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    Finally The Mess Fell On UPA, Not On The Tracks

    Utter chaos; perhaps the best we can say about what happened yesterday in our parliament. The mockery of the Rail Budget, sanctity of the post and our parliamentary democracy; all were mocked vehemently without any reason whatsoever. And yet again the government in power, we the people can only watch helplessly sitting on the fence.

    My vote goes to Dinesh Trivedi and while I write this I am not in influence of anything that is considered crazy in the morning nor I am biased. For me if I am promised of better safety and service against this minimal rise in fare, I will any day take it with both hands. The hue and cry for this fare rise by TMC (party to which Mr. Trivedi belongs) looks more absurd than watching Ra.One when it is after ten years that Railways saw a hike in fare. Even though a 15 – 30 paisa hike/Km in A/C class looks little stiff (which even makes sense), certainly a 2 paisa/Km hike in sleeper class (in which a major part of India travels) doesn’t even look like a hike at the first place. So showing unnecessary concerns (overtly theatrical) for the common mass, the manner in which TMC ganged up to pounce on its own minister seems a little bizarre and a whole lot nonsensical.

    It all began around 1:40 PM yesterday when Mr. Trivedi started with his new fare announcement. Knives were out even before he could finish his A/C tariff structure. When Derek O’Brein Twitted his displeasure on the rise, I smelled rat and it seemed all is not going to be too well for Dinesh Trivedi at the end of the day. And that precisely what happened. The ganged up Bongies with that over inflated sense of being Messiah for the poor were seen hunting all over the place and issuing threats to almost everyone in the government on hourly basis. Dictates of Mamta were flying from all directions with clear instructions to poor Trivedi – ‘Either rollback the fare hike or perish’. What the hell? Ridiculous it is when a Union minister is so openly threatened by his party boss and yet the union government can do little to rescue the pray in question. Mr. Trivedi might be a junior member of her party but at the same time he is a responsible union minister of the republic. This is not an intra-party dispute that Mamta can whip so nonchalantly; for God’s sake it is the nation’s budget that we are talking about Goddamnit. Yesterday was a day when Mr. Trivedi stood his ground and today is a day when he has already send his resignation to the PM and Mamta’s right hand man Mukul Roy is flying from Kolkatta to fill the void. I can only say – I am thoroughly disgruntled.

    More than Mamta proving; making nonsense is her party’s core philosophy it is yet again the miscarriage of governance which looks scarier. No sooner Mr. Trivedi was done with his budget; it is the PMO which Tweeted with utter confidence and pleasure and congratulated the Railway minister for coming up with a good and futuristic budget. For a change something came from the Twitter handle ‘@PMOIndia’ finally that is worth mentioning and also most of us can agree. That is the last we heard something good of Mr. Trivedi as the open criticism of his own party men took center stage right after that.

    Now here is the thing. Is it the budget of Mr. Trivedi or Mamta Banarjee or for that matter even of Manmohan Sing? Certainly not as it is the budget of the government of the day and the nation at large. Hence the budget should be designed keeping an eye on the nation; not Mamta Banarjee or whoever. So Derek’s avalanche against Trivedi’s decision and refuting the budget with utter disdain as it doesn’t fall inline the DAN of the TMC; that is ‘Maa, Maati, Manush’; is not only grossly misplaced but also befittingly uncalled for. Why in earth one should care for your bloody DNA structure while deciding for the entire nation, is something beyond me. If that rubbish expectation on the part of Mamta Banarjee wasn’t enough a shocker, she went ahead threatening the Union minister with his job, just because she is his party supreme. Where is the Prime-Minister? Shouldn’t he rather be deciding who should be in his cabinet? Or is it Mamta Banarjee who has got the veto over the PM? This nonsense can’t be termed democracy; I am sorry, not at least for me.

    Now look how our Government led by Manmohan Sing (not sure though if he is actually leading) chickened out seeing Didi’s mayhem. A long praise through the Tweet fell flat when Didi roared. The same minister who seemed to be the blue eyed boy for the PM in the morning was unceremoniously strike off from the good books by the time it is evening. Without even coughing as a sign of protest our strong PM accepted Mamta Banarjee’s order of sacking Dinesh Trivedi with immediate effect and replacing him with a stooge named Mukul Roy. Even though looking at the precarious situation of the UPA-II, little Manmohan Sing could have done anything different, but still this is not how the union government should run. In love for power and the idea to stick to the chair, come what may shouldn’t hamper or compromise governance. In the name of being populist we shouldn’t screw up rational thinking and appropriate decision making. There where I feel the drama of yesterday has exposed the weakness of Congress further than otherwise. Just for the sake of being in power, Congress lead by Manmohan Sing is busy accomplishing Harakiri after Harakiri. How in earth the Prime-minister can eat his own words and sign on the termination letter of someone whom he was head-over-heels in praising the very morning? This is not only absurd but also grossly disparaging.

    After yesterday’s farce I feel it would be too shameless an act for Manmohan Sing to continue as the Prime-minister of this country. Nothing should be more paramount than the respect of the chair that Dr. Sing is honoring. None; and I mean absolutely none should dictate terms to the PM of a nation and heavens, blackmailing should be dealt with iron fist. Isn’t it disgusting to see a lady threating the PM indirectly to tow her lines in exchange of a continuous power at the center? How far the Congress can stoop to leech on to the power by shaming one and all including few prestigious positions of our democratic framework? It is about time Dr. Manmohan Sing calls it a day and retires to spend time with his grandchildren rather; at least he won’t be ashamed saying I am playing with my Grandson unlike the way he must be feeling while saying I am the Prime-Minister of India. Enough mess is piled in last three years and it is about time the cleanup process starts.

    In the meantime as somebody suggested; in honor of this newfound hero we must make a movie Nayak -2 starring Anil Kapoor. “Ek Deen Ka Rail Mantri”

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