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    Sucks - Meva Jayate

    I am no fan of realty shows where a hoard of people get involved in insulting each other or talent is decided on the basis of SMS garnered as if electing absolute garbage through electoral politics for last half a century is not good enough a deterrent or a bunch of self-righteous chaps hurdling down to discuss issues which are nationalistic and of mass concern or for that matter even MTV Rhodies which is coming out as a big surprise as no court yet awarded death penalty to its producers or the absolute bullshitters who host the show.

    Based upon my reservations towards the realty shows and my internal deep down wish of making each of the producers and host of these shows as potential target for Agni-V testing, Amir Khan hosted Satyameva Jayate doesn’t fall into any exception category. At the outset let me clear this – I also hate this show as much as I hate any other realty show, Pakistan, Congress party and Ravindra Jadeja. Hence I would suggest all those who believe this new show is the second best thing that happened to our nation after Abhisekh Manu Singvi’s sex tapes, can stay away from this post since I am in no mood to make a Rakhi Shawant out of normal human beings.

    I have a question to start with – What the hell is this show all about? I mean, what is the idea and rational behind organizing such a show? If the idea was to project that few celebrities who only worry for the nation and rest of the country are as useful as Piyush Chawla then let me assure you even my dog is going to refute your beliefs. I am all for having people discussing and debating on matters related to national interest but staring down at random office going individuals (like Shakti Kapoor does with the movie heroine) from billboards and TV screens in the program promo is a little too much for comfort. In a nation where the number of problems might very well match our population, a show organized to cherry-pick few of the issues and discuss it on TV studious is going to be as fruitful as employing Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja as the security consultants for a bank locker system. People where fancy with the idea of corruption and believe it to be their birth right to exercise it and loot the nation, someone with a stardom stature coming on TV and preaching the practice of honesty is as bizarre as suggesting a Japanese tourist to watch a Bhojpuri movie.

    No one should get me wrong here since I am also all in favor of a corruption free society but making an overture of attempt to project oneself as a league apart from the rest and the savior of the mankind is not what one can term as an attempt at bringing equality in the society. While I laud Amir Khan for his attempt at curbing corruption and corrupt practice, it still no way takes out the futile attempt of the producers to project themselves as Mr. Know All as if the rest all are, pardon my French, ‘Chutiya’ of highest breed.

    More bizarre is the belief of a lot of people that Amir Khan with his show is going to impart a so called positive mentality change among us. Really? I don’t blame the populace for getting carried away every time a celebrity opens his or her mouth. Examples are easily more than even Asish Nehra's dental count. A nation of more than a billion has to be told by Amitabh Bachhan the value of polio vaccination before they can start enquiring about the next drop date. Consumption of cold drinks increased by many folds since these celebrities started advertising for it. The same Amir Khan who is now emerging as a messiah against everything that is happening wrong was once the brand ambassador of a Cola company which was heavily accused of mixing pesticide in the drink beyond some allowed limit. Salman Khan who has cases against him of drunk driving and killing people under his SUV tyres or the infamous Chinkara killing episode has started something called ‘Being Human’ and rest of the nation believe him to possess a heart only at par with the warrior Karna of Mahabharata and his transformation to the present condition is something which even King Ashok would have taken immense pride of. This is what a country we are where a certain Katrina Kaif seduces all of us to go for Mango Slice ditching Mazza.

    I have only watched one episode of this show and felt more suffocated than what Paris Hilton would feel in a Saree. That said there is at least one doubt of mine that got cleared from that episode. Now I am sure Sridevi not only does gross over acting in the movies but also in her real life. The over inflating smile and the dialogue delivery in a voice which even irritates me in my dreams proves one thing – this lady should have been awarded with a Padma Bhushan for her acting prowess alone. More than the issue at hand the entire effort throughout the episode was to give Amir Khan a messiah look. At no point in the entire episode I felt the urge to get inside the TV and kiss Amir for such noble gesture. In fact all that thrown at us was a farce at best where a successful actor in partnership with an outdated and out of work actress tried their best to pretend they are there to talk on a pertinent issue but in reality they did nothing than some ugly smiling and an unquestionable attempt at self-gloating. Anna Hazare and the couple of poor chaps they called on stage that day can go to hell if they wish to but it is only the show ‘Satyameva Jayate’ which will eliminate corruption and wrong doings from our country.

    Honestly, I don’t have any issues with Amir taking away three crores per episode. He is after all doing his job and he should duly be compensated for his work. As it is when we can tolerate mass looters of thousand and lakhs of crores without any fuss, a certain gentleman earning the money for his work shouldn’t bring in the flack which surprisingly it has. How much Amir is paid is strictly a matter between Amir and the producer and certainly doesn’t require half of the nation to lose their sleep on the amount, provided all of us are not Pranab Mukherjee.

    All said and done, it still a commendable effort and kudos to Amir for coming up with this show, though he could have stared at the bystanders from the hoardings in a little milder manner. Before I go, I want to ask that minister who said Amir is not working for the issues but for money – Why he himself has entered politics? To serve the people or to loot the nation?


    1. So what exactly do u want to say???

    2. it should be sucks-eva i think!

      eva == alone!!

    3. useless blog. I guess you just know how to criticize.

    4. So all you wanted to say was that you hate the show for the sole purpose of hating. Nice. Uhh.. if you are half as ardent towards keeping up with the news as you are towards hating, you will come to know that Rjasthan govt has taken many steps to ensure moving the related cases to fast track court. Thats the effect of the show. I know, now you are going to say they got carried away too. But at least it is in a positive direction.

    5. So according to you, every one should just sit back and relax as nothing is going to happen. At least Amir is doing something, so what if he is promoting himself through hoardings and banners. That's part of his job to promote himself. If he doesn't promote how he can tell people that such a show will be telecast and go and watch it. Even if he can't change anything at least he tried.
      " Cherry Picking " issues is better than picking no issues at all.
      Instead of writing and gloating and complaining.
      I liked your blog and was a daily follower but now i think i need to change that.
      You can't complain about everything.

      A Singh

    6. Dear I was following your blogs very ardently but your this post has left me in deep disappointment, reason being, it doesn't make any sense at all. Aamir is himself the producer of the show and the rumors around his compensation part are strictly the rumors! He is surely enjoying the commercial success for which he is major shareholder. So, targeting his earnings is completely uncalled for and also a misguided fact, which surely disappoints your readers. Now, lets come to its viewership, 84 crore people watched episode one of the show making it the highest rated show with a 4.27 television rating (TVR). It means if 0.1% of people take things seriously, 8.4 lacs people may change their mindset about this social menace. Accept it or reject it, nothing concrete has been done so far and may be you are just too engrossed in virtual world and projecting your views so much, all the news comes to your through virtual world only. Well, I sincerely admire your sense of humor, but it is also getting repetitive at times, you might have forgot, but as I am following your blog sincerely, I have right to give you critical feedbacks. So don't just write for the sake of writing and picking the popular things, make it worthwhile also, like you were always doing. One suggestion, why don't you target Indian media which is throwing so much garbage on us?

    7. @Cynical, First of al, i would like to let you know that i'm a regular follower of this blog site. Thanx much for posting all these info.

      As everyone else in the comments, initially i was not so ok with the post. Later, i thot...wats wrong there? You have highlighted few positives and more negatives in your blog. If i'm not wrong, even Rakhi Sawant was once into doing such sort of shows. I was only looking for that creativity of Amir in this show. Few more taqila's shot into the CON men's yard will definitely throw a lot of AGNI's to Amir and then on...even god will hesitate to help amir to continue the show.

      I dont think i have anything to say from here on, as u've covered almost al of them in your blog.

      Keep publishing such info, and dont take too much of the -ve comments in the response.


    8. I liked your writing style, but that's all you got to offer in this rant. You kinda missed the spot by half a galaxy maybe, if someone potrays himself as the saviour of the country and is well capable of doing that, with or without using the status he managed to acquire from bollywood, let him. Nothing else matters other than the results, which he managed to bring in. Setting up fast track courts, and bringing an awareness among the citizen to raise their voice again female feoticide on the forst episode itself was no small thing, in fact it's an achievement that no one in the country have managed to bring in. No not Anna Hazare, not a big supporter, either if you were trying to point him out.

    9. and the disappointing awards goes to............. being cynical

    10. Its just u r not fan of this khan you will wipe all of his effort by just writing crap and u believe we believe u ...so sorry boss u r 100% wrong this time ....and why u r worried abut how much he is earning are you paying him from ur pocket ... i appreciated you if you bring the positive side which helps the society but wht u r doing just hiding the good thing and promoting the bad thing just to raise some follower.
      You really need to test your mentality first before writing such crap.....yes this is utter crap and bullshit...

    11. As usual a rant from you...

      But... my Question to Aamir Khan is that would he be will to do an episode to expose the exploitation of budding artistes/technicians in the film industry?

      Talking about Doctors and female foeticide can be done by anybody...

    12. o.k. i read it all. it was long but well written and this is what you need to know-

      1) khan has been raising social issues. i am not a regular watcher but i remember
      ¤ female foeticide
      ¤ pesticide infestation
      ¤ unruly panchayats
      ¤ water crisis
      ¤ sexual assaults on children
      -No kalmadi comes over to sodomise kids; people from the society itself (who are not politicos or film actors) do it.
      -No raja is stealing your water. You by yourself spoil it.
      -No katrina is seducing the farmers and forcing them to add urea to the soil.
      2) Katina is an ambassador for slice and not mazza.


      So dude! khan is not actually portraying himself a mesiah, it's totally an individual perception. Your being a cynic lies in your inabilites to bend things your way and being a loser at football.
      Stop being a pussy, understand, politics and society are different.

    13. u people sitting in ur AC cabins only try to pull legs of some1 trying to do something for society .Nothing can be expected more from a rubbish writer like u.if u had seen the serial u would have known how much the show did to bring awareness about generic medicines and physically handicap people.
      so nxt time when u r writing such a article first check out on ur side wat u have done for the society which u r living in.

    14. At last he has been able to raise the critical and serious issues in a novel manner. He has shown us our true face! I do not agree with your findings and views.