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    Have We Gained Anything From Our Democracy?

    Here is the thing. In the sixty plus years of independence we as a nation have gained absolutely nothing from our political class. Politicians cutting across political parties have conveniently hoodwinked us on numerous occasions for their personal gain. We the voters, who are considered the strongest pillar of our democracy, were largely left in the sun to fend for ourselves for every bit of our rights while the people whom we elected to serve us made merry all the way without much of accountability. From scams to shams; from Mafiosi to lawlessness; our political class accomplished every bit that our IPC talks about. Even though the holy book of our democracy starts with “We The People”, the people never came to the scheme of things of our politicians and governance. Time and again we found ourselves at the receiving end of tantrums, political and religious violence instigated by our political class, corruption, hogwash and nepotism. Time and again we were red eyed and asked to shut up since we are neither elected nor electable.

    No political party is saint here. From Congress to BJP; and all of the regional parties have feast on the citizenry at their will with jingoisms thrown left-right-and-center. Be it the mess at the center or the crooked politics at the state level, it always was the common voters who were taken for a ride. No occasion was wasted by our political parties and our politicians in maligning the ethos and value system of democracy for personal or party gain. 

    Look at the misrule at the center since 1947. Every problem that the nation is reeling under at present is the creation of the political parties that ruled us at various stages of our independent democracy. Even though there are parties like BJP, Janta Dal were installed at the center at some point, I tend to blame the Congress for the mess entirely since they ruled 85% of the period. Mess after mess was created vehemently by the ruling party for temporary personal gain and the nation was let to suffer generation after generation. If the mess were not enough, the advent of vote bank politics saw a lot of appeasement meted out at one particular section or other of the society without any foresight of how the temporary pampering can snowball into a volcano later. Best of the lot is the case of quota system for backward classes. 

    To be honest, the founding fathers of our constitution judiciously kept the clause of quota system in government establishments for the backward and Dalit classes. It was judicious on two grounds. First, the section who were going to get benefited from such policies were in true sense backward in every aspect of life and it was more than a need at that time to elevate the social stature of a large chunk so that some equilibrium could be established in the society. Second, they proposed the system to be there for ten years only as they thought a decade is good enough a period to set things in balance. Rest as they say is history. It is now more than sixty years and there is no sign of the quota system getting abolished. Self-serving politicians have taken the opportunity to secure their vote banks with both hands and kept the notion of Dalit and being a Dalit alive and made a hot potato of an absolute crap. Conveniently the token of Dalit was allowed to take a larger than life structure so that the overzealous politicians can reap benefits election after election. The phenomenon called Dalit has become so huge that now elections are fought, won or lost on it’ basis. The entire UP politics is stubbornly founded on Dalit grounds. Not log back, the Bihar politics was also largely governed by caste and creed. Politicians like Mayawati mushroom out from the hot bed of Dalit politics and project themselves as the messiah of that section. In the name of ‘Dalit Ki Beti’ and ‘Dalit Icons’ she keeps on wasting public money on building parks and statues of her party men including herself. Every time she is cornered for her mis-governance, she conveniently plays her Dalit card and accuses the questioners of possessing biased mentality since they don’t want the daughter of a Dalit to be the chief-minister. Irony enough, the people for whom she has done absolutely nothing believe her gimmicks and keep on voting her on the Dalit grounds. Even certified clowns like Rahul Gandhi don’t spare any opportunity to showcase their eternal love for Dalit and their thatched huts. During recently concluded UP elections the hire apparent, for political mileage decided to spend most of his nights in Dalit huts as if staying in a Brahmin’s house would make you an outlaw or amount to an act of grave blasphemy. This is how a simple mention of ‘Backward Class’ in our constitution was by design fabricated by our politicians to their advantage and we fools keep on scoring self-goals by falling in line with their nefarious intentions. 

    Look at the minority appeasement that is so rampant in our national politics for last decade and half. Here I want to blame Congress entirely for this mess. The biggest misuse of the word secular that one can find is at the backyard of Indian politics. The pioneer in blowing the secular Vuvuzela in India is Congress itself. In their attempt to woo a lot of Muslims and their votes, the grand old party went ahead with their dirty tricks and made adequate avenues to let our social fabrics wear out thin. One thing they must be congratulated for is their successful attempt at redefining the word secular. Not only did they manage to redefine it but also a lot of people (including intellectuals) seem to believe in their new found definition. For the Congress and a whole lot of other people, being secular is strictly a position where you are a diehard Hindu hater. From criticizing anyone or any organization standing up for Hindu cause to openly announcing age old Hindu beliefs as an act of superstition; they did every bit of jugglery to remain anti Hindu, which in a way suggest them being pro Muslim. Be it RSS, VHP or for that matter BJP; whoever speaks for Hindu cause automatically becomes an anti-national for Congress. The dangerous precedence Congress is setting up through their minority appeasement is bound to boomerang back at the nation someday. A plain and convicted terrorist who had the audacity to attack our parliament is not hanged because his hanging would upset a large chunk of minority which would lead to the loss of some well-preserved vote bank. A butcher who massacred our own people so nonchalantly is protected like a national asset and fed with Biriyani of choice on expense of public money because that what will ensure the minority votes for Congress remains stabilized. The issue of Gujarat riots is popped up every second day and dubious NGOs are kept on the payroll to malign a particular person but no one cares a damn for the 59, those were charred to death at the Godhra station. There are numerous instances where pampering and appeasing has overtaken the sense of maturity and governance so much so that on his Independence Day speech our otherwise clueless prime-minister stood atop the red fort and announced – ‘Minorities have the first right to every natural resource’. God only knows if it is a crime to be born as a Hindu and voicing the concerns of Hindus in India. 

    Corruption is another of the dark clouds that surrounds our nation in a bad way. Most politicians of this country are millionaires at the least while 40% of our population doesn’t get a square meal per day to eat. Again Congress should entirely be blamed for bringing in such bad pomposity into our democracy. From Jeep scam to the latest Coal scam, a lot of public money is siphoned by our political class and stashed at various places on this planet. The scarier part in whole of this is the lack of accountability among the political class. Anyone from the ruling party can loot the nation and yet won’t be questioned of his actions since accountability is always thrown out of the window when it comes to politics and politicians. Our politicians are not only master at pillaging but also champion in coming up with zero loss theorems to hush-up the robbery. From manufacturing of baby foods to our moon mission, every damn thing is full with corrupts and corruption in every step and yet in the name of coalition Dharma our prime-minister urges the nation to tolerate the loot with a smiling face. Thugs and scoundrels are garlanded and protected till the Apex court pulls the plug and orders the government to behave in a sane and responsible way. This must not be democracy. It has to be something else.

    I can go on and on but the rot within our democracy would still be 80% left untouched. So vast is the mess that spreads across our democratic framework, starting with the Panchayat office to the PMO in Delhi. Looter and highway robbers not only fill the system but also call the shots on how the nation should run. Clowns and idiots occupy chairs of responsibility making a mockery of common sense and decision making. Self-serving rascals go overboard with their nefarious endeavor to fill their coffers while the entire nation reels under double digit inflation and poverty. People were intentionally kept illiterate since an increase in literacy level will force them to think better and chose the best for themselves. Again!! I can go on and on. Issues are too many and concerns are overwhelming. 

    Not sure what we have gained by being the largest democracy of the world, on which we take too much pride. Any answers? 


    1. Congress loot is 100 times higher all the historical loots India has had.

    2. “Permanent jobs / Recession-free jobs” in INDIA

      Following are the permanent job holders in either Lokasabha or in their respective Vidhanasabha. I am mentioning a few, but there may be many more from every corner of India.
      No Organisation (Private / public / Government) can assure you such a permanent job. They are not at all affected by Recession, Inflation, Loss to the organization, etc., they have NO regular office timings, NO regular works, NO targets & NO reporting. You need not commit anybody, while contesting for any election. Only qualification is to some how make the surrounding people get afraid of you. Do some non-sense politics & get the seat & win.
      To name some permanent job holders………
      1. Gandhi/Nehru FAMILY for Generations-time, not only one life-time.
      2. Devegowda & family, continuing for Generations…………
      3. Mallikarjun Kharge
      4. Dharam Singh (Failed ONLY this time, but regained as MP)
      5. R V Deshpande (Failed ONLY this time), trying for next gen
      6. Bangarappa & family, continuing for Generations…………
      7. Yedyurappa & family (with a new entrant, his son)
      8. The Great Laloo Prasad Yadav & family & and so on……………….!!!!!!!!
      Now-a-days the trend in politics is people like above are establishing their own dynasty & their predecessor should be from their own family, like in olden days’ kingdoms. The only difference is Kings were ruling their own kingdom, these are ruling the entire country with the help of other kings, in the name of “Co-alliation”.

      Recently, I saw a picture, where in Pranab Mukherji was campaigning in his constituency in a jeep & half-naked children & people are running after the jeep.Leaders like this Mukherji have got elected for so many times & enjoyed the power , money & status for life time, have not done anything for their own people, who elected & allowed them to enjoy. Only some chelas/chamachas got benefited with these selfish leaders.

      How can a leader, who was from a lower middle class agriculture family, can become a “billionaire” in 30-40 years, that too without tilling the field & with the salaries & perks given during their terms. An industrialist, yes, we can agree. He puts his own & borrowed money & struggles to establish.This is one example.
      Every state, every district, every talluka, every village has the same story, because public are bothered about their own stomach. We are the culprit, because we allow them to eat as much as they want. Have we ever asked them for their accountability? Never, we don’t want to ask them, because, we are much worried about our own stomach, our own job, our own family problems, etc. We talk only when the election comes. We don’t ask these candidates, when they come for begging our votes. We don’t ask their commitment to their places & we don’t ask their achievements.In my view, each one of us should ask their commitments & their achievements after their selction for every 3-months, in their entire term.

    3. We have gained Law about How to torture Male or Husband, how to occupy property of husband by making false allegation, how to send police custody Sr. Citizen against false allegation of Daughter - in - law, how to convert a innocent Husband in to a ATM machine; all anti human law and activity made by Politicians only for there individual interest they don't care about Public interest.