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    Sonia Gandhi, The New Cry Baby!

    I just want to imagine this. Salman Khusrhid like an obedient servant comes along with a bunch of photographs of the Batla House encounter and produces them at her majesty’s feet for her knowledge. Digvijay Sing sitting beside and closely inspecting madam’s reactions so that he can issue another spectacular statement praising his boss. All hell breaks loose then, when madam starts sobbing uncontrollably, much to the dismay of both servants. Before anyone can react, madam urges Salman Khurshid to not show these atrocious pictures to her ever again and asks both of the men to get in touch with Manmohan Sing, provided he himself is not weeping already for being at the helm and yet not having enough power or authority to even scratch his own balls. Ask him at once to start a probe on it; still a profusely sniveling madam, I am told, ordered.
    Boy, isn’t the screenplay straight from a third graded Kamal Khan starrer Bhojpuri movie? The emotions that the alleged weeping of madam carried were evident from the tone that Khurshid employed to narrate the soft corner of madam towards the people of Azamgarh. Whether madam did in realty wept inconsolably or not is suspicious; but for sure Salman Khurshid looked like crying while narrating the incident.
    Now that the oration at self-humiliation is accomplished and some shooting on the foot job is done, it is for all of us to ponder if the attempt at setting a new world record in bootlicking going to hamper Khursid’s prospect of enjoying the clout he enjoys just being from the minority community or would enhance for showing his loyalty towards his Mai-Baap. The timing couldn’t have been any bad either for Khursid as he is surely in a mess for announcing a 9% quota for the minorities which led to a lot of people including the poll panel of UP upset like one becomes seeing Lungi clad individuals running mayhem in the nation. As expected a strong rap on the knuckles came along shaking Khursid inside out, so much so that there was an evident lack of sensibility when he stood in the platform and announced how Sonia cried like a baby snatched of his feeding bottle after seeing the atrocity meted out at a bunch of innocent Kalashnikov wielding and rocket launcher firing individuals.
    While the necessity of such a dialogue delivery was completely uncalled for, the thing that hit me when I first heard of Khursid’s spectacle is – ‘Why Salman Khursid is issuing statements for a change? Is Digvijay Sing on leave? ’ Right people must be allowed to carry out their job and Khursid must not have attempted at delivering nonsense, which is a domain clearly belonging to Diggi Raja alone. Hope our law minister had his bitter lesson on the semantics of the rules when it comes to vomiting outright nonsense and the realization that beyond a point, even the pet project of votebank appeasement is not much appreciated by clowns at the top of the Congress food chain.
    Even though Khursid might be getting slapped while I write this for his metabolically mollified attempt at overdoing his job, we tend to forget the inherent truth in the statement. Now here is the thing – Why Sonia cried, if at all she cried? Was it for the police personnel who unnecessarily died or was it for the damage done to the property? Or was it for the terrorists who were killed in the encounter? If the cry of anguish (which only Khurshid seems to have witnessed) was for the damaged furniture of the house then one can still praise the UPA chairperson for being highly considerate towards material safety. But if it is not the damaged Almirah that made Sonia cry her heart out, then it looks a little dicey.
    If the cry was for the terrorists who died and which lead to few permanent votes for the party being lost forever then it becomes an obvious condemnable gesture. Being in a position of power and when we have more and more terror attacks year per year, then one can’t tolerate guys showing their sympathy for the departed scoundrels for whatever reason it might be. Now if the cry was for the innocent deaths as the encounter was a fake one (time and again reiterated by the motor mouth Digvijay Sing), then the cry seems even scarier. While all Congies (including their pet dogs) shout from the rooftop for yet to be proved fake encounter in Gujarat, then what about their own Delhi government. If Gujarat government along with Modi is to be blamed for that alleged fake encounter and be hanged on the nearest available lamp post then what about Delhi government and Shiela Dixit? Where was the motor mouth when madam Shiela was cajoling the wife of Mr. Sharma and was shedding gallons of crocodile tear? Why the motor mouth didn’t show same vehemence and demand for Shiela’s ouster, if he is that confident of the shootout as a fake encounter? In either way (best known to Salman Khursid only) he wanted to paint Sonia in some kind of canvas, it has done damage to a great extent and no wonder Congress was quick to refute Khursid’s sentimental dialogue delivery. If at all Sonia would be crying tonight, then perhaps for having such jokers not only surrounding her but also talking on her behalf.
    Little one know the spectacle was only unrevealing when all thought it to be over otherwise and time for some funny tweeting to start. The icing on the cake was when Diggi bounced back seeing someone else doing his job and put his foot once again in his mouth and announced Khursid’s mawkish gesture as baseless. That was quite funny to see the smart lieutenants not sure if their commanding officer in fact carried or not. And I would be the last person to be surprised if some face saving exercise comes to floor and the poor cook (No not Pratibha Patil. She is our president now) is blamed for cutting onions at the nick of time which brought tears on the eyes of her majesty.
    All-in-all, the whole farce of Sonia crying or not crying has some close correlation to the dual India theorem of Rahul Gandhi, which he invented during his relentless effort of increasing poverty tourism in India with his guests from the west. For sure there are two India, one at least where Sonia cried.


    1. Your title justified. Our paid media never question double speak and double standards of congi louts, the paid stooges of dynasty, boot-lickers of mulla and terrorists, who go after Modi and never grilled on screwing this country since independence

    2. good post.. ave india.. terminate immigrants of porkistan,afghan,arab.. let india live peace

    3. Yeah the whore!! needs to be mowed down!