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    The Angry Old Bollywood

    Do I have anything to say? If at all I had anything till yesterday, it is no more needed now. Time and again we see our so called heroes of the reel try to be one in real life and end up exercising their non-deserving celebrity status to manhandle random individuals out of the blue; just to show why they are a cult above and somewhat have a freehand in taking the law of the land in their hands and yet not be questioned of their scoundrel behavior.
    The latest punching hero is the spoilt brat of a complete gentleman called the Late Tiger Pataudi. In a bizarre incident of recklessness, the junior Nawab of Pataudi was all but up in arms to show his physical prowess to innocent diners sitting beside his table. Against a simple complain of making too much noise while dining with few perpetual mentally retard women in the form of Malaika Khan and Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan thought of displaying his unparalleled attribute of being a complete disgrace to humanity and social behavior; he decided to land a punch or two on the complainant, so much so that it ended up breaking few cartilage of the poor man. So obnoxious the behavior that I am told Colors have decided to drop the Big Boss from their channel for just realizing there are bigger insane goats in real life than what their show has depicted till yet.
    This calls for some introspection. No not for the rabid mongrels of our Bollywood as they don’t have enough brain to introspect even; but we ourselves. Aren’t we in open conclusion should slap ourselves publicly for garlanding rascals like Saif Ali Khan with the tag of a celebrity and giving them a freehand to take the law in their hands? The notion that each worthless creature of our Bollywood carry about them being a notch above an average mortal for they having a rare courage of stripping themselves in front of the camera, has gone a long way to let these losers to behave the way they are behaving off late. Also the money that they get, which in a way is sucked out of our wallets plays another vital role in making an insane out of entities who in probability look like humans. Honestly, tolerating the tantrums of outright drivel like Saif Ali Khan is more disparaging than paying our taxes through our nose to a Highway robber and yet have to acknowledge that we were robbed in daylight, in the form of filing our tax returns.
    Let’s look at the latest jibe of yet another Bollywood hero at tarnishing the law-and-order of the land. While dining with a couple of females who were more seen almost topless than otherwise, the noise level created by the group was unbearable to may; including the NRI businessman dinning beside. When the complain came forward against the acidic behavior of the group to mend their ways to be termed as civilized, the hero of the screen sprang upon and pounced on the innocent who dared to question their freehand in becoming a nuisance for the society at large. Punches flown right across the restaurant lobby of Taj Hotel; ending up leaving the poor aggrieved with a broken nose. If onlookers were to be believed then the brawl was of some magnitude and to confirm this, one can only look at the latest photograph of Saif sporting a torn out shirt doing the rounds. Goodness!! A perfect role model for all who always envisaged the term hero; someone whom we can look up for inspiration. And boy didn’t we have perfect inspirational material at our disposal? A person who takes the law in his hand at the drop of a hat and yet we shamelessly still address him as a hero? I would rather prefer calling Ravindra Jadeja a world class all-rounder. Trust me, even the rowdies living in slums are better off with their civic sense when it comes to social mingling.
    Now the question arises – why our Bollywood guys are so sordid with their civic sense? Saif is only one of the many cases that we have come across over the years. Pioneer in manufacturing boloney is a certain Salman Khan. His records have etched so many golden words in Bollywood raucous history that he could easily be conferred with a knighthood. First was the notorious instance of drunken driving where he ran over hapless homeless sleeping on the footpath. While I would have loved to see the idiot being booked under homicide he was somewhat let off the hook and rather booked under culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The infamous case of personal threats being issued by this jughead to Vivek Oberoi to stay away from Aishawrya or else his big brothers staying in Dubai would came calling, is easily another example of Mafiosi that we shouldn’t have forgotten ever. Heavens!! What the police were doing then? Can’t the scalawag be apprehended and be roughed up inside the lock up for publicly admitting of having brotherly friendship with Interpol red corner notice issued individuals? While the media conveniently side stepped these open vehemence they keep on repeating how Salman Khan turned a holy cow after opening an NGO with the name ‘Being Human’.
    Now look at a certified traitor named the so called King Khan. At the outset let me admit, I don’t expect anything more or better from traitors. Yet still, expecting a simple human behavior is not a big ask. God only knows how many individuals this arrogant piece of shit has manhandled in his life. At least I remember three such instances, including the latest of his slaps landing straight on the cheeks of Farha Khan’s husband. No qualms about the latest martial art prowess though as the clowns can very well fight among themselves and can go to hell, for all that I care. But this annoys a great lot when the fight spills into the society involving innocent onlookers.
    So why our reel heroes are so volatile with their characters which is completely tangent to what they are been depicted on screen? They slap people at random; they bring up a fight with average citizens for no whim or reason; they rape their maids as a matter of fact; they show the middle finger to the laws that been outlined by our system and even they hobnob with stamped enemies of the nation so blatantly. Why such erratic behavior against the standard guidelines of defining human and human behavior. Why our Bollywood stars are not much different from that congregation of street dogs who fight day-in and day-out? No not the Khujli wale Kutte but the fighting Kutte.
    Is it the undeserving money and celebrity status gone inside their vacuum head? Was the false belief that, just because the audience cheer full throat taking the roof of the theater along for their actions on screen, they have the license to repeat the spectacle in public life? Or was it that we as a nation marred by such blind worshiping of complete grimy humans lacking notoriously of any social and cultural values is the real culprit in encouraging such nuisances to go on and on? Even though the reasons could be way too many there is at least one solution to this problem. And the solution is - It is time we think about our antisocial heroes and throw these social disgraces out of our worshiping modules. The sooner we do, the better it would be for the nation at large.

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