBI be a truly independent agency, even if it is under the president, there is no guarantee for it not showing its true colour as even president is a stooge these days. perhaps CBI should be under Obama.