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    The Cartoon That Irked Our Parliamentarians

    Not that I expect our politicians to behave rationally ever. That said I am honestly tired of seeing our political class getting more intolerant by the hours towards anything and everything that questions, criticizes and mocks their usefulness in the context of a developing nation. Time and again our political class has taken ugly turns at curbing down any credible move against them. Be it banning books, banning social media, degrading individuals like Anna Hazare and the latest – banning cartoons.

    Truth be told, I was flummoxed when I first heard the bizarre development inside our parliament around the caricature depiction of Jawaharlal Nehru and Ambedkar in NCERT books. My initial reaction was like – ‘What the heck? Really?’ when I was told about the ruckus inside the parliament. The scenes were equally awesome as the news itself. A hell lot of chaps who haven’t yet succeeded in writing their own names but unfortunately are our elected leaders were shouting at the top of their voice to show how disturbed and dissatisfied they are on this whole cartoon farce. In the eye of the storm was the Zero loss Theorem man Kapil Sibal since it his ministry which was accused of some irresponsible behavior which even Shahrukh Khan can take heart of.

    Now the question arises – did the sky really fall on the parliament because of that cartoon? Well at least seems like. What else could explain the collective behavior that was on display for all to see for a cartoon drawn half a century back? A set of people who are certified Gandhi family bootlickers were up in shouting for the bad representation (I don’t know how) of their grand old leader another set who have got nothing else in life to do than uttering the ‘Dalit’ word were ready to tear apart each other’s kurta because the cartoon projected the biggest Dalit Icon in a bad light. Knives were out before anyone can even fathom the irrational behavior in its entirety. Strange. No? Strange because the so called leaders who should show exemplary acumen in tolerance, more so when our society is becoming intolerant and volatile at an alarming pace, are rather turning highly intolerant themselves. Systematically and gradually our politicians are thrashing out anything that questions their demeanor, behavior and their loot. The intolerance towards critics and criticism seems to have taken a new low during the current government tenure where we find our politicians cutting across party lines remain busy in banning one thing or the other that doesn’t go down well with their style of functioning.

    First it was a ferocious attempt by Kapil Sibal and team to put checks-and-balances on social media. While various excuses were thrown at us at a faster rate than Rakhi Shawant can throw tantrums, the inherent idea behind such a move was anything but evident. Fresh from some ‘Egg on the face’ event of Anna movement, the gray cunning foxes found the social media being the galvanizing agent around the success of the anti-corruption agitation. No wonder for the benefit of oneself, individuals can turn absolute idiots and that is what the Congress clowns did. The safest solution was to follow the age old saying - “Naa Rahega Baans, Naa Bajegi Banshuri”. Entire ire was zeroed on the social media and the dirty trick department worked overtime to formulate rules and regulations to censor the otherwise no hold bar and free flowing social media. I wish our politicians would have shown half the agility in curbing corruption and social injustice than what they did when top executives of these social websites were summoned without any time being wasted.

    Second in the firing line was the Blogs since way too much was getting written their on the qualities and capabilities or the lack of it of the beloved prince and the unofficial mother India. Can’t divulge the names but I myself can remember at least two instances when I received some serious objection mails from red-eyed Congress chaps. Out of nowhere our constitution was thrown out of the window and Rahul Gandhi suddenly becomes larger than ‘Freedom Of Expression And Opinion’. Demarche orders were issued to the big fishes of these blog sites and were ordered to resurrect the behavioral aspect of the bloggers which in a way means – ‘Don’t write anything against the Gandhi family’.

    After social media and blogs now it seems it is the turn of the cartoons to take some beating. While the alleged cartoon itself is no way near being termed offensive our politicians engulfed in their own nefarious intention have picked the wrong end of the stick yet again and behaving like absolute naught. Without delay Kapil Sibal agreed to remove the alleged cartoon from the books which lead to the resignation of Yogendra Yadav (advisor to CBSE); perhaps one of the best that our education system has got. While the same politicians who can’t build a consensus around Jan Lokpal for last one year suddenly turned as cohesive as group sex participants in damning any such cartoon and agree upon to issue death warrants against the cartoonist even if he is dead a good couple of decades back. If that was not enough, Yogendra Yadav’s house was attacked by the miscreants the next day for allowing such cartoons to feature in text books. Just when all though the things are settling down after a lot of chaos, the brilliant brains came up with yet another of their brilliancy. And the brilliancy is to ban cartoon all together since they are becoming too dangerous for the looters, thugs, buffoons and scoundrels of our political domain. Banning of cartoons can’t come as a bigger disappointment than the proof that along with the lack of honesty, morality and ethics at least one more thing our politicians lack is something called ‘Sense Of Humor’. Shameful or do we have better words to explain this?

    Just look at what our politicians are giving priority while a lot of other important issues (including which piece of land we now must allow Pratibha Patil to grab) which need some serious consideration and debate lying unattended; our economy going to the dogs at an alarming pace; internal security at it’s all time mess; serious lack of governance and as they say serious policy paralysis; unpreparedness of our army to fight any big scale war as concerned by Gen. V.K. Sing; food inflation going right through the roof and of course the decision to change the type of Biriyani for Kasav since we are feeding him the same stuff for last two and half years. According to our politicians, of all these important issues what should first be addressed? If one can draw cartoons or not. Brilliant; No? I guess none needs elaboration on why China is light-years ahead of India in terms of many things.

    By the way, on a second thought – All those who are making cartoons of the politicians are venturing into some serious time wasting endeavors. Do one really need to draw cartoons of the cartoon figures to bring out their funny avatar? Just on the second thought.


    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!
      The entire episode has made the whole of India to laugh at the particular cartoon and the cartoons, indeed, sitting in the parliament.
      When only the students of CBSE were watching it, the hu-hulla has made it popular than the movie "Sholey". Everybody is willing to see the cartoon and is easily accessble on internet.
      I am pitying on Mr Ambedkar, he must be turning in his grave.
      Even if Ambedkar comes back from heaven and try to stop, the so called Ambedkar supporters, they will start beating him.

    2. really i mean really when are we going up in arms to massacre these politicians. so much money plundered by them and we still see people dying on streets in hunger and police(read goons in uniform) beating people stealing a mere kilo of rice to feed a family. Dedicated police officers need to form some encounter squad to deal with these parasites and free india of these evils.

    3. Considering your posts, i am taken aback with your expectations with modern day cartoons, i.e. politicians in general and those from congress in particular. It is trademark of incompetent, avoid real issues, that demand thinking, planning, leadership, and go for useless items, cartoon in this case, as it is always beneficial to whip-up emotions to divert people attention from real issues. BTW, cartoon or no cartoon, all people, who have an opinion on Sonia and Rahul are not going to change their mind, rather, it will force fence sitters to turn into opponent. I do agree with Katju that 90% indians are fools that is why we have such characters in parliament as our representative

    4. "Don't spare me Shankar" is what Nehru told Shankar on seeing the cartoon. I don't know what is that this filthy assholes are bothered about after all these years. This is just another cheap stunt to cover up the main issues like Chiddu Baba, Raja and Stuff.