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    The Huge Governance Deficit

    Dr. Manmohan Sing is fast losing the plot. Whether it is by design or accidental is a debate still to be carried out, I as a voter and citizen of this country losing my confidence in the installed government at the center, equally at fast rate if not more.
    Since Dr. Sing took charge for the second time (or was he forced again) everything that he or his elite ministers have put their hands into has turned into apocalypse quicker than the plot of any Rohit Shetty movie. Again if that is also accidental or by design to felicitate mass loot is another thing which surely can and should be debated upon. From 2G auction (well that is from UPA-1 era) to CWG national shame (even the seeds of this hogwash were planted during UPA-1 as well), it is only examples of complete failure at governance and democratic processes that one finds as memorabilia of the current regime. During a period of three years all that we see are scams of monumental magnitude getting unearthed with responsible (at least expected to be) ministers thrown behind bar at alarming regularity. Every possible government institutions are manhandled and tricked upon for personal safety and nefarious intentions.

    From CVC to CBI; from RTI to even our CEC office, everything is attempted at degrading the grandeur of such constitutional institutions for individual or party gain. And yet we every time have to hear the never fathomed excuse of coalition politics by our helpless Prime-Minister. Rather seeing credible steps being taken to punish the culprits, we see the stalwarts of the ruling party covering up the mess by their self-deduced zero loss theorems. None seems to take up the responsibility and be answerable to the nation for the mismanagement of the governing frameworks. The best that we see as an effort to address the growing concerns, is to call on a press conference and blame it on the six years rule of NDA government. No accountability whatsoever on the part of our elected representatives but only convenient lies and scapegoats handed out as part of explanation.
    Is this complete lack of ideas and knowhow on how to run a nation or there is a lack of interest in running a government since seven years is a way too much time for one to get fed up with the monotonicity? The more one observes an average minister of the current government the more one gets a feeling that governance is least in the radar of all those who matter. It is all about covering one loot or the other or creating one mess or the other on daily basis. No questions asked; no answers delivered. This is not governing but like a bunch of schoolboys playing a game of cricket. The owner of the bat has all the say and usually goes to his home with his bat after getting fed up of prolonged batting. Dr. Sing must be thankful to be in India and that too heading the government. Had it been a private organization, he must have lost his job a long time back.
    While there are a million starting points, the best among the lot is the 2G auction. Way too much amount is looted in the endeavor and yet complete non-action on the part of our government. The chief perpetrator A. Raja (though I am ready to believe Jesus Christ died of over drinking but not Raja being the sole hand behind the loot) was never questioned, let alone being acted upon for a good couple of years. It is the relentless media coverage and a howling opposition that made the government wake up from its deep slumber and take notice of the growing dissent. As a cover up, the master craftsman Kapil Sibal invented his unique ZERO loss theorem and blame it straight faced on the media for creating unnecessary ripples. Yet still, Raja could have his way, hadn’t the Apex court acted at the nick of time. It is only when Supreme Court showed their displeasure did Raja was arrested and put behind bars. But little did anyone understands, that Raja is least of the problem. The real problem is the loot. Where is the money that is siphoned off? No steps what so ever been taken to recover the money from the thugs yet and in all likelihood a case like 2G would be allowed to die its own death in time to come. It is only a matter of time that we will again see the same set of robbers laughing thrir way to the banks.
    CWG is another instance which showed government’s complete disinterest in curbing corruption. The massive loot in the name of national pride was getting orchestrated right under the nose of the government and surprisingly yet none in the power circle had any clue whatsoever on this. It again needed a customary exposer of the media that the dirt of CWG started flowing openly on our street roads. As usual a great cover up effort went behind the curtains to come up with another ZERO loss theorem. Before Mr. Sibal could table this new theorem, CBI for the first time seemed like acting on their own and arrested Kalmadi. Nothing much after that as we now see Kalmadi as a free man and seen laughing all over the Pune city on a topless car. But again Kalmadi is not the real problem, but the loot and the bigger whales of this CWG ocean as I am double sure the stature of Kalmadi in this loot is nothing more than a baby Dolphin. Surprising was when Manish Tiwari even attributed the CWG loot to NDA since those were the guys who bided for the game. Just wondering why don’t Congress blames Adam & Eve for eating that forbidden apple and founding something called the human race which seems to be the root cause of every damn problem?
    Look at how the gray heads handled the appointment of CVC. Going against the dictate and an opposing opposition party representative, they installed a person with some questionable track record of indulging in multi crore Palmoline oil scam as the primary corruption watchdog of the nation. A person who have cases of corruption filed in courts get to work as the CVC of the nation, is as good as employing highway robbers as the security head of a bank. Isn’t it? Not for the howling media again, the government could have easily got away with this as well. P. J. Thomas was asked to leave the post (which he was initially arrogant to abide by) when the courts questioned the procedure and idea behind having corrupt people installed to check the corruption itself.
    Handling of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are instances which exposes the complete bankruptcy of ideas on the part of the government. People who were genuinely fighting to have a corruption free nation were painted as villains for obvious reasons by our Government. People like Digvijay Sing even went ahead with their name calling spree. Along with Anna Hazare the government conveniently cheated an entire nation not once but twice. When the time was for some concrete action, game changer ideas were thrown at the nation at the last minute amongst the heavy whistling of bootlickers. Scapegoats in the form of Delhi Police were put in front of us while real decision (or Hara-kiri) makers were seen running away from the question-answer platform. And at the end of the day we are yet to see a strong Lokpal bill that was promised to the nation by none other than the PM himself. Looking at the trend I am sure the bill would never be passed in budget session or for that matter ever till some court of the country doesn’t pulls up the government for their non-action on this.
    Even the anxiety of the government on its own image is evident from the actions that people like Kapil Sibal are mulling to take. On the name of defamatory gestures and national ethos being at stake, the government is busy censoring all the networking sites of the world. If the idea of such curbing down of one’s fundamental rights is not deplorable enough then the explanations given in for of such bizarre move certainly is. For a party like Congress, installing quota in the name of religion is not a threat to the society and social harmony but random people blogging or twitting on cyberspace is. Along with mis-governance, our government has long forgotten the art of sensible and sensibility. Looking at the logic less steps of our government one can only sit and ask himself – ‘If as a nation we can’t even sustain our own criticisms then how we going to protect ourselves from external enemies’?
    The open brazenness in defying the rules of the land is another attribute that the ministers of the present government seem to have mastered at. When the Election Commissioner asked Salman Khursheed to abide the by the moral code of conduct, the union law minister rather decided to show his thumb and went ahead mimicking the EC openly. When such absurd behavior from a union minister is seldom expected, the Congress party started to cover this vehemence as well. In the name of party manifesto (as if it is bigger than the constitution) the absolute disregard towards constitutional posts is washed off. It didn’t stopped there as it is alleged that the intelligentsia at the government are even conspiring to clip the wings of EC for once and all that there would be none left to question the open violation of democratic guidelines. Hope some sense would prevail and people would refrain from digging their own graves at so alarming speed.
    The instances are many. The convenience shown in ducking issues which cast a question mark on the ethics and value system of the government is of uncountable numbers. The general trend is to sleep over uncomfortable issues till a point either it becomes too stinking to suppress by sprinkling deodorant or our Apex court takes a serious objection to the scheme of things or the modos-operandi. Why only our government acts when they get a wrap on their knuckles? Why it is the Supreme Court time and again has to direct how a sensible and elected government should function. Why can’t a reelected government under the able leadership of Dr. Manmohan Sing can’t understand the basis trends of governance; good or bad is a separate issue in itself? Guess, time for some early midterm polls I guess!!


    1. "..though I am ready to believe Jesus Christ died of over drinking.." ??? There is definitely a limit on expressing your opinions and today you have crossed the line. Does Freedom of Expression include abusing other faiths ? The surprising thing is an educated person like you is talking such stuff. More than hurting the sentiments of a certain faith, it shows how corrupt your own mind is. While you talk so eloquently about Corruption in the government, how about starting off with an introspection of the corruption within yourself ? That is exactly what Christianity talks about; otherwise how can you explain "people with a divine spark within, committing the kind of crimes that your blog talks about ??" It is very easy to pass comments about others' corruption while turning a blind eye to the garbage within. Just like charity, even reformation begins at home. Try an honest introspection about yourself... if you've got the guts to! May God have mercy on you.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      I guess you got me wrong. My intention was not at all to mock someone's faith when I wrote 'Jesus ... Drinking'. In a way I wanted to say the extent to which I can ready to believe stuffs told. Not a penny of intention in insulting anyone or any faith, be rest assured.

      If the scribing has hurt your sentiments, then a sincerer apology but that is what I never intended when I wrote those lines.

    3. Dr. Manmohan Singh is biggest fraud played by DHOORT Congress to cover biggest loot ever in human race, thru systematic manipulation of every rule of this country. History may have something charitable for Ghazani, Nadirshah and british, but this spineless PM, who happen to be a SARDAR, what a disgrace, will go down in history as biggest stooge who destroyed most powrful office in India.