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    Members Of The Lecherous Assembly (MLA)

    Honestly, I am struggling hard for words to describe what our elected representatives did inside the Karnataka assembly. I can’t agree more to the grey head who said ‘Politics is the last refuge for the scoundrels’ and boy look at the set that we are blessed with. Scarier is when one of the pervert happens to be the Women & Child welfare minister of the state.
    While the promptness in tendering their resignations after such act of vandalism could be judged befitting, the issue of the moral degradation among our elected representatives still remains a concern. As to why the ministers decided to entertain themselves with some porn when a serious discussion was going on the floor, remains a mystery, our political class has reacted to the incident in a marred way. As if leaving these two the rest all are sacrosanct like Gautama Buddha; all in one vein pounced on the two culprits for that cleansing process to start. The ways our media and the intellectual circle of Twitter who always believe they have an epiphany that the entire universe, including the aliens must know behaved, is funnier even. How the fishing of one thug makes the rest as clean as Dettol was at its best with who’s-who of the world had their opinion on the issue.
    While most that commented on the clowns in secrete might be wishing to have that clip in their cellphones, the brazenness shown in condemning the apprehended was hypocritical. As if watching porn is the biggest crime one can commit as per our penal code, individuals with astounding record of engaging in monumental loot or manslaughter at will were seen objecting the men who thought adoring some naked bodies in their handheld is a better option than to heed much on what the useless speaker has to say. Even people with some credible record of investing a fortune to pay off the Uzbek or Ukrainian prostitutes every month, were also at the forefront in issuing their displeasure of the act. Of all the people it was Lalu Yadav who has to offer a lecture on moral values. Really? Holy Cows all-around us and we only falsely ashamed ourselves for being the most corrupt and immoral society for decades, I guess.
    All in all, what surprises me is – Why our political class is so self-destructive? Why they get engaged in acts and actions which even a kid attending some mentally retard school can figure out? Be it getting caught with their pants down and hands in the cookie jar or voyeur camera catching them hobnobbing with call girls inside a PWD guest house or majestic examples of the likes of N.D.Tiwari who even didn’t spared Rajbhawan from the purview of his lecherous endeavor. It is always a mission at shooting themselves at the foot, or even on forehead. Why they always fight for their life to keep on reminding the type of scoundrels that we have elected to represent us?
    When the proportions and problems that an average Indian faces for daily survival are so colossal that at times we tend to even forget our own spouses; we certainly won’t fancy much beyond a couple of months to remember if one from our political class looted almost half of the nation or raped all females of his constituency. The issue regarding our corrupt and criminal political class doesn’t remain an issue after a week and becomes as extraneous as development is for Mayawati. In fact we all have a very thin memory and we tend to forget the past quicker than an average Bollywood character forgets after an airplane falls on his head. So here is the thing – If our political class would come out in public every three months and slap themselves, we will forgive them of their sins and probably would go ahead and build up a Facebook application to play ‘Who slapped himself best’ and be happy on our scores. But no; our politicians don’t get the gist of this simplicity to remain holy cows in our eyes and continue to remain disorganized in committing hara-kiri every ten days. If that is not enough, the way they turn cranky and issue statements to defend their crime once they are exposed makes comprehending the words of Jadu from Koi Mil Gaya an easier option. Even Mahendra Sing Dhoni made sense a couple of times after the huge losses in Australia.
    Look at the reactions post the porngate saga. While most of them could be golden tattooed and stored in the presidential library as a book, the one that standout among those is when someone explained – ‘They were only watching porn, not doing it’. Goodness, are we even expecting that someday or what? Perhaps that would be the day when we would fire a couple of nuclear arsenal at ourselves and be done away with the mess and let the survivors start from the scratch. If you think this is enough then just look at what a senior Apex court lawyer T.S. Tulsi has to say. People who watch porn are less likely to pounce on women in real life. Heavens!!, an earthshaking theorem in all sense. Albert Einstein and Newton can very well go to hell with their inventions. Is the Nobel prize committee listening?

    That said, looking at our politicians of last three decades, we shouldn’t surprise ourselves too much to know they even engage in enjoying porn inside the assembly. When they blatantly loot the nation publicly, then what is the big deal in digging into some porn inside a room? It is only that they were exposed now, or else the methodology employed to serve the nation through a clip or two of porn can easily date back to a decade at least. The pillar of garbage that our political class was piling for some time was bound to give in some day. The fan didn’t fell on Sarad Pawar’s head out of the blue. Our political class hit it with so much shit that it just refused to stand it anymore and it is only a coincidence that Pawar Bhau was at the receiving end. While at least one scoundrel (could be the biggest) was slapped away nonchalantly, there are many in the fray and let me assure you with some confidence, even a national slapping mission would easily fail delivering justice to each and every rascal. We might end up with having a sore palm at the end of the day but there would still be a number of cheeks left untouched. So mammoth is the collection of colorful creatures elected (or booth ragged) by us.
    So the bottom-line; we shouldn’t blow too much hot air for porngate. We rolled on the floor laughing thinking about it, and tweeted a hell lot on it. We took the porn viewing saga a source of entertainment in our otherwise dull life and it better be left there. Let the law takes its course from here on, if at all our law takes any course when it comes to our elected class and let the so called party high commands seal the fate of the jokers. We better concentrate on the tri-series going in the racist land, where at least we are looking like winning a match or two accidentally. By the way where is Manish Tiwari? Just wanted to ask – Did he precisely meant these two guys when he said ‘Elected and Electable’?

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    1. Nice one DJ (as always)!!!
      Many said that, the clip they were watching was one of Poonam pandey's video from her site..!
      What can u say about that? Does tat count for a 'porn video' when anyone adult/minor have access to it directly???