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    The Bail Of A Raja And Other Stories

    What a day today is for whole of India. Watershed may be. For the millionth time we yet again failed to bring a thug and rogue element to task. We yet again failed as a nation in unison to deliver justice. We yet again failed to set an example for generations to come on how one should deal with apprehended culprits. In nutshell we yet again failed ourselves miserably.

    The bail that was granted to A. Raja settled many things once-and-for-all and at the paramount of it is the proof that we are a soft nation towards almost everything that has got potential to harm us. Let it be terrorists, Maoists or our white collar bureaucrats and politicians, we cease to act against them for reasons known to none. Even if at some point we manage to apprehend a scoundrel or two we conveniently keep on sleeping over the issue till the public anger dies down a bit so that the dirty trick department equipped with their nefarious intentions can manipulate the situation to safeguard the overzealous greed of few. People in power know very well about our collective behavior of forgetting things quicker than Sanjeev Nanda washed his BMW. No sooner the hullabaloo residues marginally, the culprits are let lose. I don’t blame the citizenry entirely since we as a nation have way too many problems to tackle and negotiate. Even much more than the chest hair count of Anil Kapoor; thanks to our cunning politicians and corrupt system.

    Before we move forward on A. Raja’s bail I want to ask that someone from Congress who said on TV that UPA government is doing its best to curb corruption and arresting guys involved in scams. Where is he now? Can he come forward and throw some light on this latest bail that is granted? Can that spokesperson who was taking high moral ground on the backbone of few arrests while shamelessly forgetting the loot to begin with explain what the nation achieved after a prolonged shoddy investigation where one after the other culprit let lose systematically? Where are all those from Congress who were squeezing their nostrils by the mere mention of A. Raja and UPA’s corrupt avatar? Why I don’t see the motor mouths who were hailing few farces in the form of arrests as a bigger spectacle than Agni-V launching?

    Raja getting the bail is not as scary as the trend that is setting in to our criminal justice system and the capabilities or the lack of it of our premiere investigative agency. Over the last couple of months, all those who were arrested for one scam or the other are granted bail one by one. From Kalmadi to Raja, all were granted bail on the ground of parity. Our investigative wing CBI’s attitude in the process is anything but questionable. In an open and shut case like 2G, the premiere sniffer Dogs couldn’t even string the chords and join the dots to establish the crime. While an institution like CBI should have gone with full force in protecting the interest of the nation they rather were busy covering up the case and hush up the matter in connivance with their bosses in Shastri Bhavan. Their almost negligible objection towards the bail pleas leaves no doubt whatsoever on the amount of farce that we were shown for last year and half in the name of some bloody investigation.

    Remember the days when these scoundrels were first arrested after a prolonged delay, huge media pressure and intervention of our Apex court. A lot of hot air was blown by one-and-all when the likes of Kalmadi, Raja, Kanimozhi, Chandolia were send packing to Tihar. Media mouth pieces of Congress shouted from the roof top and hailed the action as yet another example of clean governance and motto of Congress party to not tolerate any kind of corruption. We were made to believe that the incumbent government is as serious as my mathematics teacher to bring all the buffoons to book. Anti-corruption crusaders like Anna Hazare were damned as they were blamed for taking the nation to ransom when the government is acting strongly against corruption.

    So much was promised, which also included exemplary action against the likes of Raja, Kalmadi but what we have got at the end of the day? Absolutely nothing. First it was Kalmadi who was allowed to walk free since CBI failed to establish the crime too concretely. Then it was the turn of Raja to further add insult to our injuries when he was granted bail today without anyone from the government opposing the decision a bit. The audacity of the idiot to wave at his supporters and throw random flying kisses while coming out of the court suggests how big a mockery we have made of ourselves. While various telecom companies (read Bribe Givers) were being duly punished for their involvement, the main culprit who stage managed all these events to felicitate this mass loot is allowed to walk out of the Tihar premises for no reason at all.

    While we can keep on debating the legal angles of this latest bail (egg on our face rather) the idea behind such clinical hushing up of the matter is all but crystal clear. In a mission to protect the real whales of both 2G and CWG scam the con party had no option but to protect the small Dolphins like Raja and Kalmadi. The corrupts up at the top layer just can’t afford to have these pawns behind bars for a longer period as it might resulted them in opening their mouths to vomit shit in the form of information. The royal thugs dressed in white had their egos, greed and future tightly coupled with the fate of these clowns. Hence it was only obvious that CBI could have been advised to go slow on the matter or if possible make an outright mess of the investigation so that the two potential threats to many doesn’t languish behind the bars for a longer period of time. That was what the road map when the CBI sleuths first said ‘Mr. Raja, Aap Kanun Ke Giraft Main Hain’ and pretty much remained the same till today.

    By the way, I have two more concerns than just Raja walking out with a Lungi. First is the future of A. Raja. Hope he doesn’t do a Kalmadi by demanding for his telecom ministry to be returned to him with all honor. Second is the funny behavior of Ramgopal Varma. I pray with my life, he doesn’t make a movie based on A. Raja’s life story.

    P.S :- If you see either or both A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi laughing their way to the bank please call upon the municipality dog catching unit without even wasting a second.


    1. UPA Co-alition comprises of Congress,NCP,TMC, others + " CBI+NDTV+Supreme Court+President+ opponents in the opposition ". How can we bring a thug and rogue element to task ?? No one can touch the Congress. Nobody can punish the Congress people. A Congress person will be punished only when he has lost powers & resting at home. That too at the age above 90 years. e.g., Former telecom minister Sukhram. Otherwise,if active in politics & he is rebel. Then CBI will take care. Other than these two, one must have done a naughty thing & caught red handed e.g., N D Tiwari. Ther than these 3-reasons, NO Cogress person will be punished. the coalition is so strong, even if they are in the opposition, Congress will survive. No even GOD can punish them. This is the truth on the EARTH.

    2. No wonder Mahatma Gandhi, knew what would happen to India, before he died and uttered... HEY RAM. Now we Residents (Not citizens) are happy with antics of KHANS or immersed in CRICKET/SACHIN/IPL. At least let us all say once again HEY RAM in despair.

    3. why do i always like you last paragraphs !!!

      excellent one!

    4. 7 khoon Maaf , daarling public mai thoda sansani kar ne do ! Barkha must be happy ,?^% k ayegi barat rangeeli hogi ....

    5. I am getting a strong feeling that, we as a country will be easily overtaking Libya and Egypt, by the way we are progressing.

    6. Common! If Shri Shri Sajan Kumar is not yet punished for such a heinous crime, how can you expect Kalmadi,Raja and others will get punished for just corruption.
      I wonder where is Subramanium Swamy. Why did he not fight strongly against the bail.

    7. Wow! What a day for India! All these arrests are staged . Our citizens are living in darkness and ignorance under the myth of progress. We would have had good governance has we not lost our integrity on Day 1 we got freedom. Nehru blackmailed Gandhi and prevented Sardar Patel from becoming the PM. Destiny has been unfair and look at where we are! Days are not far ahead when this country is going to be sold soon

    8. Frustrated with our system , I think few more sacrifices need to be done by our youth, we need to start killing these street dogs one by one. I know this sounds insane but that may set a trend and fear

    9. Very simple solution. Put some dummy case on Raja and ensure he goes for 5 year imprisonment before which the case might start

    10. why blame anyone other than people of this country who has time and again fail to choose right candidate and fail to demand explanation from those who got elected. why are we so self centered/selfish that we do not have time to think about our country - cause con party has tried its level best to keep us busy in our "do waqt ki roti"

    11. Since Raja is released by court(though on bail) he is innocent till proved or judgement. so people should respec him.

      he is an schedule caste- Dravidian- DMK, Tamil

      his uniform is white

      when people dont fight anything can happen

    12. Where is the Schedule Caste, Dravidian, Tamil coming in. Corrupt is a corrupt no matter from which part of the country he or she is.

      Lets grow up and recognize this fact

    13. Fabulous and mind-tickling article. Not only at centre, its happenning in every state where congress is ruling/ hold on govt.
      All the congress politicos will show a demo of democracy before elections and after electing they forget about democracy as demo is over before elections